#archlinux32 | Logs for 2018-06-17

[00:08:05] <jetfrog28> This looks promising https://bbs.archlinux.org . I haven't read through it yet, but it looks like it describes your issue
[00:08:06] <phrik> Title:[SOLVED] No sound on new install, alsamixer can't find/adjust card / Kernel & Hardware / Arch Linux Forums (at bbs.archlinux.org)
[00:08:09] <jetfrog28> V7:
[00:11:55] <jetfrog28> And it looks like he actually has the same sound card as you exactly
[00:12:20] <V7> jetfrog28: Already found that
[00:12:54] <V7> And trie dto change models, but nothing. The same as poster's situation. With 6stack or 3stack alsamixer shows all columns, but sound doesn't work
[00:18:40] <jetfrog28> Well, I think this one's over my head. I'm sorry I couldn't help. Good luck fixing it
[00:18:56] <V7> No problem jetfrog28
[00:19:08] <V7> Thank you very much, really :)
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[01:50:57] <buildmaster> qt5-webengine is broken (says rechenknecht).
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[02:51:16] <buildmaster> python-requests is broken (says buildknecht3).
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[13:09:54] <buildmaster> Hi deep42thought!
[14:09:15] <deep42thought> hmmm, my eeepc has such a small disk, it's really hard to update :-/
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[14:37:17] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[14:37:20] <deep42thought> Hi abaumann!
[14:37:31] <abaumann> hi mr. eeepc. :-)
[14:37:57] <abaumann> you could parts of the os onto an sd card. that's what I'm doing.
[14:38:05] <deep42thought> you just motivated me enough to repair it :-)
[14:38:19] <deep42thought> I have /home on a separate usb stick
[14:38:23] <deep42thought> what else should I move?
[14:38:30] <deep42thought> /var/cache is also already put there
[14:39:02] <abaumann> I have now 60 directories I moved to the SD card and added a mount point.
[14:39:10] <deep42thought> (I needed to replace on of the usb sticks in my raid1)
[14:39:14] <abaumann> from python dirs to /var/lib/chromium
[14:39:42] <deep42thought> I don't have chromium
[14:39:50] <deep42thought> and probably not much python either
[14:40:09] <deep42thought> it's running an i3wm with alpine and irssi mainly
[14:40:19] <abaumann> /usr/lib/firmware, that is when the hardware works mainly without binary blobs.
[14:41:59] <deep42thought> an issue could be, that the usb sticks are encrypted and only mounted after the system came up (I wanted to put /home there only)
[15:18:06] <deep42thought> tyzoid: is git.archlinux32.org down?
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[16:02:03] <deep42thought> hrrmm, my update broke my fonts in x :-(
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[21:01:05] <tyzoid> deep42thought: might be, will be restarting it.
[21:01:16] <tyzoid> I'm thinking of moving it to the other server, if it keeps freezing up
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[21:04:58] <buildmaster> Hi deep42thought!
[21:05:16] <tyzoid> wb
[21:05:26] <deep42thought> I should probably make "git fetch" errors on the build scripts and packages32 non-fatal
[21:05:29] <deep42thought> hi tyzoid
[21:05:39] <tyzoid> Is archlinux32.org being down due to git being slow?
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[21:05:46] <deep42thought> but I didn't do so now, because I could not push anyways ;-)
[21:05:53] <deep42thought> tyzoid: idk
[21:06:12] <deep42thought> I asked polichronucci yesterday if he moved to git.archlinux32.org
[21:06:18] <deep42thought> but haven't got an answer yet
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[21:09:42] <tyzoid> Well, I guess while it's offline, I might as well take the time to move it to the other server
[21:09:50] <deep42thought> :-)
[21:10:06] <deep42thought> are we overloading the first one with the build slave?
[21:13:34] <tyzoid> No, the build slave is on the server I'm moving git to
[21:16:16] <deep42thought> ah, ok
[21:16:32] <deep42thought> anyway, I'll go to bed now, postpone stuff to tomorrow :-D
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