#archlinux32 | Logs for 2018-05-03

[00:14:44] <eschwartz> deep42thought: no mouse needed. https://developer.github.com
[00:14:45] <phrik> Title:Releases | GitHub Developer Guide (at developer.github.com)
[00:15:08] <eschwartz> there's things which help you upload this
[00:16:02] <eschwartz> e.g. the hub(1) tool
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[01:13:54] <buildmaster> python-beaker is broken (says rechenknecht).
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[04:27:37] <buildmaster> python-tqdm is broken (says buildknecht2).
[04:45:22] <buildmaster> mame is broken (says buildknecht).
[06:50:24] * buildmaster failed to execute a mysql query - can you have a look at "tmp.mysql-functions.query.stdin.2018-05-03T06:38:26.kp8CRB"?.
[07:16:43] * buildmaster resumes sanity.
[07:16:58] <buildmaster> dtools is broken (says rechenknecht).
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[07:32:30] <buildmaster> tilix is broken (says rechenknecht).
[08:05:01] <buildmaster> libnids is broken (says eurobuild3).
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[09:22:35] <buildmaster> Hi deep42thought!
[09:22:58] <deep42thought> thanks, eschwartz - this looks exactly what I want :-) (just need some time to get it working properly)
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[09:28:10] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[09:28:17] <deep42thought> Good morning!
[09:28:23] <abaumann> Morning :-)
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[11:49:42] <buildmaster> file is broken (says rechenknecht).
[11:50:42] <deep42thought> "[Makefile:764: magic.mgc] Bad system call" - didn't we see this before?
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[12:33:25] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[12:34:10] <abaumann> about file: seccomp breaks even with 'file -h'. Now I start wonderig whether this is due to the 5.33 upgrade of file and there is a bug in there or maybe because some seccomp-stuff is broken in 32-bit kernels..
[13:09:33] <abaumann> mmh. really funny. seccomp is enabled for 'stat', but file fails stat-ing the magic file in $HOME in the stat syscall.
[13:09:52] <abaumann> I start to suspect that seccomp is broken in either libseccomp or in the kernel itself.
[13:09:56] <abaumann> at least for stat.
[13:16:10] <abaumann> oh. stat and stat64 :-)
[13:16:18] <deep42thought> huh?
[13:16:36] <abaumann> on a 32-bit system with 64-bit filesystem support stat is mapped to stat64.
[13:16:48] <abaumann> now a seccomp rule is there for stat, but not for stat64.
[13:16:52] <abaumann> bug in file :-)
[13:17:02] <deep42thought> :-)
[13:17:10] <deep42thought> something, that upstream changed?
[13:17:23] <abaumann> yes, file 5.33 added seccomp-support.
[13:17:28] <abaumann> which in principle is a good thing.
[13:17:33] <deep42thought> ah, ok
[13:17:58] <abaumann> looking forward to create a pull-request for file.
[13:18:20] <abaumann> after this I want to see what's wrong with check-opcodes.
[13:18:35] <abaumann> and I should have a look at the 486-VM as a build slave on tyzoids server.
[13:18:55] <deep42thought> well, the database is still not ready for multi-arch builds :-/
[13:19:01] <abaumann> no problem.
[13:19:11] <abaumann> I have to rething my patching for 486 anyway.
[13:19:16] <abaumann> and add it to the builder.
[13:19:21] <abaumann> this will take a while :-)
[13:19:46] <deep42thought> you're currently applying true "patch"es? or do you do the same, we do to upstream?
[13:20:09] <abaumann> what do you mean by true?
[13:20:20] <deep42thought> well 'diff -u $original $yours'
[13:20:29] <abaumann> diff -rauN
[13:20:48] <abaumann> the libnisl one was a diff of a diff, hence the mess. :-)
[13:20:52] <deep42thought> ok, so none of the bash magic, we're doing
[13:20:58] <abaumann> ah.
[13:21:02] <abaumann> you mean for i486.
[13:21:05] <deep42thought> yes
[13:21:06] <abaumann> worse. I use sed's :-)
[13:21:12] <abaumann> no diff, no patch
[13:21:18] <deep42thought> well, that's what we do, too, isn't it?
[13:21:26] <deep42thought> so it's just "equally bad"
[13:21:33] <abaumann> yes. but I'm patching PKGBUILD from "outside".
[13:21:41] <deep42thought> ah
[13:21:45] <abaumann> I don't add it to the existing PKGBUILD and then do an eval.
[13:21:51] <abaumann> here is a small difference
[13:22:13] <abaumann> for now I thought I'll add the special treatment in a 486 branch to the builder
[13:22:42] <Alina-malina> hey people need a little help: http://zeroset.mnim.org i have this issue, but i am trying to find that files they are missing in my arch, what would u suggest to soliving this issue in the way its described in arch?
[13:22:43] <phrik> Title:Unstable wifi connection on Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr (CTRL-EVENT-DISCONNECTED reason=4 locally_generated=1) – zeroset (at zeroset.mnim.org)
[13:22:43] <deep42thought> yeah, that might be a good idea anyway
[13:23:21] <abaumann> too little benefit for too much risk if added to master.
[13:24:05] <deep42thought> I'm wondering if the i486 build-slave part should be in a separate script or in bin/build-packages, too
[13:24:15] <abaumann> ah. true.
[13:24:20] <deep42thought> but with a separate branch, you're pretty much save either way
[13:25:23] <abaumann> Alina-malina: they suggest to disable 802.11N with 11n_disable=1 in a module file?
[13:25:44] <Alina-malina> i guess, but i dont have that iwlwifi.conf file in that location
[13:25:47] <Alina-malina> i am not sure what to do
[13:25:55] <Alina-malina> i get that error from time to time
[13:25:57] <abaumann> /etc/modprobe.d/iwlwifi.conf
[13:26:01] <Alina-malina> yes
[13:26:04] <Alina-malina> there is no such file
[13:26:06] <Alina-malina> should i create it?
[13:26:07] <abaumann> you can create one with exactly this content.
[13:26:09] <abaumann> yes.
[13:26:10] <Alina-malina> ok
[13:26:14] <Alina-malina> do i need to restart something after it?
[13:26:25] <abaumann> and add the 'options iwlwifi 11n_disable=1'
[13:26:33] <abaumann> or unload, reload the wifi module.
[13:26:38] <abaumann> better reboot.
[13:26:54] <abaumann> just in case the module is in use or doesn't like to be switch in the mid of action :-)
[13:27:02] <abaumann> *switched
[13:27:05] <Alina-malina> alright thank you so much, let me try this and observe its behaviour
[13:27:51] <abaumann> hope it gets more stable that way.
[13:28:31] <abaumann> fstat and fstat64, ... :-)
[13:47:20] <abaumann> file: git pull disabled on github and the original website is unreachable. mmh.
[13:47:40] <buildmaster> file is broken (says buildknecht3).
[13:47:41] <deep42thought> O.o
[13:47:46] <eschwartz> deep42thought: no problem, that's why I live tools like hub and git aliases, and try to proselytize. :p
[13:47:55] <eschwartz> *love
[13:48:02] <eschwartz> auto-incorrect
[13:48:15] <deep42thought> mixture between "love" and "like"?
[13:48:31] <eschwartz> I have no clue, maybe Google knows why
[13:50:55] <deep42thought> abaumann: looks like your checksum is wrong in file
[13:51:05] <abaumann> yes.
[13:51:08] <abaumann> not only that.
[13:51:11] <abaumann> there is no lseek64
[13:51:28] <abaumann> POSIX really made a mess there on the 32/64-bit transition.
[13:51:31] <abaumann> (only there?)
[13:51:51] <abaumann> testing now. :-)
[13:52:42] <abaumann> ok. now it's ok.
[13:52:55] <deep42thought> :-)
[14:11:31] * buildmaster failed to execute a mysql query - can you have a look at "tmp.mysql-functions.query.stdin.2018-05-03T14:11:30.cS0Eye"?.
[14:11:56] <deep42thought> my bad
[15:03:41] <tyzoid> abaumann: Just fyi, I needed to reboot srv0 over the weekend, so your vm was rebooted.
[15:09:33] <tyzoid> deep42thought: I'm planning on turning srv1-routable into a mail server
[15:10:33] <deep42thought> should I change the spf, then?
[15:11:12] <tyzoid> not yet
[15:11:39] <tyzoid> Still need to get ipv6 routing working properly. For some reason, it doesn't want to forward
[15:11:48] <tyzoid> and apt is just hanging :/
[15:18:09] <tyzoid> ah, ipv4 is broken too
[15:18:10] <tyzoid> that's why
[15:18:40] <abaumann> tyzoid: my VM is sitting quite idle at the moment, so no problem :-)
[15:25:25] <tyzoid> deep42thought: figured out the issue, but no idea why it was happening
[15:25:48] <tyzoid> the host system wasn't sending an ARP reply for the container's IP
[15:26:17] <tyzoid> whelp, apt doesn't support happy eyeballs :/
[15:29:53] <tyzoid> even worse, it doesn't even timeout
[15:29:54] <tyzoid> just hangs
[15:30:56] <deep42thought> can't you route the ARP request to the containers, too?
[15:33:21] <tyzoid> I can, but that takes more set up
[15:33:47] <tyzoid> besides, I didn't want to put the containers on-link (since there's multiple servers), so I'd need to set up arp proxying
[15:35:16] <deep42thought> yeah, ok
[15:37:15] <tyzoid> any idea why I might get `RTNETLINK answers: No route to host` when trying to add a route?
[15:37:23] <tyzoid> root@srv1:~# ip -6 route add 2607:5600:dc:1001::1/64 via 2607:5600:dc:1001::1 dev vmbr0 onlink
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[15:38:24] <deep42thought> shouldn't you give the link local addres for "via"?
[15:39:18] <deep42thought> ... at least, that's what I have in my routing for "via".
[15:39:50] <tyzoid> yup, that worked :/
[15:40:01] <tyzoid> weird, since I could do it on ipv4 that way
[15:40:05] <tyzoid> I would've thought it worked similar
[15:40:07] <tyzoid> but eh
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[15:40:59] <tyzoid> hey deep42thought: You got ipv6?
[15:41:05] <deep42thought> at home, yes
[15:41:17] <tyzoid> I mean where you're at now
[15:41:21] <deep42thought> nope
[15:41:24] <tyzoid> ok
[15:41:38] <deep42thought> but I can ssh to home if you need some ipv6 test
[15:42:09] <tyzoid> lol, I'm sshing over to my home net
[15:43:17] <tyzoid> just great :/
[15:43:23] <tyzoid> home has no ipv6 atm
[15:43:54] <tyzoid> deep42thought: if you could ssh back and try pinging both 2607:5600:dc:1001::1 and 2607:5600:dc:1001::2, that'd be helpful
[15:44:47] <deep42thought> 1 works, 2 does not
[15:45:10] <tyzoid> As expected. I can see your requests for 2, though
[15:45:30] <deep42thought> should I keep it running?
[15:45:47] <tyzoid> you should be getting replies if you do
[15:46:04] <deep42thought> "time=6239 ms"
[15:46:08] <deep42thought> what are you doing?
[15:46:28] <tyzoid> uh, nothing that should cause that high of latency
[15:46:43] <deep42thought> ah, it's a problem on my end
[15:46:50] <deep42thought> a different machine is much faster
[15:46:53] <abaumann> a whale is sitting on the trans-atlantic cable
[15:47:06] <deep42thought> no, just on some inner-Germany cable
[15:47:17] <abaumann> no whales there
[15:47:20] <tyzoid> abaumann: lol
[15:47:26] <deep42thought> but it looks like green peace just shoved it back
[15:47:34] <tyzoid> lol
[15:47:41] <deep42thought> all fine now :-)
[15:47:44] <abaumann> :-)
[15:47:47] <tyzoid> sweet
[15:48:28] <tyzoid> Ok, so that container has an entire /64 routed to it xD
[15:57:13] <tyzoid> deep42thought: I still need to set up the records on my side, but the ips will be / 2607:5600:dc:1001::1, for the spf record
[15:57:38] <tyzoid> no rush on it, though
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[17:21:00] <bill-auger> i think you removed 'gksu' today? - if so there is also 'libgksu' which had 'gksu' as its only dependent
[17:22:51] <tyzoid> bill-auger: It appears to have been removed upstream. Not sure why libgksu isn't, though
[17:23:22] <bill-auger> arch removed is 2 weeks ago but it was still in archlinux32 yesterday
[17:23:43] <tyzoid> afaik, the deletion / move scripts work slowly
[17:23:48] <bill-auger> i meantioned that in this channel yesterday - now today it is gone but libgksu remoains
[17:24:08] <tyzoid> yeah, it's odd, since I don't see it in the deletion list
[17:24:10] <bill-auger> ok i see so it is automated
[17:24:17] <tyzoid> https://buildmaster.archlinux32.org
[17:24:32] <tyzoid> It's a mix of automated and manula
[17:24:34] <tyzoid> manual*
[17:24:39] <bill-auger> arch deleted libgksu 2 days later so that explains it
[17:24:47] <bill-auger> https://git.archlinux.org
[17:24:51] <phrik> Title:svntogit/packages.git - Git clone of the 'packages' repository (at git.archlinux.org)
[17:25:00] <tyzoid> possibly, though I wouldn't count on timing to be precise.
[17:25:09] <tyzoid> I'd expect it to be in the deletion list, though
[17:25:19] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Can you look at ^ when you hop back on?
[17:25:47] <tyzoid> girls ^
[17:25:49] <bill-auger> what happens if the same versio of a package is build by 2 different devs and is in 2 different repos ?
[17:26:02] <bill-auger> does things explode or wil lpacman handle that gracefully
[17:26:04] <tyzoid> depends on which repos, afaik
[17:26:28] <tyzoid> iirc it'll pick one, but I don't know
[17:26:43] <bill-auger> ok we shall see
[17:26:44] <tyzoid> bill-auger: Actually, yes. it will pick one.
[17:27:06] <tyzoid> bill-auger: it goes in order of the repo definition. A repo defined earlier will be used first.
[17:27:18] <bill-auger> sounds good to me
[17:27:24] <tyzoid> but do double check that
[17:43:50] <bill-auger> it is a dependency of the opctopi pacman GUI frontend - i need to to build the graphical LiveISO - so i will certainly know if it fails
[17:44:47] <bill-auger> probably the thing to do is contact the octopi developer and ask to make it use polkit instead - i asume that is the reason arch dumped gksu
[17:48:48] <tyzoid> bill-auger: for the liveiso, why not passwordless sudo?
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[17:49:21] <bill-auger> it has that
[17:49:43] <bill-auger> but the octopi program must call gksu directly somewhow
[17:50:02] <tyzoid> Ah.
[17:50:14] <tyzoid> Theoretically, you could create a shim script
[17:50:19] <bill-auger> i havent looked but it definitely fails without it
[17:51:51] <bill-auger> it had other dependents also - i already rebuilt the packages now - that was the path of least resistence
[17:52:02] <tyzoid> I see
[17:52:37] <tyzoid> Theoretically, you could grab the old versions from the archive while a proper solution is worked out
[17:53:22] <tyzoid> but if everything is working now, then great
[17:54:00] <bill-auger> keeping the package is preferable IMHO
[17:54:29] <tyzoid> which package, gksu?
[17:54:39] <bill-auger> there are probably hundreds of AUR packages that requre it
[17:54:52] <bill-auger> yea
[17:55:09] <bill-auger> naybe worth checkung that
[17:55:12] <tyzoid> it's been moved to an aur package: https://aur.archlinux.org
[17:55:12] <phrik> Title:AUR (en) - gksu (at aur.archlinux.org)
[17:55:36] <tyzoid> I would be surprised if someone didn't have a binary build repo with it, though
[17:57:48] <bill-auger> yea but parabola dont play dat
[18:00:43] <tyzoid> Yup. Not recommending it, just commenting on it.
[18:04:31] <tyzoid> bill-auger: Found the announcement
[18:04:31] <tyzoid> https://lists.archlinux.org
[18:04:32] <phrik> Title:[arch-dev-public] Removing gksu (at lists.archlinux.org)
[18:06:07] <eschwartz> bill-auger, tyzoid: how do you think testing repos work? :) They override the same packages from later, stable repos.
[18:06:39] <tyzoid> eschwartz: Yup. I wasn't sure at first, but then I remembered testing.
[18:06:41] <eschwartz> Also ew gksu
[18:06:46] <tyzoid> That's why I said it was order of definition
[18:06:47] <tyzoid> :)
[18:09:56] -!- abaumann has joined #archlinux32
[18:09:56] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[18:12:01] <bill-auger> eschwartz: is all over distroland - i was reading the news on the voidlinux website and they gave a shoutout
[18:22:16] <eschwartz> To?
[18:22:32] <eschwartz> Wait, I'm famous?
[18:27:35] <tyzoid> wb abaumann
[18:28:35] <abaumann> hi
[18:28:48] <abaumann> troublesome the voidlinux issues.
[18:30:32] <eschwartz> Not really?
[18:32:09] <tyzoid> abaumann: referring to https://www.voidlinux.eu ?
[18:32:10] <phrik> Title:Serious Issues (at www.voidlinux.eu)
[18:32:13] <eschwartz> They learned their lesson about having multiple people with the keys to the kingdom, but freenode helped them regain the channel, are considering moving to .org for the website, and GitHub won't give them org administration but GitHub is easily replaceable
[18:32:52] <abaumann> yeah. they should simply fork the repos on github, if they want to stay on github..
[18:33:01] <eschwartz> This is why we @x64 use mailing lists and cgit :D
[18:33:14] <abaumann> 100% control. :-)
[18:33:33] <eschwartz> They could do gitlab, or even self-hosted gitlab
[18:34:13] <abaumann> tyzoid: yes.
[18:34:44] <eschwartz> Also bill-auger how famous am I exactly
[18:47:56] <bill-auger> ok i looked to refresh my memory - it was just a git feed announcment - https://github.com
[18:47:57] <phrik> Title:Merge pull request #266 from eli-schwartz/master · voidlinux/xbps@c6359f8 · GitHub (at github.com)
[18:50:37] <eschwartz> :D
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[18:56:25] <eschwartz> bill-auger: I'm friends with vaelatern IRL
[18:56:33] <eschwartz> So there's that
[18:56:44] * eschwartz has connections
[19:40:35] <buildmaster> linux-lts is broken (says rechenknecht).
[20:03:30] <buildmaster> linux-lts is broken (says rechenknecht).
[20:07:00] <abaumann> wtf?
[20:19:43] -!- isacdaavid has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[20:23:55] <abaumann> I really don't understand why changing the config and checksum can break building linux-lts in 'patch: **** Can't open patch file ../patch-4.14.39 : No such file or directory
[20:31:52] <abaumann> mm file changes, makepkg has adaption for file changes.
[20:32:08] <abaumann> why is patch not recognizing the patch.xz file and uncompressing it?
[20:35:03] <eschwartz> Patch doesn't... makepkg does
[20:35:07] <eschwartz> Or should
[20:35:59] <eschwartz> Since makepkg automatically uncompresses files with know compression extensions, unless you list the file in noextract
[20:38:00] <eschwartz> Why did "Extracting sources..." not decompress it
[20:39:14] <abaumann> I suspect a combination of 32-bit patches for file and not recognizing the format.
[20:39:30] <abaumann> file patch-4.14.39.xz: patch-4.14.39.xz: XZ compressed data
[20:39:31] <abaumann> mmh
[20:40:06] <abaumann> but thanks. that's the right track. :-)
[20:41:15] <abaumann> Extracting linux-4.14.tar.xz with bsdtar, so the tarball works.
[20:41:53] <abaumann> file -bizL linux-4.14.tar.xz: Bad system call, aha
[20:41:59] <abaumann> worked by accident. thought so.
[20:42:13] <abaumann> So there are still seccomp rules missing in file for 32-bit..
[20:43:28] <eschwartz> https://git.archlinux.org
[20:43:29] <phrik> Title:file.sh.in\source\libmakepkg\scripts - pacman.git - The official pacman repository (at git.archlinux.org)
[20:43:44] <eschwartz> Eek, yeah that's annoying
[20:44:08] <abaumann> pipe( <unfinished ...>) = ?
[20:44:08] <abaumann> +++ killed by SIGSYS +++
[20:44:08] <abaumann> Bad system call (core dumped)
[20:44:11] <abaumann> mmh. nice/
[20:44:31] <eschwartz> > see if bsdtar can recognize the file
[20:44:39] <abaumann> I'm SOO CLOSE to just disable seccomp support in 'file'
[20:44:39] <eschwartz> We do fallback there at least
[20:44:53] <abaumann> I'm afraid what else fails with a semi-broken file..
[20:45:55] <abaumann> -z in file, try to look inside compressed files. so it executes a compressor, I suspect.
[20:46:02] <abaumann> and I'm missing a seccomp rule for that.
[20:46:18] <abaumann> and the test framework of 'file' is ... eh ... not complete :-)
[20:48:22] <eschwartz> How did they release this thing...
[20:48:47] <abaumann> ..they test on their 64-bit distribution of choice only..
[20:48:57] <eschwartz> Logical!
[20:49:02] <abaumann> :-)
[20:49:45] <abaumann> This is really weird: pipe is the problem. But the seccomp rule for pipe for 64-bit is also missing. but there it works.
[20:49:54] <abaumann> I don't understand why people use seccomp..
[20:49:58] <eschwartz> Tell then to hotfix the release, unconditionally disabling seccomp on 32-bit
[20:50:00] <abaumann> it's old and flawed.
[20:50:14] <abaumann> their webside was down. :->
[20:50:30] <abaumann> https://www.darwinsys.com
[20:50:56] <abaumann> *sigh*
[20:54:25] <abaumann> uncompressbuf, compress.c:660, switch (fork()) {
[20:54:27] <abaumann> aha.
[20:55:05] <abaumann> how can this possibly work on 64-bit?
[20:58:41] <abaumann> ok. disabling seccomp.
[20:58:55] -!- deep42thought has joined #archlinux32
[20:58:55] <buildmaster> Hi deep42thought!
[20:59:21] <abaumann> Hi.
[20:59:32] <deep42thought> bill-auger: I did remove gksu - let me check the other packages (and fully read the log)
[20:59:37] <abaumann> Welcome to the beatiful world of well-maintained Linux-software. :->
[20:59:44] <deep42thought> !grab abaumann
[20:59:45] <phrik> deep42thought: Tada!
[21:02:11] <deep42thought> the current url of the deletion list is https://packages.archlinux32.org
[21:02:12] <phrik> Title:List of packages to be deleted (at packages.archlinux32.org)
[21:02:53] <abaumann> "xz ERROR: Read failed, Success compressed-encoding=application/x-xz; charset=binary
[21:02:59] <abaumann> ah.. much better :->
[21:03:25] <deep42thought> huh? where do you get that error?
[21:03:31] <abaumann> file 5.33
[21:03:38] <abaumann> sort of completly borked seccomp support.
[21:03:44] <deep42thought> oh
[21:03:59] <abaumann> it lets linux-lts fail to decompress the patch file in makepkg.
[21:04:02] <abaumann> nice effect. :-)
[21:04:18] <deep42thought> lol
[21:04:32] <abaumann> I had a look at the code: #if 0 everywhere. This should not have gone into file 5.33 !
[21:04:47] <abaumann> I would personally also remove it from 64-bit upstream..
[21:12:45] <abaumann> Mailing List: file@mx.gw.com [currently down]
[21:12:47] <abaumann> Mailing List archives: http://mx.gw.com [currently down]
[21:12:50] <abaumann> Bug tracker: http://bugs.gw.com [currently down]
[21:13:04] <abaumann> github: "Read-only mirror of file CVS repository,"
[21:13:08] <deep42thought> maybe they run on 32 bit themself?
[21:13:14] <abaumann> Then it would work.
[21:13:22] <abaumann> Especially if running on Archlinux32. :-)
[21:13:27] <deep42thought> well, not if they tested on 64 bit only ;-)
[21:13:56] <abaumann> I really hope, nothing else broke or got somehow borked in a subtle way because 'file' was broken in staging.
[21:14:24] <deep42thought> we can easily reschedule all packages that were successfully built during that period
[21:14:46] <deep42thought> ... since we now have the build time in the database :-D
[21:14:51] <abaumann> well, makepkg would have croaked.. so no harm there.
[21:15:06] <abaumann> nice :-)
[21:15:08] <deep42thought> some things fail silently
[21:15:21] <abaumann> yea. that's what I'm afraid of.
[21:17:16] <deep42thought> regarding void: should I put into my will, who inherits the domain archlinux32.org?
[21:19:51] <abaumann> lol
[21:21:24] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Does your registrar allow for administrative access / joint ownership of the domain?
[21:21:32] <deep42thought> no :-(
[21:21:36] <tyzoid> My registrar allows to have multiple administrative users
[21:21:42] <deep42thought> at least not when I asked them the last time
[21:21:51] <tyzoid> You run your own dns, right?
[21:22:03] <deep42thought> but not for archlinux32.org
[21:22:06] <tyzoid> Ah.
[21:22:12] <deep42thought> only for ddns.eckner.net
[21:22:42] <tyzoid> Ok. I'm thinking it might be a good idea to transfer the domain over to namecheap (my registrar), to get that feature
[21:22:50] <abaumann> ok no: christos@astron.com, that's the old maintainer of file.
[21:23:44] <abaumann> ah. another committer.
[21:23:50] <abaumann> let's see. maybe somebody reacts.
[21:27:51] <buildmaster> linux-zen is broken (says eurobuild3).
[21:28:02] <abaumann> linux-zen: also an effect of file.
[21:28:08] <abaumann> first file must get into staging..
[21:28:27] <deep42thought> abaumann: did you commit a fix yet?
[21:28:32] <abaumann> yes.
[21:28:46] <deep42thought> let me accellerate it, then
[21:28:46] <abaumann> ceb0ac628872d9d20539c802b3917225a9e50cb5
[21:28:55] <abaumann> that would be nice :-)
[21:29:38] <abaumann> ah. even on my slave :-)
[21:29:54] * deep42thought did nothing
[21:30:22] <abaumann> * abaumann: nods and realized -p file actually works..
[21:32:03] <abaumann> file -biz ~/linux-lts/patch-4.14.39.xz
[21:32:03] <abaumann> text/x-diff; charset=utf-8 compressed-encoding=application/x-xz; charset=binary
[21:32:06] <abaumann> in staging.
[21:32:08] <abaumann> that's fine.
[21:32:14] <deep42thought> :-)
[21:39:11] <tyzoid> deep42thought: You've got ssh access to mail.tyzoid.com, btw.
[21:39:32] <tyzoid> you can send yourself test mail via deep42thought@tyzoid.com, and it'll show up in /var/mail
[21:39:37] * deep42thought hopes, he'll remember all this when he needs it
[21:39:41] <tyzoid> next up is to set up dovecot
[21:39:49] <tyzoid> deep42thought: irc logs :P
[21:40:08] <tyzoid> Why do you think I'm saying all this on the logged channel ;)
[21:40:19] <deep42thought> ok, fair point :-D
[21:41:03] <tyzoid> I mean, it's not like I'm revealing my password (hunter2), so there's no risk there
[21:41:04] <tyzoid> oh wait
[21:41:39] <deep42thought> I didn't see it - irc replaced it by "*******"
[21:42:22] <tyzoid> xD
[21:48:52] <abaumann> :-)
[21:56:28] <deep42thought> deletion list is now available via the packages site: https://packages.archlinux32.org
[21:56:29] <phrik> Title:Arch Linux 32 - Package Search (at packages.archlinux32.org)
[21:56:42] <deep42thought> ... and it seems too long O.o
[21:58:57] -!- abaumann has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[22:04:25] <tyzoid> deep42thought: steam is to be deleted?
[22:04:59] <deep42thought> there is quite some stuff wrongly on that list
[22:05:09] <deep42thought> I'm not sure, why, though
[22:09:53] <tyzoid> btw, deep42thought: If you want, you can include my domain on the spf, instead of my ips directly.
[22:10:41] <tyzoid> include:tyzoid.com has my authorized mail systems listed
[22:24:00] <deep42thought> ok, should be set
[22:24:35] <tyzoid> sweet. deep42thought: I'm planning on setting up a web client on mail.tyzoid.com at some point. Do you have any preference to one? Or is this something you probably wouldn't use?
[22:25:02] <tyzoid> (Assuming you want a mailbox when @archlinux32.org is set up)
[22:25:24] <deep42thought> I prefer forwards to my single, main address
[22:26:12] <tyzoid> deep42thought: IIRC is an old ip from an old server of mine
[22:26:22] <deep42thought> ok, I wasn't sure
[22:26:23] <tyzoid> If you double check it's not one of yours, you can probably remove it
[22:26:35] <deep42thought> it's none of mine
[22:27:23] <tyzoid> lol, I take that back. it's still active (cdn2.tyzoid.com), but I send no mail on archlinux32.org on there.
[22:27:36] <tyzoid> I think I might have requested you add it, in case I needed to set a relay up on it
[22:27:49] <deep42thought> I guess so
[22:28:08] <tyzoid> So yeah, go ahead and remove that, if youw ant
[22:28:16] <tyzoid> If I want it back, I can add it to my spf list
[22:29:01] <deep42thought> :-)
[22:31:47] <tyzoid> deep42thought: IIRC you wanted an auth'd smtp endpoint so you can still send mail from archlinux32.org, right? Or do you have sending sorted out too?
[22:32:14] <deep42thought> yeah, that would be nice
[22:32:31] <deep42thought> well, for _me_ it works, because my mailserver is the backup server
[22:32:39] <deep42thought> and this is in spf via "mx"
[22:32:48] <deep42thought> but others might want to use it
[22:34:50] <tyzoid> abaumann: If/when you're reading back through the logs, the above is available for you too (smtp and/or an imap mailbox)