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[03:33:17] <buildmaster> qt5-examples is broken (says buildknecht2).
[03:33:42] <buildmaster> qt5-webkit is broken (says tyzoid-srv0-bs0).
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[04:45:29] <buildmaster> Hi phrik!
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[04:53:52] * buildmaster failed to execute a mysql query - can you have a look at "tmp.mysql-functions.query.stdin.2018-05-29T04:39:19.CO8cph"?.
[05:57:48] * buildmaster resumes sanity.
[06:27:02] <girls> upstream deprecated pacdiff, now my every-morning-update-routine is broken :-(
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[08:25:02] <buildmaster> Hi deep42thought!
[08:25:11] <deep42thought> Hi buildmaster, what's up?
[08:25:12] <buildmaster> up? I'm up for 1 day, 1 hour, 55 minutes, load average: 0.98, 1.03, 0.87
[08:25:18] <deep42thought> thx, buildmaster
[08:25:19] <buildmaster> np
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[08:29:58] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[08:30:26] <abaumann> tyzoid: I get a signing error in /var/cache/archbuild32/qt5-svg-5.11.0-1.0-i686.pkg.tar.xz
[08:30:27] <deep42thought> good morning!
[08:30:32] <abaumann> morning. :-)
[08:30:38] <deep42thought> pacman-key --refresh-keys
[08:30:44] <abaumann> yes, in the build slave?
[08:30:50] <abaumann> should I delete the chroot?
[08:30:51] <deep42thought> at least, that did the trick on the buildmaster
[08:30:58] <deep42thought> oh
[08:30:58] <deep42thought> hmm
[08:31:09] <deep42thought> yeah, try -c
[08:31:24] <deep42thought> otherwise we need to patch in this command somewher O.o
[08:32:11] <abaumann> Ah. I remember, I did a manual refresh-keys on my staging test machine, then the problem disappeared.
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[08:50:10] <deep42thought> abaumann: did -c help?
[08:57:21] <abaumann> -c where? I just delete /var/lib/archbuild/ completly
[08:57:30] <deep42thought> ok, also ok
[08:57:42] <deep42thought> you could use "staging-i686-build -c"
[08:58:02] <deep42thought> basically does a "rm -rf /var/lib/archbuild/staging-i686" before
[08:58:41] <abaumann> ah.
[08:58:56] <deep42thought> that's one of the "straws" the build slave tries
[08:59:00] <abaumann> I have to force a package which needs qt5-svg
[08:59:12] <deep42thought> which one was failing last time?
[09:00:15] <abaumann> argh. my log passed by in screen..
[09:00:29] <deep42thought> you cannot scroll in screen, too?
[09:00:42] <abaumann> yes, but it haskell-ed after that, so the buffer is full. :-)
[09:01:18] <deep42thought> when was it?
[09:01:21] <abaumann> newer mind. I just start it again and I watch out for messages passing by.
[09:01:29] <abaumann> 30 mins ago or so.
[09:01:32] <deep42thought> https://packages.archlinux32.org
[09:01:34] <phrik> Title:ssh-log (at packages.archlinux32.org)
[09:19:09] <abaumann> ah. thanks. that's a good list. :-)
[09:19:37] <deep42thought> the filter options are somewhat hidden in the source, though :-/
[09:45:02] <abaumann> qt5-virtualkeyboard
[09:45:09] <abaumann> found it. :-)
[09:45:30] <deep42thought> should I tell the buildmaster to hand out that package to you?
[09:45:37] <deep42thought> or do you want to try -p
[09:46:44] <abaumann> No, I have currently problems with systemd: Failed to attach 26586 to compat systemd cgroup /user.slice/user-0.slice/session-c1.scope/payload: No such file or directory
[09:47:04] <abaumann> Spawning childern on systemd got really unreliable lately.
[09:47:08] <abaumann> *children
[09:47:14] <abaumann> So I have to restart the machine..
[09:47:31] <deep42thought> did you update systemd in the meantime?
[09:47:39] <abaumann> no.
[09:47:43] <deep42thought> strange
[09:47:58] <abaumann> I'm experiencing problems sind ca. 1 week.
[09:52:35] <abaumann> :: File /var/cache/archbuild32/qt5-websockets-5.11.0-1.0-i686.pkg.tar.xz is corrupted (invalid or corrupted package (PGP signature)).
[09:52:45] <deep42thought> hrmmm
[09:52:47] <abaumann> Ok. Maybe I have leftovers in the cache.
[09:52:53] <abaumann> ah. it's in the host cache.
[09:52:58] <deep42thought> bin/clean-cache
[09:53:03] <abaumann> I have to delete that one too, not only the chroot.
[09:53:13] <deep42thought> ^ does that for you
[09:53:18] <abaumann> how nice :-)
[09:53:56] <deep42thought> it only deletes packages where the signature does not match, though
[09:54:20] <deep42thought> but OTOH that should be exactly, what you want now
[09:56:14] <deep42thought> I'll go afk now, bbl
[09:58:31] <abaumann> cu
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[10:59:13] <Vollzornbrot> hello deep42thought
[11:04:00] <deep42thought> Hi Vollzornbrot
[11:04:11] <deep42thought> brb
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[11:37:05] <buildmaster> Hi deep42thought!
[11:48:31] <buildmaster> sagemath is broken (says buildknecht2).
[11:56:01] <buildmaster> vlc is broken (says rechenknecht).
[11:56:20] <buildmaster> libantlr3c is broken (says nlopc46).
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[12:55:55] <buildmaster> ponyc is broken (says nlopc46).
[15:27:29] <buildmaster> hdf5-openmpi is broken (says nlopc46).
[16:18:53] <deep42thought> how are we supposed to resolve the circular haskell dependencies?
[16:19:45] <deep42thought> haskell-test-framework -> haskell-ansi-terminal -> haskell-colour -> haskell-test-framework
[16:20:18] <deep42thought> none of these can be compiled, because its dependencies complain about the new ghc-libs not providing the old haskell-base package
[16:22:56] <tyzoid> Are the dependencies versioned? i.e. libfoo.so.4 and libfoo.so.5?
[16:23:12] <tyzoid> If that's the case, we should be able to put the old version in build-support temporarily
[16:23:20] <deep42thought> no, but I don't see how that would help
[16:23:25] <deep42thought> "installed package ansi-terminal- is broken due to missing package base-"
[16:24:50] <deep42thought> because you want to compile against the new ghc-libs, you'd need to install both versions in parallel
[16:24:50] <tyzoid> The idea would be it would allow you to have both base versions installed
[16:25:07] <deep42thought> pacman cannot install two different versions of the same package
[16:25:19] <tyzoid> see ffmpeg-2.8 and ffmpeg
[16:25:37] <tyzoid> different "compatability" package, which has versioned library files
[16:28:45] <deep42thought> ghc-libs-8.2.2-8.2.2-1.0-i686.pkg.tar.xz
[16:28:46] <deep42thought> :-D
[16:29:04] <tyzoid> :)
[16:29:16] <deep42thought> is there a simple tool to repack packages?
[16:29:51] <tyzoid> not that I know of, though you could create a stub pkgbuild which extracts the .tar.xz and gives it a different version
[16:30:49] <tyzoid> The other thing, is you could try modifying the metadata in the .pkg.tar.xz by hand
[16:30:59] <deep42thought> yeah
[16:31:05] <deep42thought> but there is a .MTREE
[16:31:11] <deep42thought> of which I'm not sure how to create it
[16:31:29] <tyzoid> no need to create it, just edit existing
[16:31:37] <deep42thought> it's binary
[16:31:41] <tyzoid> ah
[16:31:46] <tyzoid> well then
[16:31:51] <deep42thought> some sort of bsdtar index
[16:44:13] <buildmaster> girls, my database is dirty again ...
[16:56:26] * buildmaster resumes sanity.
[16:57:17] <deep42thought> ghc-libs-8.2.2 is in build-support now, but something needs to install that manually - but I'm out of time now :-)
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[17:32:48] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
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[17:33:15] <abaumann> deep42thought: you could unpack the pkg with bsdtar, patch the pkg meta file, bsdtar and resign.
[17:33:24] <abaumann> I'm creating shim-packages this way in boostrap32
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[17:55:03] <buildmaster> Hi deep42thought!
[17:55:08] <deep42thought> abaumann: I did
[17:58:20] <abaumann> hi.
[17:58:22] <abaumann> ah.. ok.
[17:58:39] <deep42thought> we might add a tool for that to archlinux32/releng
[17:58:53] <abaumann> good idea
[17:59:11] <abaumann> error: qt5-svg: signature from "Tyler Dence (Build Key) <tyzoid@archlinux32.org>" is marginal trust
[17:59:19] <abaumann> aha. cleaning didn't help :-(
[17:59:32] <abaumann> can we resign those packages or so?
[17:59:35] <deep42thought> I added 'pacman-key --refresh-keys' to makechrootpkg in the new devtools32
[17:59:38] <abaumann> ah.
[17:59:39] <deep42thought> hopefully, this fixes it
[17:59:45] <abaumann> and I didn't update devtools32 :-)
[17:59:47] <abaumann> ok..
[17:59:53] <abaumann> I'll update and retest..
[18:22:48] <tyzoid> deep42thought: There might be a signature missing from that key, I'll check when I get home
[18:23:23] <deep42thought> last time I checked, it had 3 signatures
[18:23:53] <tyzoid> I think one was my personal key, not master key
[18:24:32] <tyzoid> I think it had four, three master keys, and my personal key, and one might have expired
[18:24:39] <tyzoid> again - iirc
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[19:00:02] <deep42thought> tyzoid: looks good to me: https://ptpb.pw
[19:10:04] <tyzoid> deep42thought: http://pgp.mit.edu
[19:10:06] <phrik> Title:Search results for '0xa50c0f20aec3af00' (at pgp.mit.edu)
[19:10:10] <tyzoid> looks like the key expired, then was extended
[19:10:26] <tyzoid> so if your key cache has the non-extended version of poli's key, that could explain it
[19:10:40] <deep42thought> yeah, I told Polichronucci to extend his key instead of letting expiring
[19:11:25] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Yeah, but that would explain the marginal trust issue
[19:11:33] <deep42thought> yeah
[19:12:02] <tyzoid> I'll upload my master key's sig of it when I get home, since it's apparently not on a keyserver yet
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[20:31:48] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[20:32:09] <abaumann> mmh. I get pretty wrong values for CARCH, CHOST, CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS in /etc/makepkg.conf
[20:32:19] <abaumann> well.. wrong.. 64-bittish :-)
[20:34:56] <deep42thought> O.o
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[20:36:44] <buildmaster> Hi phrik!
[20:39:01] <deep42thought> abaumann: the only changes between 20180516.1 and 20180529 are in makechrootpkg
[20:39:20] <deep42thought> I cannot identify some change to blame for the /etc/makepkg.conf change :-/
[20:39:41] <abaumann> maybe it gets now generated in a pacman hook? ;-)
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[20:40:17] <deep42thought> what I am saying, is, that I doubt it is devtool(32)'s fault
[20:40:30] <abaumann> ah. I got it on a real machine.
[20:40:35] <abaumann> I'm just checking the package.
[20:40:44] <deep42thought> which package?
[20:40:59] <abaumann> pacman
[20:41:06] <deep42thought> ah, ok
[20:41:39] <deep42thought> so you suggest, we patch some of the makepkg.conf values?
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[20:41:50] <abaumann> I thought we did?
[20:42:13] <deep42thought> no, we just add archlinux32-keyring as dependency
[20:42:15] <abaumann> CARCH, CHOST and -march are definitely wrong in the pacman 5.1 package in 32-bit.
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[20:43:14] <deep42thought> ah, so probably upstream now dropped the difference for i686
[20:43:16] <deep42thought> lemme check
[20:43:34] <abaumann> ah. And we don't patch makepkg.conf in our diff-PKGBUILD properly.
[20:43:35] <abaumann> yes.
[20:43:47] <deep42thought> we don't patch it at all
[20:43:54] <abaumann> :-)
[20:44:09] <deep42thought> "- pacman.conf.i686
[20:44:10] <deep42thought> - pacman.conf.x86_64
[20:44:10] <deep42thought> + pacman.conf"
[20:44:14] <deep42thought> there you go :-)
[20:44:39] <abaumann> the question is: should we have a makepkg.conf.i686 or should we sed the original makepkg.conf?
[20:44:49] <deep42thought> neither
[20:45:00] <deep42thought> I will just put a pacman.conf into the patch directory
[20:45:05] <abaumann> ah. ok.
[20:45:08] <deep42thought> and the upstream one will get overwritten
[20:45:13] <deep42thought> like we do with kernel config
[20:45:43] <abaumann> make the makepkg.conf shasum trick is at hand here to.. to check for upstream changes.
[20:45:51] <abaumann> *too
[20:45:57] <deep42thought> yes
[20:46:16] <deep42thought> first I need to find the original (I accidentally thought, we were looking for pacman.conf
[20:46:17] <deep42thought> )
[20:46:54] <abaumann> speaking of which: pacman.conf in 32-bit should omit the muiltilib and multilib-testing to avoid confusion.
[20:47:07] <deep42thought> yes, exactly
[20:47:11] <deep42thought> I will fix this, too
[20:47:22] <abaumann> cool. :-)
[20:47:49] <deep42thought> "# NOTE: You must run `pacman-key --init` before first using pacman; the local
[20:47:49] <deep42thought> # keyring can then be populated with the keys of all official Arch Linux
[20:47:49] <deep42thought> # packagers with `pacman-key --populate archlinux`."
[20:47:54] <deep42thought> we should change that, too, probably
[20:48:04] <abaumann> ui. yeah.
[20:49:47] <abaumann> I'll have a look again at those dark screen issues with Xorg 1.20.
[20:50:41] <abaumann> https://forum.manjaro.org
[20:50:43] <phrik> Title:[x32] After update to Xorg 1.20 my VIA PN800 boots to black screen - Drivers - Manjaro Linux Forum (at forum.manjaro.org)
[20:50:49] <abaumann> hit manjaro32 already it seems. :-)
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[20:51:18] <abaumann> they are using testing in their main repos? I hope not.
[20:52:20] <tyzoid> is that package only in testing?
[20:52:30] <tyzoid> I can see if I can't get eugen-b to hop in here
[20:52:33] <abaumann> xorg 1.20, yes.
[20:53:06] <tyzoid> huh, looks like neither of 'em are online on irc atm
[20:53:39] <abaumann> I fear there are major issues: non-root Xorg requires changes in the drivers. The MACH64 driver for instance just segfaults as normal user.
[20:53:56] <abaumann> As root I get a black screen. :-)
[20:54:11] <abaumann> And absolutely no usabe error or hint in Xorg-0.log
[20:54:50] <deep42thought> maybe, we should abandon X :-D
[20:55:19] <abaumann> X seems to abandon itself lately..
[20:56:19] <abaumann> But I'm strongly considering to open an AUR section with xorg19.
[20:56:39] <abaumann> It's quite likely Xorg goes ahead and leaves legacy finally behind.
[20:56:51] <tyzoid> Well what does alarm have in their repos?
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[20:57:11] <abaumann> Good question.. letme check
[20:57:13] <deep42thought> 1.20.0 in extra
[20:57:26] <abaumann> I'll test on an old ARM
[20:57:58] <abaumann> usually I don't have X on any of my ARM devices.
[21:02:08] <abaumann> mmh. starts.
[21:02:27] <abaumann> but as normal user there are quite some issues around permissions to /dev/fb0, input devices etc.
[21:02:48] <abaumann> I feel the 'startx' way of starting X is deprecated, only systemd logins work
[21:06:24] <abaumann> yeah. but in principle working.
[21:07:25] <deep42thought> abaumann: maybe nowadays, even x should run in a docker container? Then root would be no problem ;-)
[21:09:24] <abaumann> yeah. but somebody will come up with using systemd-nspawnd to run the gui, for sure. :-)
[21:11:38] <abaumann> I bet, upstream will get messages about broken Xorg 1.20 soon. :->
[21:19:03] <deep42thought> pacman should be fixed, now
[21:19:40] <abaumann> ah. great.
[21:25:25] <deep42thought> abaumann: did you check if xorg-server dropped any i686 specific patches?
[21:30:34] <buildmaster> firefox-developer-edition-i18n is broken (says buildknecht2).
[21:31:05] <deep42thought> O.o
[21:31:35] <abaumann> nope.
[21:33:07] <abaumann> Cannot see something i686-related.
[21:41:16] <deep42thought> ok, would have been an easy fix ;-)
[21:41:33] <abaumann> I'm checking suid bits and xorg wrapper (or more, the absence).
[21:41:45] <abaumann> and meson builds for xorg, please not.
[21:42:48] <abaumann> chmod u+s /usr/bin/Xorg
[21:42:58] <abaumann> hah! now at least I get a black screen as normal user. :-)
[21:43:10] <abaumann> I officially declare this a mess..
[21:43:11] <deep42thought> heh, progress :-D
[21:44:02] <abaumann> energy consumption goes down because of black screens..
[21:47:33] <abaumann> ok. I'll have a look tomorrow. :-)
[21:47:35] <abaumann> cu
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[21:54:15] <tyzoid> lol: deep42thought it's a feature
[21:54:50] <tyzoid> xorg 1.20 brings extra battery life in laptops and other mobile devices!
[21:55:02] <deep42thought> i686 only, it seems
[21:55:14] <tyzoid> How nice of them to keep us in mind xD
[21:56:23] <deep42thought> "makepkg --printsrcinfo" fails on community/r8168 :-/
[21:56:30] <deep42thought> ... without any modifications from us
[21:56:45] <tyzoid> :/
[21:57:03] <deep42thought> "_kernver=$(pacman -Q linux | sed -r 's#.* ([0-9]+\.[0-9]+).*#\1#')"
[21:57:10] <tyzoid> anyway, just informed the parabola guys about the xorg issue
[21:57:17] <deep42thought> tyzoid: thx
[22:03:36] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Also told archstrike guys about haskell's circular dep issues causing some delays on our end.
[22:03:48] <tyzoid> lmk when we get that sorted.
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[22:37:11] <deep42thought> eschwartz: I think, the makepkg thingy calls for your expertise - the issue is within makepkg itself, probably, because r8168 is too liberal with bash invocations in its PKGBUILD
[22:37:30] <eschwartz> which what happened where
[22:37:36] * eschwartz reads backlog
[22:37:59] <deep42thought> just run 'makepkg --printsrcinfo' on the r8168 source - with old and new pacman
[22:38:03] <deep42thought> and you'll see the difference
[22:38:29] <eschwartz> yes, the PKGBUILD is broken
[22:38:46] <eschwartz> it used to show things like "depends = linux>="
[22:39:20] <eschwartz> now makepkg considers this an error -- it cannot know that the variable will be fixed in a real run
[22:39:27] <deep42thought> ah, ok, so the output of makepkg changed from "broken" to "makepkg fails"
[22:39:37] <deep42thought> hmmm
[22:39:58] <eschwartz> cf https://bugs.archlinux.org
[22:39:59] <phrik> Title:FS#58776 : makepkg fails if dependency version is the result of evaluating a function (at bugs.archlinux.org)
[22:40:33] <eschwartz> well, the output of --printsrcinfo was broken, now the output of makepkg regardless of flags is failed
[22:41:03] <eschwartz> since you're linting all our packages I guess you'll find the issues for us! :D
[22:41:31] <deep42thought> ok, so any perl update will break the buildmaster, too (just like r8168 did now)
[22:41:32] <eschwartz> FYI: anything using makepkg-template's perl template will be the same story
[22:41:41] <eschwartz> yep
[22:42:24] <eschwartz> the solution is that maintainers will need to fix this before they can update their package. I guess this is one way to enforce quality...
[22:42:36] <deep42thought> only on archlinux32
[22:42:53] <deep42thought> the result will be, that we will fall behind upstream
[22:43:01] <deep42thought> ... far behind
[22:44:35] <deep42thought> ah, no, I get your point :-)
[22:45:03] <deep42thought> apparently, r8168 was updated with the old pacman/makepkg, but new updates will (?) happen with the new pacman/makepkg
[22:45:19] <deep42thought> is that, what you intend?
[22:50:51] <deep42thought> ok, anyway: thanks, eschwartz, for the explanation
[22:50:55] <deep42thought> I go to bed now :-)
[22:50:58] -!- deep42thought has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[22:56:47] <eschwartz> yes
[23:56:03] -!- NoobAlice has joined #archlinux32