#archlinux32 | Logs for 2018-07-30

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[06:26:19] <buildmaster> Hi deep42thought!
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[08:18:46] <buildmaster> Hi deep42thought!
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[15:36:52] <buildmaster> pandoc is broken (says tyzoid-srv0-bs0).
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[16:14:11] <buildmaster> mysql-workbench is broken (says eurobuild3).
[16:26:58] <buildmaster> prettier is broken (says rechenknecht).
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[19:09:15] <pulec> I got issues with smbclient
[19:09:28] <pulec> can't load /etc/samba/smb.conf - run testparm to debug it
[19:10:28] <pulec> well the smb.conf is empty
[19:10:35] <pulec> but why it cares about it in first place...
[19:12:24] <pulec> heh
[19:12:29] <pulec> I just wrote a new file
[19:12:32] <pulec> [global]
[19:12:39] <pulec> newline, three spaces
[19:12:45] <pulec> workgroup = WORKGROUP
[19:12:50] <pulec> wanting to access windows share and it works
[19:13:15] <pulec> should I log this to some wiki or smthing?
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[19:16:30] <buildmaster> Hi deep42thought!
[19:16:42] <deep42thought> pulec: is this expected behaviour?
[19:16:52] <deep42thought> e.g. is this configuration also necessary on x86_64?
[19:17:01] <pulec> no
[19:17:03] <deep42thought> if so, wiki.archlinux32.org is the right place
[19:17:05] <pulec> that works out of the box
[19:17:06] <deep42thought> hmm
[19:17:11] <pulec> ok
[19:17:14] <deep42thought> and the config is empty, too?
[19:17:18] <pulec> also why is /etc/hosts empty?
[19:17:23] <pulec> it does not exist at all
[19:17:44] <pulec> whats even weirder I wrote smbtree and it complained about this, while the package was not even installed
[19:17:48] <pulec> its part of smbclient pckg
[19:18:36] <deep42thought> do you have some custom version of smbtree in /usr/local/bin, maybe?
[19:19:48] <deep42thought> /etc/hosts is empty on x86_64, too
[19:19:54] <deep42thought> probably get's filled by systemd
[19:20:38] <pulec> no custom version
[19:20:41] <pulec> ah
[19:21:42] <pulec> its smbclient 4.8.3-2.0
[19:21:49] <pulec> everything works now
[19:22:53] <deep42thought> in case, you suspect a bug (in the future), we have a bugtracker at bugs.archlinux32.org
[19:24:15] <pulec> thx
[19:24:40] <pulec> I am not with those old machines every day, neither they are running very often, so it might be rare
[19:25:04] <pulec> their main purpose is to work as a old pieces for kids to learn on what were pcs like decades ago
[19:25:12] <pulec> museum :-)
[19:25:29] <pulec> but right now I am using this old athlon to backup some ssd image
[19:28:12] <pulec> https://wiki.archlinux32.org gives me bad cert :-/
[19:28:34] <deep42thought> no, we don't have a wiki
[19:29:03] <deep42thought> use x86_64's wiki if it's arch independend
[19:29:08] <deep42thought> otherwise ... hmm, dunno
[19:29:17] <pulec> well bugs
[19:29:25] <deep42thought> yeah :-D
[19:29:33] <pulec> I have 2 other pcs where I will install arch32
[19:29:44] <pulec> so I am gona try to replicate the issue
[19:30:29] <deep42thought> registration to the bugtracker needs manual confirmation from one of us
[19:31:42] <deep42thought> so don't wonder if you cannot report bugs even when you registered
[19:32:44] <pulec> oh, I will try it now then
[19:32:50] <pulec> good to know
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[20:25:21] <tyzoid> hey deep42thought
[20:25:27] <deep42thought> Hi tyzoid
[20:25:33] <deep42thought> what's up?
[20:25:38] <deep42thought> is it hot in the us, too?
[20:25:43] <tyzoid> Not terribly, no
[20:25:49] <tyzoid> at least, not where I'm at.
[20:25:55] <tyzoid> I'm in the north of the country
[20:26:29] <tyzoid> http://images.intellicast.com
[20:27:13] * deep42thought calculates, what this is in °C
[20:27:16] <tyzoid> Currently 78F (25C)
[20:27:42] <deep42thought> ah, that's not too warm, indeed :-)
[20:28:41] <tyzoid> The conversion factor is 9/5, so an approximation that works reasonably well is to start at 60F ~= 15C. Each 5 degrees Celsius is about 10 degrees Fahrenheit.
[20:29:13] <tyzoid> 0C ~= 30F, 30C ~= 90F
[20:29:39] <tyzoid> In reality it's 32 and 86f for 0 and 30c, but it works reasonably well
[20:30:29] <deep42thought> I'm fast at converting °C to K, but that's much easier ;-)
[20:30:48] <tyzoid> lol, yeah. Just subtract 273 xD
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[20:30:57] <tyzoid> add* rather, for the other direction
[20:31:08] <deep42thought> 273.15 - yeah
[20:31:19] <tyzoid> wow, loads of PM spam
[20:31:20] <tyzoid> :/
[20:32:18] <deep42thought> pm spam?
[20:32:22] <deep42thought> on the forums?
[20:32:23] <tyzoid> on freenode
[20:32:24] <deep42thought> or in irc?
[20:32:30] <tyzoid> yeah, bbs has no pm system
[20:33:51] <tyzoid> Anyway, invested in new wireless gear for the home
[20:33:54] <rcf> tyzoid: still? It seems like it mostly subsided for me a while ago.
[20:34:08] <tyzoid> rcf: Oh, I've got ZNC, so it sticks around until I dismiss it
[20:34:12] <tyzoid> haven't hopped on IRC in a week
[20:37:34] <pulec> local isp is fun
[20:37:40] <pulec> oh its not offtopic. wait
[20:38:54] <deep42thought> pulec: you got an account on the bugtracker already?
[20:40:28] <pulec> registering now...
[20:40:44] <pulec> or not, woman calls
[20:44:15] <deep42thought> tyzoid, fyi: I changed the links on packages.archlinux32.org to automatically switch to the backup git (git2.archlinux32.org) iff git.archlinux32.org goes down
[20:44:44] <tyzoid> nice
[20:46:03] <deep42thought> to not query the is-git-online status for each query, I cache it in memcached - probably total overkill, but I wanted to experiment a little with (to me) new techniques
[20:50:58] <tyzoid> lol, an rsync server with sustained network traffic on the order of bits per second
[20:51:11] <deep42thought> lol
[20:51:25] <deep42thought> nasa downlink from pluto?
[20:51:49] <tyzoid> No, an actual supposedly-in-use rsync server I provisioned for a project
[20:53:18] <tyzoid> memory usage appears to be holding stable on git.arch32
[20:53:28] <tyzoid> not sure what the issue is/was.
[20:53:39] <deep42thought> heisenbug
[20:53:55] <tyzoid> those ssh connections hanging around seem to have been one, but not sure what caused that
[20:54:47] <tyzoid> hold on while my computer buffers
[20:54:58] <tyzoid> accidentally launched visual studio
[20:57:34] <tyzoid> Visual studio is soooo slow
[21:57:35] <pulec> uff that was long
[21:57:37] <pulec> ok registering
[22:03:26] <pulec> have to deal with this now, vgas!
[22:03:28] <pulec> https://bbs.archlinux.org
[22:06:27] <buildmaster> evolution is broken (says nlopc46).
[22:10:02] <buildmaster> linux is broken (says rechenknecht).
[22:11:19] <buildmaster> linux-zen is broken (says nlopc46).
[22:44:42] <deep42thought> I dislike the new linux and linux-zen PKGBUILDs pulling from git
[23:02:53] <pulec> hm so I finally clicked register and I am waiting for the mail
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