#archlinux32 | Logs for 2018-05-14

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[08:29:19] <buildmaster> ffmpeg is broken (says buildknecht2).
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[09:21:34] <buildmaster> Hi deep42thought!
[09:21:43] <deep42thought> Hi buildmaster, what's up?
[09:21:44] <buildmaster> up? I'm up for 12 hours, 10 minutes, load average: 0.54, 0.39, 0.46
[09:22:40] <deep42thought> abaumann: I'd propose to put binutils 2.29 into [buildsupport] and build everything (that needs it) with this instead of 2.30 from [core]
[09:22:56] <deep42thought> ("everything" includes gcc and glibc)
[09:23:12] <deep42thought> meanwhile we should find the issue with binutils
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[09:30:28] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[09:30:51] <abaumann> deep42thought: sounds good.
[09:30:55] <deep42thought> Good morning, abaumann
[09:30:59] <abaumann> morning. :-)
[09:31:08] <abaumann> finding the bug in binutils might be hard.
[09:31:15] <deep42thought> :'-(
[09:31:35] <deep42thought> maybe, we should report an upstream issue, then?
[09:31:38] <abaumann> I'm pretty sure, that ld works for almost all packages, but for ELF-tricks in glibc or gdb or alike.
[09:32:35] <abaumann> Yeah, maybe.
[09:33:01] <deep42thought> I mean: If the toolchain stops supporting i686, we're pretty much screwed anyway :-D
[09:33:03] <abaumann> But I'm not sure if it is a problem in binutils or because of the way Archlinux builds the toolchain.
[09:33:22] <abaumann> For this it's better to build a toolchain on Gentoo or on a LFS.
[09:33:48] <deep42thought> btw: What do you think of a "toolchain" package, providing gcc, glibc, binutils (and others?) which is a single PKGBUILD doing the combined stuff of the mentioned packages?
[09:34:12] <deep42thought> The said package could be regularly in [build-support]
[09:34:26] <deep42thought> and would receive updates as gcc and stuff gets updated
[09:34:53] <abaumann> I personally would always do a compete userland rebuild if something in the toolchain changes, but that's not, what upstream is doing.
[09:35:10] <deep42thought> btw: Thanks, tyzoid for the archive :-) (from where I took binutils 2.29.1)
[09:35:12] <abaumann> and having and old toolchain around might break newer stuff which requires new things in the toolchain.
[09:35:37] <abaumann> even building now with binutils 2.29.1 is only the second best option.
[09:35:44] <deep42thought> well, noone prevents us from doing a complete rebuild
[09:35:51] <deep42thought> yeah
[09:35:55] <abaumann> that's true :-)
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[11:38:49] <buildmaster> python-hypothesis is broken (says buildknecht3).
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[13:28:04] <buildmaster> Hi deep42thought!
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[15:51:29] * buildmaster failed to execute a mysql query - can you have a look at "tmp.mysql-functions.query.stdin.2018-05-14T15:51:26.KYFdL6"?.
[15:55:35] <dopsi> deep42thought: I have written a script to generate torrents automatically but it still requires manual intervention if I want it to run the update-website script. I plan to have it run as a cronjob and to notify me/any other dev with the updated magnet links/torrent files. What would the best way to notify you (or any other dev) be ?
[15:56:01] <dopsi> I was thinking email but am open to suggestions
[15:56:27] <deep42thought> email is fine
[15:56:30] <deep42thought> irc is fine, too
[15:56:41] <deep42thought> but you can also just commit to the git repository and push
[15:57:54] <dopsi> The problem is the update-website script requires root access (for the loopback device mount) and I don't want to allow sudo to run mount passwordless.
[15:58:24] <deep42thought> ah, right
[15:58:42] <deep42thought> but strictly speaking: that part is not necessary to update the torrent links, right?
[15:59:26] <dopsi> Not really, I could add an option to avoid mounting the iso
[15:59:40] * buildmaster resumes sanity.
[15:59:52] <dopsi> I'll look into this and make a PR
[16:04:36] <deep42thought> thanks!
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[16:51:02] <tyzoid> deep42thought: :) For sure. It seems like a nicety, but there's a few times where you really need it
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[18:57:14] <buildmaster> Hi deep42thought!
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[18:57:56] <deep42thought> tyzoid: I'm sure, we'd find a way to retrieve an older version of binutils if we didn't have your archive, but it's _a_lot_ easier with it :-)
[18:58:06] <tyzoid> yup
[18:58:17] <tyzoid> /var/cache/pacman/pkg/...
[18:58:41] <deep42thought> exactly
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[19:37:02] <tyzoid> deep42thought: You've seen this? https://www.eff.org
[19:37:23] <deep42thought> no, haven't
[19:37:51] <tyzoid> summary: Some email clients that do automatic decryption of pgp protected email do so in an bad manner
[19:38:00] <tyzoid> which can result in the plaintext being sent to an attacker
[19:38:38] <tyzoid> Doesn't affect me, since I always download / manually decrypt pgp protected mail
[19:38:47] <tyzoid> but for some people, it is a problem
[19:39:02] <deep42thought> yeah, I'll read it this evening, when I got some time
[19:39:40] <tyzoid> also relevant: https://lists.gnupg.org
[19:39:41] <phrik> Title:Efail or OpenPGP is safer than S/MIME (at lists.gnupg.org)
[19:39:44] <tyzoid> the gnupg response
[19:50:02] <tyzoid> https://efail.de is a good summary, the original article doesn't give good details
[19:50:03] <phrik> Title:EFAIL (at efail.de)
[19:54:40] <buildmaster> flashplugin is broken (says buildknecht).
[19:55:13] <dopsi> tyzoid: does this really affect us ? If I understood correctly it has mostly to do with email clients not being cautious enough about foreign content
[19:55:33] <dopsi> the best archlinux could do is disable html messages through mailman
[19:55:42] <tyzoid> dopsi: deep42thought sends pgp encrypted mail directly to us sometimes.
[19:56:15] <tyzoid> so it likely doesn't affect us all that much, but it might be a concern.
[19:57:03] <dopsi> ok, I though this would affect the distro (I also had a few with him).
[19:57:13] <dopsi> *a few emails
[19:58:00] <dopsi> There isn't anything the sender can do anyway (except make sure he is not affected)
[20:00:33] <deep42thought> maybe, I should really switch to alpine for my mails
[20:00:49] <deep42thought> ... thunderbird accumulates more and more disadvantages for me :-D
[20:02:23] <tyzoid> deep42thought: https://pbs.twimg.com
[20:08:27] <eschwartz> disadvantages of thunderbird including the use of enignmail which isn't vulnerable?
[20:09:46] <tyzoid> eschwartz: EFF is recommending disabling enigmail
[20:10:16] <eschwartz> EFF is being stupid, as the GnuPG developer and enigmail developer point out
[20:11:01] <eschwartz> I agree with the enigmail/gnupg devs, on account of the "vulnerability" being one of the more shadily pathetic and unprofessional reveals
[20:11:01] <dopsi> eschwartz: it's not the PGP implementation which allows the leak, it's the HTML rendering in the MUA
[20:11:15] <deep42thought> eschwartz: It's more my personal dissatisfaction with thunderbird than hard evidence (for me), partly the reason, why I have not yet switched
[20:11:15] <eschwartz> right, and enigmail does not accept that, so...
[20:11:45] <eschwartz> gnupg has mitigated it for 18 years, *and enigmail respects gnupg's "don't use this" flag*
[20:11:48] <deep42thought> oh, it's html only?
[20:11:51] <eschwartz> right
[20:11:52] <deep42thought> I disabled that ages ago
[20:12:24] <eschwartz> also, enigmail rejects html mail which fails the validation checks performed by gnupg, so it's all good
[20:12:40] <eschwartz> read the gnupg and enigmail mailing lists
[20:13:05] <eschwartz> also about a dozen other mail services which are likewise bewildered why they are being accused of being vulnerable
[20:13:50] <eschwartz> It very much gives the impression that the EFF were fooled into throwing their support behind some dude who dug up a really old, fixed bug, then waved his hands and said "look, a bug"
[20:16:38] <dopsi> with the new habit of naming every vulnerability, each one is seen as a huge thing (see https://www.zdnet.com)
[20:16:39] <phrik> Title:​Bogus Linux vulnerability gets publicity | ZDNet (at www.zdnet.com)
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[20:31:31] <buildmaster> teamspeak3 is broken (says buildknecht3).
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[20:58:19] <deep42thought> ok, I think, the buildmaster is safe from efail
[20:58:25] <eschwartz> https://lists.gnupg.org
[20:58:26] <deep42thought> it just runs 'gpg -d | sudo'
[20:58:27] <phrik> Title:Efail press release (at lists.gnupg.org)
[20:58:37] <deep42thought> ;-)
[20:59:26] <eschwartz> deep42thought: but what if I send emails to the buildmaster tempting it to the dark side, and use HTML formatting
[20:59:46] <deep42thought> buildmaster: what will you do then?
[20:59:57] <deep42thought> ha, guessed so :-)
[21:02:56] <buildmaster> python-async-timeout is broken (says buildknecht).
[21:04:50] <eschwartz> He'll remain silent while secretly engaging in discussion with me?
[21:04:57] <deep42thought> exactly
[21:05:28] <deep42thought> this irc channel does not count as a "hidden channels"
[21:06:58] <deep42thought> it's still unclear to me, why anyone would load/display any html content of unknown source (e.g. email)
[21:07:28] <deep42thought> I mean: this makes harvesting/checking email addresses so easy
[21:11:57] <tyzoid> well that's why most clients block the loading of external resources by default
[21:12:13] <tyzoid> i.e. by default, thunderbird won't display images or execute scripts
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[22:13:35] <buildmaster> python-scipy is broken (says eurobuild3).
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