End User License Agreement

for ALT Workstation 10.2 and software applications included therein

1. License information

1.1 Parties to the agreement

This license agreement(hereinafter — the license) is made between Basealt LLC, the holder of the rights to the ALT Workstation 10.2 (hereinafter referred to as "Distribution") and the User.

1.1.1 Under this License, any physical person, legal person, state authority, municipal authority or other economic entity may act as the User.

1.1.2 This License allows physical persons to use the DISTRIBUTION at no fee for personal ends without generation of profit.

1.1.3 This License allows legal persons, state authorities, municipal authorities or other economic entities that have bought licenses (or have made a license agreement in written or electronic form) to use the DISTRIBUTION.

1.2 Subject matter of the License

This License regulates the User's rights to use the DISTRIBUTION, as well as the individual software included into the DISTRIBUTION (hereinafter — the PROGRAMS) and other results of intellectual activity and means of identification to the extent set forth in this license.

1.3 Making of the agreement

This License is a contract for granting a simple (non-exclusive) license to use the DISTRIBUTION (the right to install, run and use the functionality of the software according to its intended purpose in the territory of the entire world and for the duration set forth in the license documents), which is made using the simplified procedure (an adhesion contract). First use of the DISTRIBUTION by the User, as it is defined by the specified conditions, implies the User's consent to enter the license. In that case the License is considered to have been made in writing.

1.4 Transfer of the rights to third parties (Sublicense agreement)

This License defines rights of end users. The right to distribute the DISTRIBUTION is transferred to physical persons only, for transfer to other physical persons.

In order to procure distribution rights, system integrators, distributors and OEM-manufacturers should contact Basealt LLC at sales@basealt.ru for making a written license.

2. Rights of the owner of a Distribution's copy

2.1 Rights to the Distribution

The Distribution contains both free and non-free PROGRAMS. Basealt LLC has received corresponding permissions of the rights holders to distribute non-free PROGRAMS as part of the distributions. The DISTRIBUTION as a composite work is copyrighted by Basealt LLC.

2.2 Using free programs included into the DISTRIBUTION

All free programs included into the DISTRIBUTION are accompanied by license agreements, which for an unlimited period of time and at no fee grant you the following non-exclusive rights effective in the territory of any country:

For three years since the release date of the DISTRIBUTION, Basealt LLC shall provide source code of any free PROGRAM included into the DISTRIBUTION at your request and at the cost not exceeding the cost of physical delivery of the source code.

2.3 Use of non-free applications included into the Distribution

For all non-free PROGRAMS included into the DISTRIBUTION, corresponding permissions of the rights holders for their distribution as part of the DISTRIBUTION and for their use by end users have been obtained.

2.4 Use of the Distribution's design elements and text on its cover or box

BaseALT Ltd's rights to design elements of the Distribution and text on its cover or box are subject to copyright and trademark law. Using them in ways which, under the applicable legislation, require having the corresponding intellectual property rights is only possible with the written permission of BaseALT Ltd.

2.5 Other rights

The right of authorship, right on name and other personal non-property rights of the author, which are non-derogable according to the applicable national laws, or which have not been granted to you by the applicable laws or license agreement for the DISTRIBUTION and the individual programs included into the DISTRIBUTION, are reserved by their owners and are not granted to the User.

2.6 Reports on use of the Distribution

BaseALT Ltd does not require reports regarding use of the Distribution from the owner of a copy of the Distribution.

3. Liability of the parties

Copyright rights to the DISTRIBUTION and the PROGRAMS included into the DISTRIBUTION, including the exclusive right to authorize the use of the PROGRAMS, are protected by the applicable copyright laws, including the applicable international copyright treaties. All the responsibility for observing the national laws when using the DISTRIBUTION and the PROGRAMS included into the DISTRIBUTION lies with the User.

The DISTRIBUTION and the PROGRAMS included into the DISTRIBUTION are distributed in the hope that they will be useful, but without warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. Basealt LLC shall not be liable for any possible damage, direct or indirect, due to the use of the DISTRIBUTION and these PROGRAMS.

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