#archlinux32 | Logs for 2018-03-29

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[01:41:48] <tyzoid> Is something up with rewby's account? I'm seeing a lot of mail bound for contact+arch32@roelf.org originating from my server
[01:41:58] <tyzoid> deep42thought / girls ^ any ideas?
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[04:49:29] <tyzoid> Also, ipv6 is now enabled for srv0.tyzoid.com. deep42thought: Can you change bbs.archlinux32.org to CNAME to bbs.arch32.tyzoid.com instead of directly by IP? That'll enable ipv6 on the forum.
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[06:31:13] <girls> I changed the dns
[06:31:36] <girls> also: I don't know what might be with rewbycrafts account - maybe you should ask him yourself :-)
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[08:31:32] * buildmaster resumes sanity.
[09:07:11] * buildmaster failed to execute a mysql query - can you have a look at "tmp.mysql-functions.query.2018-03-29T09:07:04.puWTaf"?.
[09:18:35] * buildmaster resumes sanity.
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[11:25:16] <buildmaster> vala is broken (says buildknecht3).
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[11:39:05] <chub> hello guys, my incoming pptp connections stopped working
[11:39:14] <chub> and I'm on Arch Linux x86
[11:39:44] <chub> my configuration is still the same, I checked everything, and it seems to me, problem could be with pppd not supporting mppe on Archlinux32
[11:40:38] <chub> I'm referring to this part: https://wiki.archlinux.org
[11:43:25] <chub> currently though it seems like I have an authentication problem? I'm not sure, this is what I see in my logs
[11:43:35] <chub> pppd[4953]: sent [LCP ConfReq id=0x1 <asyncmap 0x0> <auth chap MS-v2> <magic 0x56e008c> <pcomp> <accomp>]
[12:00:55] <buildmaster> lsof is broken (says buildknecht).
[12:05:26] <buildmaster> nvidia-utils is broken (says buildknecht2).
[12:09:38] <deep42thought> chub: does downgrading relevant packages (I'm not sure, which) make your connection work again?
[12:09:41] <chub> ok I tried with a windows client and it works, seems like my android is broken :(
[12:09:51] <chub> android as the client
[12:09:59] <chub> thanks for replying deep42thought
[12:10:12] <deep42thought> ah, ok
[12:59:04] <buildmaster> python-tqdm is broken (says buildknecht).
[13:09:07] * buildmaster failed to execute a mysql query - can you have a look at "tmp.mysql-functions.query.2018-03-29T13:08:41.bp62RL"?.
[13:10:19] * buildmaster resumes sanity.
[13:46:14] * buildmaster goes insane.
[13:49:45] * buildmaster resumes sanity.
[13:54:35] * buildmaster failed to execute a mysql query - can you have a look at "tmp.mysql-functions.query.2018-03-29T13:54:04.zzHtfF"?.
[13:56:30] * buildmaster resumes sanity.
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[14:22:08] * buildmaster failed to execute a mysql query - can you have a look at ""?.
[14:22:15] <deep42thought> O.o
[14:48:31] * buildmaster resumes sanity.
[14:55:29] <tyzoid> deep42thought: That's an oddly specific filename, there.
[14:55:35] <deep42thought> exactly
[14:55:43] <deep42thought> but I found the problem
[14:55:49] * deep42thought forgot to rename a variable
[14:55:53] <tyzoid> what, filename had a nullbyte in it?
[14:56:03] <deep42thought> it's shell, not c
[14:56:12] <tyzoid> Yeah, was a joke
[14:56:15] <tyzoid> anyway
[14:56:22] * tyzoid takes myself off BM Sanity email notification list
[14:56:29] <deep42thought> :-/
[14:56:31] <deep42thought> sry
[14:56:38] <deep42thought> it should not report so often now
[14:56:42] <tyzoid> No problem. I meant to do it a while ago
[14:56:52] <tyzoid> I don't really need those emails anyway, since there's not much I can do about it
[14:57:07] <deep42thought> except kicking me when I don't react
[14:57:09] <deep42thought> ...
[14:57:20] <deep42thought> but I get like 1 email per 10 minutes of downtime anyway
[14:57:30] <deep42thought> because some cron job keeps failing and sends me emails
[14:57:32] <deep42thought> *yay*
[15:03:11] <tyzoid> Sounds like not a good time
[15:04:44] <tyzoid> btw, https://status.archlinux32.org is still a thing
[15:04:56] <tyzoid> Not sure if we should link it anywhere on the website
[15:05:16] <deep42thought> a status of tier 1 mirrors might make more sense to link somewhere
[15:05:54] <tyzoid> Would require writing a service / borrowing upstream's service
[15:06:20] <deep42thought> yes
[15:06:28] <deep42thought> it's not important
[15:10:09] <deep42thought> is it intentional that the buildmaster sanity is not on that status page?
[15:17:35] <tyzoid> It was, yeah. I can put it back up
[15:18:00] <tyzoid> The buildmaster being down doesn't affect users directly, unlike the website, forum, or bugtracker
[15:18:06] <tyzoid> that was the main reason
[15:18:11] <deep42thought> yeah, ok
[15:18:12] <tyzoid> btw, https://archive.archlinux32.org is generating
[15:18:16] <deep42thought> it's a valid reason
[15:18:24] <deep42thought> ah, nice :-)
[15:18:43] <deep42thought> fyi: the structure of upstreams archive is slightly different
[15:18:59] <deep42thought> it's l/linux/linux-4.*.pkg.tar.xz
[15:19:17] <deep42thought> e.g. an additional layer with the pkgname
[15:19:18] <tyzoid> would you prefer I move to that structure?
[15:19:26] <deep42thought> slightly
[15:19:38] <tyzoid> problem is it can't be done with a simple find/cut
[15:19:50] <tyzoid> I'd need to use pacman's version utility to get the package name
[15:19:55] <deep42thought> no
[15:20:05] <deep42thought> ${pkgname%-*-*-*} or something
[15:20:15] <deep42thought> where pkgname is the full name of the package
[15:20:38] <tyzoid> yeah, but then I need regex
[15:20:44] <deep42thought> no, just bash
[15:20:57] <deep42thought> can you point me to your current script?
[15:23:15] <tyzoid> Haven't uploaded it to github yet, but I can throw it up on ptpb in just a min
[15:23:20] <tyzoid> It's pretty ugly
[15:23:27] <deep42thought> np
[15:23:32] <tyzoid> but it only runs nightly, so speed doesn't really matter too much
[15:23:32] <deep42thought> I've seen a lot ugly code ;-)
[15:24:01] <tyzoid> this is the code that generates the reverse index:
[15:24:02] <tyzoid> find /var/www/archive.arch32.tyzoid.com/pool/ -type f -exec bash -c 'mkdir -p "$(cut -f1-4 -d'/' <<< "{}")/web/packages/$(cut -f6 -d'/' <<< "{}" | head -c1)/"; ln -sv "{}" "$(cut -f1-4 -d'/' <<< "{}")/web/packages/$(cut -f6 -d'/' <<< "{}" | head -c1)/$(cut -f6 -d'/' <<< "{}")" 2>/dev/null' \;
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[15:25:01] <deep42thought> so just save it in a variable first
[15:26:48] <deep42thought> -exec bash -c 'pkgfile="{}"; pkgfile="${pkgfile##*/}"; mkdir -p "$(cut -f1-4 -d'/' <<< "{}")/web/packages/${pkgfile:0:1}/${pkgfile%-*-*-*}"; ...
[15:27:30] <tyzoid> hmm
[15:27:36] <tyzoid> This is advanced wizardry
[15:28:15] <deep42thought> you could also skip running a new bash for each package and use a loop to read the files
[15:28:33] <deep42thought> which should most probably speed up the script by a factor of around 10
[15:29:00] <tyzoid> probably, yeah. Though I'm going to limit it to just the daily repo, not the whole package pool, since the initial generation is done
[15:29:11] <deep42thought> yes
[15:29:13] <deep42thought> good idea
[15:30:41] <tyzoid> wat
[15:30:42] <tyzoid> find: 'bash' terminated by signal 1
[15:30:45] <tyzoid> 13*
[15:31:04] <tyzoid> `find /var/www/archive.arch32.tyzoid.com/pool -type f -exec bash -c 'pkg="{}"; pkg="${pkg##*/}"; echo "$pkg";' \; | head -n 10`
[15:31:50] <tyzoid> am I doing something wrong?
[15:32:03] <deep42thought> gives 13 for me too
[15:32:10] <deep42thought> but prints something O.o
[15:32:16] <deep42thought> ah no
[15:32:21] <deep42thought> the head terminates the pipe
[15:32:25] <deep42thought> take tail
[15:32:48] <tyzoid> lol, this could be a while
[15:32:51] <deep42thought> e.g. find runs more bashs than needed and the ones being discarded are terminated by 13
[15:32:59] <tyzoid> ah
[15:33:00] <deep42thought> then just ignore the error
[15:33:16] <tyzoid> yeah, was planning on redirecting 2>/dev/null
[15:33:20] <tyzoid> didn't realize 13 was sigpip
[15:33:22] <tyzoid> sigpipe*
[15:34:58] <deep42thought> you should really avoid "-exec bash -c ' ...'"
[15:35:13] <deep42thought> just use "find ... | while read -r pkg; do ... done"
[15:36:32] <tyzoid> lol, so it hangs if I 2>/dev/null, but works if I 2>&1 :/
[15:36:41] <tyzoid> But yeah, that's what I normall do
[15:36:45] <tyzoid> normally*
[15:37:47] <deep42thought> yes, that's clear
[15:38:00] <deep42thought> it has to execute all bash's to see if there is some stderr
[15:38:10] <deep42thought> if you "2>/dev/null"
[15:41:44] <tyzoid> shouldn't the sigpipe kill the find anyway?
[15:42:01] <tyzoid> btw, the new packages index is generating
[15:42:09] <deep42thought> hmm, might be
[15:42:39] <deep42thought> nice :-)
[15:42:41] <deep42thought> thanks!
[15:42:54] <tyzoid> Need me to do the same for the sigs? this is just the package files right now,
[15:44:00] <deep42thought> Does upstream have sigs?
[15:44:13] <deep42thought> I think, they do
[15:44:15] <deep42thought> lemme check
[15:44:24] <deep42thought> yes, they do
[15:44:29] <deep42thought> would be nice, then, too :-)
[15:44:42] <tyzoid> Ok, will do
[15:44:49] <deep42thought> thanks a lot!
[15:50:52] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Looks like it's done. I'll need to check the logs tonight to make sure the new pieces work properly
[15:50:53] <tyzoid> https://archive.archlinux32.org
[15:51:10] <deep42thought> nice :-)
[16:01:03] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Also, I'm planning on moving backups and the archive over to my new dedi, once I get ipv6 sorted out on it.
[16:01:16] <tyzoid> It's got more disk space
[16:02:31] <deep42thought> btw: I wrote to spi, but haven't got an answer so far
[16:05:32] <tyzoid> Ok. Not a big rush, just something that's a nice-to-have
[16:05:54] <tyzoid> Would be nice to be able to have arch32 infra, instead of each of us donating space on our boxes for use.
[16:06:02] <deep42thought> yes
[16:07:48] <tyzoid> btw, do you need a vm for anything? I've got my hypervisor mostly set up at this point.
[16:08:17] <deep42thought> maybe to try cross-atlantic database setup
[16:08:27] <deep42thought> but take your time
[16:08:32] <tyzoid> want an arch box? or ubuntu?
[16:08:36] <deep42thought> I'm away over easter and the week after
[16:08:39] <deep42thought> arch :-)
[16:08:55] <deep42thought> I don't like debian
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[16:31:13] <tyzoid> deep42thought: What username did you want?
[16:31:27] <deep42thought> deep42thought is fine
[16:34:20] <tyzoid> deep42thought: try srv1.tyzoid.com -p 2203
[16:34:42] <deep42thought> connection refused
[16:34:50] <tyzoid> yeah, forgot to start/enable sshd
[16:34:51] <tyzoid> try again
[16:34:58] <deep42thought> still
[16:35:03] <tyzoid> hmm
[16:35:16] * buildmaster resumes sanity.
[16:35:27] <tyzoid> oh, fail
[16:35:35] <tyzoid> I didn't change the port on the way through
[16:35:44] <tyzoid> one min
[16:37:53] <deep42thought> no route to host
[16:38:53] <deep42thought> I really gotta go now
[16:39:01] <deep42thought> cu later!
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[16:45:12] <tyzoid> Alright, should be fixed
[17:19:50] <buildmaster> nvidia is broken (says buildknecht2).
[17:20:00] <buildmaster> nvidia-lts is broken (says buildknecht3).
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[17:51:24] <deep42thought> tyzoid: thanks, works
[18:03:11] <buildmaster> firefox-developer-edition is broken (says rechenknecht).
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[18:32:57] <buildmaster> dwarffortress is broken (says rechenknecht).
[18:49:23] <tyzoid> deep42thought: let me know if you need any ports forwarded, since everything is natted.
[18:52:22] <deep42thought> yeah, one arbitrary port would be great
[18:52:34] <deep42thought> ah, no, make that two
[18:52:42] <tyzoid> Which ones you want?
[18:52:43] <deep42thought> mysql + group management
[18:52:46] <deep42thought> umm
[18:53:18] <deep42thought> 3306 and 33061
[18:59:22] <tyzoid> Alright, forwarded
[19:00:02] <deep42thought> thanks
[19:07:40] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Just an FYI, the IP of the server might be changing within the next week
[19:08:05] <tyzoid> my host is going to be upgrading me from a /30 to a /29, so I'll be able to forward an entire address to select containers
[19:08:40] <tyzoid> I'll let you know the exact date once we get the transition schedule
[19:08:43] <tyzoid> scheduled*
[19:12:11] <deep42thought> hmm, I might just set up ddns :-)
[19:12:41] <tyzoid> or just point at srv1.tyzoid.com :P
[19:12:47] <deep42thought> plus: I'll most probably be accessing this by ipv4, because my university has no ipv6
[19:12:55] <deep42thought> ah ok
[19:12:57] <deep42thought> even easier
[19:13:20] <tyzoid> Unless you want a whole IP address, but I generally prefer not to allocate extra resources to experiments
[19:13:25] <tyzoid> unless necessary
[19:16:54] <deep42thought> nah, i don't need a ip for me allone
[19:18:39] <deep42thought> btw: my 3rd archlinux32 box runs fine now - with the identical cf-card as was in the 2nd
[19:25:21] <tyzoid> nice
[19:33:24] <deep42thought> so I guess it's some hardware issue with the 2nd's cf card interface or something
[19:33:46] <deep42thought> I'll put it into a perma-test with a recent installation on a usb stick - if I got some time :-)
[19:47:18] <tyzoid> deep42thought: srv1 server migration will be tomorrow at 4PM ET (20:00 UTC). The maintaince window is 2 hours, but both my host and I expect under an hour of downtime.
[19:47:57] <tyzoid> There is the possibility for some downtime for srv0 (hosting the forums / bugtracker), but it is not expected.
[19:49:40] <deep42thought> ok, thx for the heads up
[19:50:05] <tyzoid> np
[19:51:28] <deep42thought> "ET" is east coast time?
[19:51:55] <deep42thought> ah "eastern time" :-)
[19:51:57] <tyzoid> Yes.
[19:52:04] <tyzoid> America/New_York
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[19:57:13] * buildmaster failed to execute a mysql query - can you have a look at "tmp.mysql-functions.query.stdin.2018-03-29T19:57:12.m1poUt"?.
[19:57:18] <deep42thought> umpf
[19:58:24] * buildmaster resumes sanity.
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[20:26:38] <deep42thought> good evening, abaumann
[20:27:12] <abaumann> hi :-)
[20:27:36] <abaumann> aeh.. I have a build slave wining about 'SHOW CREATE TABLE `files`;
[20:27:39] <abaumann> I could not complete a mysql query!'
[20:27:43] <abaumann> should I kill it?
[20:27:44] <deep42thought> yes
[20:27:51] <deep42thought> should be solved now, hopefully
[20:27:59] <abaumann> ok.
[20:31:38] <deep42thought> I'm still trying to get the provided files into the database :-)
[20:36:34] <deep42thought> hmm, this stalls (almost) everything, currently
[20:36:48] <deep42thought> I'll disable it for now, until I found a database guru to have a look on it
[20:43:12] <deep42thought> hmm, wait - was the build slave still complaining?
[20:43:43] <deep42thought> abaumann ^
[20:45:27] <abaumann> mmh. didn't try.. had some local builds running and had to stop the buildmaster.. I'll test.
[20:45:38] <deep42thought> ah, ok
[20:45:45] <deep42thought> no need to test again then, I think
[20:46:54] <abaumann> I'm fixing some small things anyway at the moment, so no problem. :-)
[20:47:13] <abaumann> grrr
[20:47:17] <abaumann> after two hours: /build/python/PKGBUILD: line 85: xvfb-run: command not found
[20:47:23] <abaumann> forgot to patch python in check()
[20:47:24] <deep42thought> I was just wondering, because I thought, I had corrected that error this afternoon already
[20:47:32] <abaumann> I was building chromium..
[20:47:42] <deep42thought> ah, that's always annoying
[20:47:45] <abaumann> so the result may be from some hours back when the slave lost contact..
[20:47:52] <deep42thought> like firefox which fails in its package() function
[21:02:42] <abaumann> ./build-packages -p unarchiver: building package "chromium".. well :-)
[21:02:45] <abaumann> so be it.
[21:03:21] <deep42thought> the buildmaster _should_ have handed out unarchiver if requested to do so ...
[21:06:51] <abaumann> maybe there is some lag somewhere.. I also see that lsof is still built in version 4.90, but upstream is 4.91..
[21:07:20] <abaumann> I had a similar effect with mariadb.. asp didn't give me the upstream version..
[21:07:52] <deep42thought> seed-build-list doesn't find inconsistencies
[21:08:46] <deep42thought> so: our build schedule is consistent with my x86_64 mirror
[21:10:37] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Are you using the testing box right now?
[21:10:48] <deep42thought> not yet
[21:10:53] <deep42thought> I just wanted to start
[21:10:54] <deep42thought> :-)
[21:11:07] <tyzoid> ok, I'm going to reboot it, need to make sure the network comes up right on reboot
[21:11:12] <deep42thought> ok
[21:11:15] <deep42thought> go ahead
[21:11:35] <tyzoid> yup, fixed now
[21:11:40] * tyzoid shakes head
[21:11:54] <tyzoid> I needed to write a custom systemd service to run a series of ip commands to config the network
[21:12:02] <deep42thought> hah
[21:12:05] <tyzoid> because apparantly systemd wants to modify the kernel keyring to set up a network
[21:12:07] <deep42thought> that's what I just did
[21:12:45] <tyzoid> Yeah, the ubuntu template I've got has an older version of systemd which does not have this problem
[21:12:55] <deep42thought> https://ptpb.pw
[21:13:14] <tyzoid> nice
[21:17:57] <tyzoid> deep42thought: How are we on build slaves, do we still need more?
[21:18:31] <deep42thought> we got a little more than we need
[21:18:52] <deep42thought> so we have currently 4 permanently building plus upto 3 on demand
[21:19:30] <deep42thought> the bottleneck is currently getting the packages back through the build master onto the master mirror
[21:19:45] <deep42thought> this is probably due to some "friction" in the database
[21:19:58] <deep42thought> at least, that's my perception
[21:20:43] <tyzoid> I see.
[21:20:54] <deep42thought> well, maybe 1 or 2 more would be nice
[21:21:00] <deep42thought> but it's not really a must-have
[21:21:13] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Once I get this IP migration done, I'll set one up on srv1
[21:21:31] <deep42thought> ah, ok, nice :-)
[21:21:37] <deep42thought> what should it be called?
[21:21:43] <deep42thought> s/what/how/
[21:21:56] <tyzoid> srv1-bs0 would be my preference
[21:22:01] <deep42thought> ok
[21:22:14] <tyzoid> depends if you want a FQDN
[21:22:26] <deep42thought> nah
[21:22:27] <tyzoid> in that case, it'd probably be bs0.srv1
[21:22:29] <deep42thought> just a name
[21:22:33] <deep42thought> so we can identify it
[21:22:56] <tyzoid> bs0.srv1.tyzoid(.com)
[21:22:59] <deep42thought> so the buildmaster can say "xy is broken (says srv1-bs0)"
[21:23:26] <deep42thought> https://buildmaster.archlinux32.org
[21:23:40] <tyzoid> looks good
[21:24:00] <tyzoid> love my device's "last connection" line
[21:24:10] <deep42thought> umm :-D
[21:24:21] <deep42thought> I filled the database with NOW()
[21:24:31] <deep42thought> apparently on 2018-01-22 around noon
[21:24:35] <tyzoid> also, is it possible for it to grab packages from ${NOTMASTERMIRROR}?
[21:24:43] <deep42thought> yes
[21:24:53] <deep42thought> it calls a hook to trigger a mirror update
[21:24:57] <deep42thought> if that's configured
[21:24:59] <tyzoid> Ah, nice.
[21:25:21] <tyzoid> Yeah, my mirror will be on the same physical router as srv1
[21:25:32] <tyzoid> since that's on srv0 in the same location
[21:25:40] <deep42thought> https://github.com
[21:26:35] <deep42thought> I use that on Vollzornbrot's build slaves, because they're running on his mirror
[21:26:51] <tyzoid> So that updates his mirror, then?
[21:27:04] <deep42thought> you can run whatever command you need to update yours
[21:27:20] <deep42thought> in his case, I curl a php script which updates his mirror
[21:27:24] <tyzoid> yeah, just need to set up an ssh key to run that
[21:27:30] <tyzoid> that would work too :P
[21:28:21] <tyzoid> feels nice to have a proper hypervisor :)
[21:28:29] <deep42thought> it literally just runs whatever command you configure: https://github.com
[21:28:44] <tyzoid> nice
[21:31:57] <deep42thought> I don't have sudo power on your vm
[21:32:26] <tyzoid> hmm, you should
[21:32:35] <tyzoid> oh, right
[21:32:37] <tyzoid> no password
[21:32:39] * tyzoid facepalms
[21:32:39] <deep42thought> :-)
[21:32:41] <tyzoid> one se
[21:32:42] <tyzoid> sec*
[21:33:18] <tyzoid> fixed
[21:33:21] <tyzoid> passwordless sudo
[21:33:23] <deep42thought> thx
[21:33:52] <deep42thought> the latency in a console is fascinating
[21:34:00] <tyzoid> latency?
[21:34:00] <deep42thought> it's not actually lagging, but you can feel it ...
[21:34:13] <tyzoid> oh, probably because it's cross-oceanic :P
[21:34:17] <deep42thought> exactly
[21:38:58] <deep42thought> your tutorial on db replication does not work with archlinux' current mariadb
[21:39:08] <deep42thought> ... hopefully just minor issues :-)
[21:43:51] <tyzoid> As expected
[21:44:18] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Haven't had time to look through thoroughly, but https://mariadb.com might be able to fill in gaps you find
[21:44:36] * deep42thought is just reading that
[21:45:07] <deep42thought> but this does not look like it elects a new master if the old one fails
[21:48:33] <tyzoid> No, I think that was always a manual process, no?
[21:48:41] <tyzoid> Unless we wanted to go with a clustered setup instead of master-slave
[21:48:50] <deep42thought> not with the ubuntu tutorial
[21:49:03] <tyzoid> Well I think that was a clustered setup with 3 hosts, unless I'm mistaken
[21:49:09] <deep42thought> but you're right, we mightn not actually want that
[21:49:20] <tyzoid> cluster allows multi-master
[21:49:56] <deep42thought> in the ubuntu tutorial you had options to have a single master
[21:50:06] <deep42thought> but that would be automatically replaced if it failed
[21:50:14] <tyzoid> ah
[21:50:32] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Perhaps #maria might have the answer to that?
[21:50:34] <deep42thought> but actually, I think, the slaves should not become masters automatically
[21:50:48] <deep42thought> I'm not 100% sure, we want to have the ubuntu-case
[21:51:11] <deep42thought> I think one master and a set of replicating slaves is just about exactly what we want
[21:51:46] <deep42thought> the slaves could run the website (packages.archlinux32.org) or be simple backups in case I fry the buildmaster (again)
[21:52:25] <tyzoid> if we want a third host, I've got a vps chillin in a different state
[21:52:50] <tyzoid> But probably makes more sense to have a third host in the EU somewhere
[21:53:32] <tyzoid> As it is, I think we're reasonably protected, since all the master data is in the EU, and I keep backups of the critical stuff here in NA
[21:53:33] <deep42thought> I think, it's more important to put the additional slave close to whatever service needs the data
[21:53:52] <tyzoid> True, yes. That's why I think one slave in NA makes sense
[21:53:57] <tyzoid> but two doesn't really make sense
[21:54:11] <deep42thought> at the moment, yes
[22:08:24] -!- abaumann has quit [Quit: leaving]
[22:11:00] <tyzoid> deep42thought: was your trial plugin in the beta site? or did you move the file over to the prod site so it's read-to-install?
[22:11:09] <tyzoid> ready*
[22:11:12] <deep42thought> I copied it
[22:11:23] <tyzoid> Ok. I'm hoping to get a good look at it tonight
[22:11:28] <deep42thought> ok
[22:28:32] <deep42thought> good night!
[22:28:40] -!- deep42thought has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
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