#archlinux32 | Logs for 2018-03-24

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[07:55:15] <buildmaster> parity is broken (says buildknecht2).
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[08:57:17] <abaumann> deep42thought: you shellchecked 'opcode' a little bit too much.. basically it just prints a error message and a usage page now. :-)
[08:57:26] <abaumann> I'll fix it and make a new pull-request..
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[09:05:50] <deep42thought> ah, crap
[09:05:57] <deep42thought> I was afraid I did something like that :-/
[09:07:02] <abaumann> easy.
[09:07:23] <abaumann> I'm shellchecking again and have a look what broke the script.. the script is not so nice..
[09:10:46] <deep42thought> btw: you mixed tabs and spaces
[09:10:51] <abaumann> I know.
[09:11:06] <abaumann> geany has some weird ideas sometimes. :-)
[09:11:11] <abaumann> the IDE.
[09:18:55] <deep42thought> I already filed a bug against the highlighting of geany due to writing on the build scripts :-)
[09:19:07] <abaumann> :-)
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[14:52:56] <deep42thought> abaumann: for crystal we need to extract the old llvm-libs into the chroot (I'm doing this right now)
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[15:00:30] <deep42thought> we might also try to create some "llvm-libs-old" package in build-support, but untar'ing the old libs seemed easier for me at the moment
[15:00:57] <abaumann> I was anyway astonished that upstream didn't make an llvm5 package..
[15:01:02] <abaumann> they did before..
[15:01:16] <abaumann> llvm35, for instance.
[15:02:05] <deep42thought> I think, the issue is rather, that crystal needs to recompile _itself_ against the new lib
[15:02:30] <deep42thought> so if it's the only package which needs llvm5, then there is no sense in creating llvm5 in the first place
[15:02:47] <abaumann> aha. this would mean you also need a crystal-llvm5 or so..
[15:02:52] <abaumann> yeah.. too much effort..
[15:04:16] <deep42thought> I'll go for a short bike tour with the family - I will report on the success of that trial later (I mean the build, not the tour)
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[15:05:26] <abaumann> cu later. enjoy. :-)
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[17:57:16] <girls> ok, both successful :-D
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[18:10:26] <abaumann> nice :-)
[18:11:11] <abaumann> The test failure in imagemagick is known, I blocked imagemagick for now..
[18:11:13] <deep42thought> I just rescheduled it to see if it builds now cleanly
[18:11:24] <deep42thought> why not just skip the test?
[18:11:46] <abaumann> well. it should become a habit to skip tests.. :-)
[18:12:00] <abaumann> and imagemagick is not so important as librsvg was for instance..
[18:12:11] <deep42thought> ok :-)
[19:33:25] <deep42thought> hmm, ldc's problem is, that our (outdated?) ldmd is linked against libLLVM 5, but current is 6
[19:33:36] <deep42thought> I'll try to build with the same "trick" as crystal
[19:38:54] <deep42thought> if we put a list of files into the package database, "buildmaster" can do what phrik does when called with "!wtf ..."
[19:38:57] <deep42thought> hmmm
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[22:59:42] * buildmaster resumes sanity.