#archlinux32 | Logs for 2018-04-12

[00:20:48] * buildmaster failed to execute a mysql query - can you have a look at "tmp.mysql-functions.query.stdin.2018-04-11T23:48:40.2vtVnV"?.
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[02:00:55] <tyzoid> deep42thought / girls: Bugtracker is migrated into it's own container.
[02:01:20] <tyzoid> I've set your ssh key up so you should have root access on that container if you need it. (-p 2206)
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[02:15:28] <tyzoid> And once I migrate the forum over, you'll get full root on that box too.
[06:21:28] * buildmaster resumes sanity.
[07:10:33] <buildmaster> lldpd is broken (says eurobuild3).
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[09:15:01] <buildmaster> python-astroid is broken (says rechenknecht).
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[12:56:15] <bitwise_dandy> Good morning. I went to download arch linux for my older 32bit netbook and found support has ended. Does this distro fork have the full repo?
[12:59:27] <buildmaster> python-tqdm is broken (says buildknecht).
[13:02:36] <buildmaster> python-hypothesis is broken (says rechenknecht).
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[13:10:58] <buildmaster> haskell-blaze-markup is broken (says buildknecht3).
[13:12:02] <tyzoid> lol, sticks around only for 8 minutes
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[13:15:57] <tyzoid> hey abaumann
[13:16:05] <abaumann> hi there.
[13:16:45] <tyzoid> abaumann: Let me know if you think you need access to any of the service containers
[13:17:25] <buildmaster> haskell-aeson-pretty is broken (says eurobuild3).
[13:17:59] <abaumann> so far not. I'm not qualified to touch them (yet). :-(
[13:18:22] <abaumann> I'm trying to set up a local master and slave just to test some 486-building..
[13:19:20] <tyzoid> Sounds good. Once I get everything migrated, I can give you a vm on this side to play around with
[13:19:30] <tyzoid> if you want, ofc
[13:20:15] <abaumann> can you set the CPU in those VMS to i486 or Pentium II?
[13:20:41] <tyzoid> not sure, I'll need to check
[13:20:50] <abaumann> what hypervisor are you using?
[13:21:47] <tyzoid> proxmox, which runs kvm
[13:21:52] <tyzoid> so yeah, there is a 486 option
[13:22:31] <abaumann> the emulation is not perfect, but it's sufficient to ensure packages don't come up with funny ideas how to optimize the code :-)
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[13:25:39] <tyzoid> hey deep42thought
[13:25:44] <deep42thought> Hi tyzoid
[13:26:01] <deep42thought> I'm working on a replication of packages.archlinux.org
[13:26:12] <tyzoid> Sweet
[13:26:16] <deep42thought> What's the best way to retrieve a file list from your pkgfile frontend?
[13:26:31] <tyzoid> from which environment?
[13:26:45] <deep42thought> from php within the vm with the mirrored database
[13:26:54] <tyzoid> php file_get_contents
[13:26:58] <tyzoid> followed by a json_decode
[13:27:11] <deep42thought> ok
[13:27:21] <tyzoid> I've enabled hairpin nat on both ipv4 and ipv6, so everything should "just work"
[13:27:41] <tyzoid> Not sure if you saw from the log, but bugtracker is now -p2206, if you wanted to verify root access.
[13:28:12] <deep42thought> works
[13:28:16] <tyzoid> :)
[13:28:20] <deep42thought> but I'm not sure, that I need that access
[13:28:40] <tyzoid> I think it's probably a good idea for *someone* to have access in addition to me
[13:29:10] <abaumann> * someone feels being summoned
[13:29:20] <tyzoid> lol, he's only in #archlinux-ports :P
[13:29:36] <abaumann> bitwise_dandy: yes, we try to build all packages from upstream from core/extra/community.
[13:29:36] <tyzoid> huh, apparantly not
[13:29:43] <tyzoid> abaumann: He left a while ago
[13:29:57] <abaumann> I know, but maybe he reads it afterwards?
[13:30:04] <tyzoid> possible
[13:30:48] <tyzoid> Alright, I'll be back on in ~1-1.5hrs
[13:30:53] <deep42thought> cu later
[13:47:44] <buildmaster> handbrake is broken (says buildknecht).
[14:19:31] <deep42thought> what should I do about the copyright notice at the bottom of packages.archlinux32.org ?
[14:21:41] <abaumann> what's wrong with it?
[14:21:47] <abaumann> you want to extend them?
[14:21:51] <deep42thought> dunno
[14:22:09] <deep42thought> It's just, that it's not archweb which serves that content
[14:22:11] <deep42thought> it's php
[14:22:21] <deep42thought> and I "only" stole the layout :-D
[14:22:39] <abaumann> aha. from a technical viewpoing..
[14:23:02] <deep42thought> also, we display different columnt
[14:23:05] <deep42thought> *columns
[14:23:14] <deep42thought> because there is different information in our database
[14:39:30] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Should I include staging/etc in the pkg api?
[14:39:40] <tyzoid> I've only got core, community, extra, and testing
[14:40:33] <deep42thought> if it's not a too-big effort: yes
[14:40:45] <tyzoid> I only need to add it to the pacman32.conf :P
[14:41:35] <deep42thought> :-D
[14:46:50] <tyzoid> deep42thought: https://pkgapi.arch32.tyzoid.com
[14:47:34] <deep42thought> can I somehow retrieve all files of a given package?
[14:47:41] <deep42thought> from your api, I mean
[14:47:53] <tyzoid> That's not added yet, but I can add that
[14:48:07] <deep42thought> yeah, would be good at some point
[14:54:36] <tyzoid> deep42thought: https://pkgapi.arch32.tyzoid.com
[14:54:41] <tyzoid> added to the existing /package endpoint
[14:55:18] <deep42thought> thanks!
[14:56:36] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Do you think I should split it into it's own endpoint? It seems to be slowing the /package endpoint down for certain packages
[14:57:25] <deep42thought> yes, might be a good idea
[14:57:34] <deep42thought> there are often quite some files in a package ;-)
[14:59:04] <deep42thought> ok, the package search on packages.archlinux32.org works now
[14:59:17] <deep42thought> ... "only" the package details sites do not show anything yet :-D
[15:02:16] <tyzoid> grabbing the list of files from 'gitlab' kills the server :/
[15:02:41] <deep42thought> gitlab??
[15:02:59] <deep42thought> why do you have this information in gitlab???
[15:03:14] <tyzoid> no, I mean grabbing from the package 'gitlab'
[15:03:21] <deep42thought> ah
[15:03:23] <tyzoid> aka pkgfile -l gitlab
[15:03:38] <deep42thought> ok, then just ignore my feature request :-D
[15:04:46] <tyzoid> $ pkgfile -C /etc/pacman32.conf -l community/gitlab | wc -l
[15:04:46] <tyzoid> 83460
[15:04:50] <tyzoid> Well there's your problem :P
[15:05:04] <deep42thought> umm
[15:05:15] <tyzoid> I'm gonna disable that so the server doesn't get DOSd
[15:05:36] <deep42thought> yeah
[15:05:48] <deep42thought> but here: https://www.archlinux.org it works ;-)
[15:07:04] <tyzoid> I'd imagine they've got some sort of index on it
[15:07:21] <tyzoid> or a really beefy machine
[15:07:31] <tyzoid> not like this wimpy single-core container
[15:07:47] <deep42thought> hehe
[15:08:26] <deep42thought> we should start storing actual bug ids in the database instead of just a "has_issues" flag
[15:08:38] <deep42thought> then we could add links to the bugtracker
[15:09:47] <tyzoid> deep42thought: FYI, since a info request (ex https://pkgapi.arch32.tyzoid.com ) might return from a repo that's not desired, you can specify the repo
[15:09:51] <tyzoid> https://pkgapi.arch32.tyzoid.com
[15:09:58] <tyzoid> uses a colon instead of a slash
[15:19:43] <buildmaster> python-hypothesis is broken (says buildknecht3).
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[15:43:26] <tyzoid> forum is temporarily down
[16:03:12] <tyzoid> forum back online
[16:03:31] <tyzoid> deep42thought: You on?
[16:03:39] <deep42thought> I'm testing the forum
[16:04:27] <tyzoid> Can you test the forum with /etc/hosts pointing it to
[16:04:43] * tyzoid is behind a forward proxy and can't test that atm
[16:05:00] <deep42thought> you changed the layout?
[16:05:10] <deep42thought> "Your connection is not secure"
[16:05:17] <tyzoid> uh, yeah
[16:05:18] <tyzoid> one sec
[16:06:52] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Try again, ssl should be fixed on the new box
[16:07:00] <deep42thought> 404
[16:07:43] <tyzoid> whoops
[16:07:55] <tyzoid> try now
[16:08:03] <tyzoid> I'll get this at some point
[16:08:04] <deep42thought> looks good now
[16:08:45] <deep42thought> we even got new spam already :-D
[16:09:22] <tyzoid> Yeah, that's because I restored from a dump that was taken before I removed it
[16:09:45] <deep42thought> ah, ok
[16:09:55] <tyzoid> Look better now?
[16:10:23] <deep42thought> yeah, looks good
[16:10:34] <tyzoid> *phew*
[16:10:39] <tyzoid> that was more excitement than I wanted for one day
[16:10:47] <deep42thought> :-D
[16:11:01] <deep42thought> google is still indexing the rest of your server ;-)
[16:11:07] <deep42thought> (joke)
[16:11:17] * tyzoid accidently installed mariadb over mysql on the current prod server
[16:11:27] <deep42thought> oh
[16:11:33] <tyzoid> entire set of databases went missing temporarily
[16:11:39] <tyzoid> until I removed/reset everything
[16:11:43] <tyzoid> and moved in the backup files
[16:11:57] <tyzoid> luckily when it installed over it, it was helpful enough to move the files so nothing got lost
[16:12:06] <tyzoid> but it was a scare for about 10 minutes
[16:18:13] <deep42thought> tyzoid: can you add an architecture filter to your package api?
[16:20:02] <tyzoid> I can take a look, but I don't know how to translate that to pacman/pkgfile flags off the top of my head.
[16:21:00] <deep42thought> for pacman, there is --arch
[16:21:19] <deep42thought> but I'm not sure, what it makes for "any" :-(
[16:21:46] <tyzoid> iirc that only changes the arch that's used to sync with
[16:22:05] <deep42thought> ok, then I'll just filter the json for now
[16:22:13] <tyzoid> i.e. requests from /<repo>/os/i686 instead of /<repo>/os/x86_64
[16:24:40] <tyzoid> alright, dns for the forum is updated. deep42thought: you can remove the host record
[16:25:01] <tyzoid> It'll automatically pull itself out of maintenance mode once the record gets to the nameserver
[16:47:16] <deep42thought> ok, I need to go now
[16:47:32] <tyzoid> ok
[16:47:39] <tyzoid> btw, got ssh access on bbs for you
[16:47:42] <tyzoid> -p2208
[16:47:58] * deep42thought needs to take notes, what port belongs to what service ...
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[18:09:27] anyone is now known as eschwartz
[19:03:20] <tyzoid> btw, email on the new forum is currently not working
[19:03:24] <tyzoid> I'll fix this later today
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[21:48:50] <buildmaster> qcad is broken (says buildknecht).
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[22:25:36] <City-busz> girls: I always get a segfault when LibreOffice tries to load a Java extension. Could you disable those extensions during the next build, please? Just replace '--enable-ext-wiki-publisher' and '--enable-ext-nlpsolver' options with '--disable-ext-wiki-publisher' and '--disable-ext-nlpsolver'. It's a long standing upstream bug, and it seems that it affects only the i686 build: https://bugs.archlinux32.org
[22:41:12] <girls> City-busz: change is in git, now we just need until they get built
[22:49:28] <City-busz> girls: thanks! You can remove bluegriffon and bluegriffon-i18n from the blacklist now, because it builds from sources again: https://git.archlinux.org
[22:57:38] <tyzoid> girls: Once I get unique ipv6 addresses on each box, it might help remember, but that wouldn't work over ipv4
[22:57:48] <tyzoid> probably the most robust solution would be to set up ssh aliases
[22:58:05] <tyzoid> s/unique/publicly routable/
[23:36:11] <tyzoid> Email + registrations are fixed on the forum
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[23:47:04] <tyzoid> girls: Can you set news.archlinux32.org to CNAME to news.arch32.tyzoid.com ?
[23:47:20] <tyzoid> right now it's a direct IP A record.