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[14:24:29] <buildmaster> Hi deep42thought!
[14:24:35] <deep42thought> Hi buildmaster
[14:24:55] <deep42thought> tyzoid: I can't - the irc server does not send around notifications when you change your away status
[14:25:02] <deep42thought> or at least, ii doesn't show it
[14:25:24] * buildmaster resumes sanity.
[14:37:51] <deep42thought> !wtf libetpan.so
[14:37:51] <phrik> deep42thought: extra/libetpan
[14:39:00] <deep42thought> !wtf libcd-mail.so
[14:39:00] <phrik> deep42thought: community/cairo-dock-plug-ins
[14:42:29] <deep42thought> buildmaster: wtf libHalf.so
[14:42:41] <buildmaster> [extra] ilmbase (2.2.1-1.0): /usr/lib/libHalf.so
[15:14:46] <deep42thought> tyzoid: only way, I see it possible to greet you when you change your away status is polling it via /WHOIS in regular intervals - which is a bad idea IMHO
[15:46:33] <buildmaster> python-pybuilder is broken (says rechenknecht).
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[16:35:58] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Interesting. I swear I saw weechat come up with "<user is no longer away>", but it's possible I'm remembering wrong
[16:36:50] <deep42thought> also: sorry for not looking into the buildmaster before just now - I was on holiday somewhat
[16:38:43] <tyzoid> no prob
[16:40:04] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Is buildmaster's wtf command due to delays on my end? or your end?
[16:40:14] <tyzoid> Tryinig to hit the esearch endpoint seems to go quick from where I am
[16:40:25] <deep42thought> probably my end
[16:40:25] <tyzoid> but it could be a cross-oceanic issue
[16:40:38] <deep42thought> well, that should only add a few ten milliseconds
[16:40:58] <tyzoid> I'd say 300ms to be generous
[16:41:00] <tyzoid> but yea
[16:41:20] <deep42thought> it was running get-package-updates which is file-i/o intensive, so maybe that was slowing it down in general
[16:41:36] <deep42thought> buildmaster: wtf libHalf.so
[16:41:37] <buildmaster> [extra] ilmbase (2.2.1-1.0): /usr/lib/libHalf.so
[16:41:46] <tyzoid> Yeah, that was quicker
[16:41:56] <deep42thought> buildmaster: wtf linux-vmlinuz
[16:41:58] <buildmaster> Huh, I don't know that one.
[16:41:58] <tyzoid> though I wonder if it'd do quicker if we removed the ssl redirect and did a plain http query
[16:42:25] <tyzoid> since that'd eliminate the round-trips required for the tls handshake
[16:44:29] <deep42thought> https://ptpb.pw
[16:44:33] <tyzoid> deep42thought: I remved the redirect and hsts header, so you can try testing it with a plain http query by clearing any hsts cache you've got on your end.
[16:44:35] <deep42thought> that's from here
[16:44:48] <tyzoid> 800ms is still significant
[16:44:56] <tyzoid> try it with http instead of https
[16:45:25] <deep42thought> https://ptpb.pw
[16:45:27] <deep42thought> totally similar
[16:46:16] <tyzoid> hmm
[16:46:39] <deep42thought> ok, plain curl goes down from 0.887 to 0.813
[16:46:45] <deep42thought> but still almost no difference
[16:46:50] <deep42thought> and I think 1 sec is totally ok
[16:46:58] <tyzoid> Yeah, pretty much within margin of error too
[16:47:23] <tyzoid> How is buildmaster listening to the queries
[16:47:48] <tyzoid> It might make sense to throw up a separate bot for pacman-like queries and have buildmaster only do db queries
[16:48:17] <deep42thought> yeah
[16:48:28] <deep42thought> it's ii + inotifywait
[16:48:42] <deep42thought> feel free to throw up an oracle on any server
[16:48:52] <deep42thought> it could also answer other stuff from the database
[16:49:22] <deep42thought> well, you have a copy of the db already, anyway
[16:49:49] <deep42thought> btw: new packages have their build date in the database
[16:49:58] <deep42thought> so we could put a feed on archlinux32.org
[16:50:09] <deep42thought> https://packages.archlinux32.org
[16:50:10] <phrik> Title:Arch Linux 32 - Package Search (at packages.archlinux32.org)
[16:51:15] <deep42thought> though, a "last moved" date would make more sense for a news feed
[16:51:20] <deep42thought> hmmm ...
[16:53:06] <tyzoid> deep42thought: is there any query that buildmaster has that can't be answered from the api or the database?
[16:53:21] <deep42thought> ideally: no
[16:53:36] <deep42thought> so why-dont-you is broken currently anyway
[16:53:48] <deep42thought> and it should be reimplemented with information from the db
[16:53:55] <deep42thought> and besides that, there is only wtf
[16:53:59] <deep42thought> ... and the greeting :-D
[16:54:03] <tyzoid> do we want to just move the buildmaster bot over to my server too?
[16:54:29] <deep42thought> I would move over the functionality
[16:54:36] <deep42thought> but I'd not name it "buildmaster"
[16:54:41] <deep42thought> ;-)
[16:54:41] <tyzoid> true
[16:56:13] <deep42thought> I'd put that into the same vm, packages.archlinux32.org is running in
[16:56:16] <deep42thought> any objections?
[16:57:27] <tyzoid> That's what I was going to suggest :)
[16:59:20] <deep42thought> I was thinking about making the buildmaster steerable from irc, too, but I couldn't come up with a good authentication method for that
[17:00:02] <tyzoid> well, if the channel is +r, it's already authed
[17:00:04] <tyzoid> technically
[17:00:26] deep42thought is now known as tyz
[17:00:30] <tyz> it is?
[17:00:37] <tyzoid> try tyzoid xD
[17:00:51] <tyz> well, you're already logged in as tyzoid
[17:00:53] tyz is now known as abaumann
[17:00:58] <abaumann> Hi!
[17:01:05] <tyzoid> and after 30s it kicks you back
[17:01:12] <abaumann> 30s is enough
[17:01:22] <tyzoid> just have a 1m timeout from nick change / join
[17:01:31] <abaumann> :-/
[17:01:42] <abaumann> I don't like relying on something like that
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[17:01:55] <tyzoid> fair, just saying that it's technically possible
[17:02:02] <deep42thought> yes
[17:02:05] <deep42thought> :-)
[17:02:09] <tyzoid> you could also do what phrik does, which is auth via pms
[17:02:16] <tyzoid> but again, you've got the nick change issue
[17:02:19] <deep42thought> which is tedious
[17:02:31] <deep42thought> anyway
[17:02:35] <deep42thought> it was just an idea
[17:02:36] <tyzoid> not if it's /msg buildmaster do-action <auth-code>
[17:03:06] <tyzoid> plus, then you can set up aliases in the client
[17:03:54] <tyzoid> aliases would solve most of the usability issues
[17:04:33] <deep42thought> what do you mean by "alias"?
[17:04:39] <deep42thought> is this some irc concept?
[17:09:13] <tyzoid> It's per-client
[17:09:28] <tyzoid> i.e. you can set up a local command to do something more complex
[17:09:46] <deep42thought> ah, that
[17:09:46] <deep42thought> :-)
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[17:19:25] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[17:19:33] <tyzoid> wb
[17:19:42] <abaumann> hi :-)
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[17:19:59] <abaumann> we had 4 days of early summer here in Switzerland.. no computers for me :-)
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[17:20:30] <tyzoid> that sounds like a nice vacation
[17:20:42] <abaumann> yep. biking.
[17:20:46] <deep42thought> abaumann: same in germany
[17:20:51] <deep42thought> except I was lazy
[17:20:55] <abaumann> :-)
[17:20:56] <deep42thought> just sitting in the garden
[17:21:02] <deep42thought> Grillen
[17:21:06] * tyzoid has a job, so doesn't get summer breaks
[17:21:26] <tyzoid> non-academia job, that is
[17:21:33] <deep42thought> tyzoid: but you don't work at the weekend, do you?
[17:21:41] <tyzoid> Technically working right nwo
[17:21:43] <tyzoid> now*
[17:21:48] <deep42thought> oh
[17:21:50] <tyzoid> lol
[17:21:59] <tyzoid> When I'm not working, I'm workign
[17:22:21] <tyzoid> I run the audio and livestream for my church on sunday mornings
[17:23:29] <tyzoid> so I'm mostly just sitting here listening and watching the stream to make sure it doesn't break
[17:24:43] <deep42thought> ah, right, it's sunday morning in the us
[17:24:54] * deep42thought forgot the time shift for a moment
[17:25:04] <tyzoid> yup.
[17:28:16] <tyzoid> plus I volunteer quite a bit at my church
[17:28:33] <tyzoid> and I do flight training on saturdays
[17:31:34] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Do you know any python?
[17:31:39] <deep42thought> a little
[17:31:58] <deep42thought> just as much as I do php, I'd say :-D
[17:32:12] <tyzoid> Ok. A while ago I tried writing an irc bot in python, but for some reason it became sluggish after running for a longer period of time (~24h)
[17:32:20] <tyzoid> not sure if you've ever tried to do something similar
[17:32:32] <deep42thought> titus_livius is running on python
[17:32:45] <deep42thought> but I didn't write it
[17:32:49] <deep42thought> just forked it
[17:32:53] <deep42thought> and modified it a little
[17:33:02] <tyzoid> interesting
[17:33:52] <deep42thought> https://github.com
[17:33:54] <phrik> Title:GitHub - excid3/logbot: A minimal IRC bot for logging channels (at github.com)
[17:34:38] <deep42thought> though, my fork is not online :-D
[17:35:04] <tyzoid> that's fair
[17:35:21] <abaumann> mmh. memory usage increases, some resource leaks?
[17:36:09] <deep42thought> tyzoid: should I put it under archlinux32?
[17:36:38] <tyzoid> abaumann: That's what I suspected, but I didn't notice anything like that
[17:36:42] <tyzoid> it was ~1yr ago, though
[17:36:48] <tyzoid> deep42thought: sure
[17:41:06] <deep42thought> https://github.com
[17:41:07] <phrik> Title:GitHub - archlinux32/titus-livius: the irc log bot (at github.com)
[17:41:52] <tyzoid> Why not do a fork + push, rather than just push?
[17:42:11] <deep42thought> umm, haven't thought of that
[17:42:39] <tyzoid> Apparantly, github doesn't automatically detect forks unless forked through their interface
[17:44:18] <deep42thought> https://github.com
[17:44:19] <phrik> Title:GitHub - archlinux32/logbot: A minimal IRC bot for logging channels (at github.com)
[17:44:21] <deep42thought> better :-)
[17:44:38] <tyzoid> nice
[17:45:26] <tyzoid> lol, that commit message
[17:45:27] <tyzoid> "pimp convert.sh "
[17:46:03] <deep42thought> well, I considered it a private repo :-)
[17:46:16] <deep42thought> some commit messages are in german, too
[17:46:21] <deep42thought> I think
[17:46:31] <abaumann> not in Latin? ;-)
[17:46:33] <tyzoid> not a problem, just thought it was funny
[17:46:37] <tyzoid> lol abaumann
[17:46:42] <deep42thought> abaumann: I'm bad at latin
[17:46:46] <tyzoid> Time to write commit messages in Klingon
[17:47:04] <deep42thought> lol
[17:47:22] <deep42thought> well, but there arte more people speaking klingon than speaking esperanto
[17:47:28] <deep42thought> or was it lojban?
[17:47:48] <tyzoid> You must be at least ^^^^ (signpost) this nerdy to commit
[17:47:49] <abaumann> Latin is only read or suffered through. :-)
[17:48:25] <tyzoid> I'm pretty sure esperanto has a few million speakers
[17:48:30] <tyzoid> plus, many native speakers
[17:48:51] <deep42thought> ok, then it was lojban, most probably
[17:49:34] <tyzoid> I always thought it odd that there would be native esperanto speakers, but then I read it was parents for which their only shared language was esperanto
[17:49:51] <tyzoid> so that's what the kid learns
[17:51:48] <deep42thought> I once had the idea to teach my children lojban
[17:52:04] <deep42thought> but I couldn't learn it myself (I'm bad with languages)
[17:52:15] <deep42thought> and now I think, it would have been a really bad decision
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[18:30:28] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Did you want me to set up the irc bot?
[18:31:21] <tyzoid> I need to practice using the openssl c library anyway :P
[18:31:28] <deep42thought> oh, I forgot about it already :-D
[18:31:39] <deep42thought> yeah, feel free to set up a bot :-)
[18:33:55] <tyzoid> lol, irc bot in C, here we come!
[18:34:13] <tyzoid> anyway, heading off for now. I'll likely see you tomorrow
[18:36:47] <deep42thought> cu
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[21:34:05] <deep42thought> tyzoid: Is it possible, that your regex blocks pkgnames with "+", too?
[21:34:26] <deep42thought> https://packages.archlinux32.org
[21:34:27] <phrik> Title:Arch Linux 32 - Package Search (at packages.archlinux32.org)
[21:34:35] <deep42thought> -> the packages without a "Build Date"
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[21:56:37] <buildmaster> firefox-developer-edition is broken (says buildknecht3).
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[23:19:35] <buildmaster> python-docs is broken (says rechenknecht).
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