#archlinux32 | Logs for 2018-08-27

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[01:54:48] <minted> bill-auger: hey snagged an iso got the dvd booted on a box like to practice partitioning via cli not gparted you willing to help or that too much?
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[02:15:45] <bill-auger> minted use cfdisk - that is a very simple to use partitioner
[02:17:00] <bill-auger> you really dont need an assistant - the arch wiki has detailed instructions
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[04:20:17] <minted> fresh install still in cli have installed base trying to edit swap into /etc/fstab as #root permission denied...no other denials in file system thus far
[04:33:26] <bill-auger> minted on a fresh install yo uprobably do not have /etc/fstab - follow the install guide on the arch wiki - it show how to create the /etc/fstab with the genfstab program
[04:34:23] <bill-auger> IIRC you do not need to add swap partitioins to /etc/fstab anymore - they are automatically detected and mounted
[04:35:19] <minted> OK ty will do please forgive rm. was quiet i am eating to feed the 3/4 fat muscle[head] be back in a bit...
[04:40:10] <bill-auger> i dont think you need to ask forgivness for eating food
[05:47:52] <minted> OK re:IIRC...i'm looking @ #lsblk and /sda3 says [swap] sooo additional confusion= #pacman -Syu >> throws error partition full not enough blocks...huh??? home has 64g free
[05:48:51] <minted> bill-auger: whoops ^^^
[05:52:26] <minted> bill-auger: misspoke says / too full
[05:54:06] <minted> bill-auger: i will try to make it larger...
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[06:53:01] <lukeshu> extra/imagemagick depends on 'perl<5.27', but core/perl is 5.28
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[16:33:25] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[16:33:26] <abaumann> lukeshu: thanks for reporting the perl issue.. sadly this is there since a while and is by far not the only one..
[16:33:55] <abaumann> oh buildmaster, oh buildmaster. I need to delete some failed packages and I don't have access to the server hosting the packages. *grmpf*
[18:01:41] <abaumann> mmh. again. the packages list and the mysql database disagree on the status of some packages.
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[18:41:15] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[18:52:29] <abaumann> builmaster: hold your marbles!
[18:52:36] <abaumann> buildmaster: hold your marbles!
[18:59:22] <abaumann> mmh.. I have to fidlle in the buildmaster database.. things are out of sync for haskell-text-builder..
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[19:05:16] <girls> abaumann: what should be deleted?
[19:05:26] <minted> fresh install everything seemed OK til umount -R /mnt >>> reboot = [FAILED] Failed unmounting /run/archiso/bootmnt...A LOT of SQUASHFS error: can't paste on another box :((
[19:06:43] <girls> !give minted ptpb
[19:06:45] <phrik> minted: “<command> 2>&1 | curl -F c=@- https://ptpb.pw” OR “curl -F c=@path/to/a/file https://ptpb.pw” OR install community/pbpst
[19:08:14] <abaumann> The following packages in community-testing are missing from the database or vice versa:
[19:08:17] <abaumann> in_database firewalld-0.6.1-2.0-any.pkg.tar.xz
[19:08:19] <abaumann> in_repository firewalld-0.6.1-3.0-any.pkg.tar.xz
[19:08:22] <abaumann> in_repository haskell-text-builder-
[19:08:24] <abaumann> in_database lutris-
[19:08:25] <girls> ah, those
[19:08:27] <abaumann> in_repository lutris-
[19:08:29] <abaumann> SANITY CHECK FAILED
[19:08:32] <abaumann> The following packages in community-testing are missing from the file-database or vice versa:
[19:08:35] <abaumann> in_database firewalld-0.6.1-2.0
[19:08:37] <abaumann> in_repository firewalld-0.6.1-3.0
[19:08:40] <abaumann> in_repository haskell-text-builder-
[19:08:42] <abaumann> in_database lutris-
[19:08:44] <minted> phrik: i don't understand...intermediate user
[19:08:44] <phrik> minted: Error: You don't have the #archlinux32,op capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.
[19:08:45] <abaumann> in_repository lutris-
[19:08:46] <abaumann> I'm lost :-)
[19:08:48] <abaumann> SANITY CHECK FAILED
[19:08:51] <abaumann> the funny thing is: When I switch the pkgrel in the database, it complains again.
[19:08:54] <abaumann> next round it complains the other way round.
[19:09:04] <girls> minted: phrik is ab ot
[19:09:07] <girls> *a bot
[19:09:12] <abaumann> LOL :-)
[19:09:25] <abaumann> phrik: are you human?
[19:09:25] <phrik> Maybe true...
[19:09:34] <abaumann> phrik: are you a robot?
[19:09:35] <phrik> Certainly so...
[19:09:35] <minted> abaumann: LMAO
[19:09:45] <girls> abaumann: this sanity check checks, that the *.pkg.tar.xz match the entires in the *.db.tar.gz
[19:10:01] <abaumann> ah. that database. *sigh*
[19:10:11] <abaumann> I thought mysql database == database.
[19:10:21] <girls> that's another sanity check
[19:10:38] <girls> maybe I should clarify the error message
[19:11:12] <abaumann> It's some I found in pacman. Entries in db-files are sometimes staling. I had sometimes to rebuild db.tar.gz just for fun, mainly because signatures where wrong.
[19:11:33] <abaumann> something is not completly ok with pacman. but so far I thought, it's my i486 compilation which introduced a bug there.
[19:12:04] <abaumann> BTW: I'm currently patching llvm to run without ocaml, till it made it's way into the staging area.
[19:12:12] <abaumann> so we get rid of all those ar-linking errors.
[19:12:13] <girls> abaumann: https://git.archlinux32.org
[19:12:14] <phrik> Title:archlinux32/builder: Tools for building 32-bit archlinux packages from archlinux.org's official, 64-bit tested PKGBUILDs et al. - Archlinux32 Gitea (at git.archlinux32.org)
[19:12:54] <girls> abaumann: sounds great, although I only understand half of it
[19:14:12] <abaumann> https://bugs.archlinux.org
[19:14:12] <phrik> Title:FS#59631 : [binutils] CommandLine Error: Option 'asm-instrumentation' registered more than once! (at bugs.archlinux.org)
[19:14:33] <girls> yeah, I read that
[19:14:36] <abaumann> and then ocaml got stuck in the middle and now llvm (which contains the bug above) is stuck and refuses to build.
[19:14:48] <abaumann> llvm depending on ocaml
[19:15:13] <abaumann> I didn't want to roll back binutils or llvm, I wanted to have a solution which goes forward.
[19:15:29] <abaumann> llvm: [1903/2610] Updating X86GenFastISel.inc...
[19:15:33] <abaumann> this looks good so far.
[19:16:46] <abaumann> mmh. maybe a forced rebuild of the *db.tar.gz files helps?
[19:17:33] <girls> abaumann: I'm doing that now
[19:18:01] <abaumann> ah. thanks :-)
[19:18:30] <girls> in principle, the buildmaster has the necessary access rights for the master mirror, so you *could* manually repair the database
[19:18:43] <girls> but it's probably a good idea not to do it that way ;-)
[19:18:57] <abaumann> :-)
[19:20:19] <girls> I guess, that db-update crashes often, currently, thus the databases (files and mysql) end up in a dirty state :-/
[19:20:44] <abaumann> yeah. that's the case.
[19:20:55] <girls> :'-(
[19:28:05] <girls> any idea, why it crashes?
[19:28:22] <girls> is mysql overloaded?
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[19:38:58] * buildmaster resumes sanity.
[19:42:03] <abaumann> ah. /tmp was full at least twice.
[19:42:16] <abaumann> so it left db-update mysql scripts in work..
[19:42:17] <abaumann> IIRC
[19:45:40] <abaumann> and tmpfs is competing with memory used on the machine my mysql and git gc mainly
[19:45:49] <girls> :-s
[19:48:13] <girls> I thought, you moved mariadb's tmp dir off tmpfs?
[19:48:32] <abaumann> yeah. as an experiment. and then I hit I/O trouble on /var/tmp
[19:48:44] <abaumann> I switched it back to get bearable performance
[19:49:16] <abaumann> 5 MB/s is not standard speed.. I get 10 times faster speed on very old servers
[19:49:31] <abaumann> so the I/O bandwidth is heavily shared, I'm afraid.
[19:50:29] <girls> acoording to rewbycraft, this machine only hosts the buildmaster and the router
[19:50:33] <girls> which should have no i/o
[19:50:38] <girls> *almost no
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[19:50:45] <girls> I'm clueless
[19:50:54] <abaumann> mmh. yeah. that's a miracle to sort out.
[19:50:59] <girls> maybe one could tweak some fs options
[19:51:17] <abaumann> is the buildmaster running virtualized or not?
[19:51:34] <abaumann> ah. vda
[19:51:37] <abaumann> virtualized.
[19:51:59] <abaumann> 8139cp as a network driver.
[19:52:06] <abaumann> this is not the virtio network driver.
[19:52:14] <abaumann> don't know, this could create network issues.
[19:52:59] <girls> it's virtualized
[19:53:08] <girls> but for details you need to ask rewbycraft
[19:53:26] <girls> I think, it has the hdd on some nas
[19:53:36] <girls> maybe _that_ is shared with other hypervisors
[19:53:42] <abaumann> with a slow network inbetween?
[19:53:52] <girls> 100MBit
[19:53:52] <abaumann> yeah. that could also explain a lot.
[19:53:54] <girls> i think
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[19:53:59] <abaumann> also not ideal.
[19:54:06] <girls> we had lots of i/o issues on the old hypervisor
[19:54:11] <girls> due to some other vms
[19:54:44] <abaumann> some things should not be virtualized.. unless you actually have the I/o and the network behind.. and that's usually expensive. :-)
[19:55:20] <girls> well, does the virtualization _increase_ io?
[19:55:32] <girls> I mean increas the demand
[19:56:21] <abaumann> what I meant was, that a SATA disk can be faster than an occupied NAS with a not so fast network in-between.
[19:57:02] <girls> ok
[19:57:18] <abaumann> but for now the buildmaster runs again nicely.
[19:57:21] <girls> but that does not depend on wether the system is virtualized or not
[19:57:32] <abaumann> I will do some priorization and some fixes on packages, that's all for now/
[19:57:54] <girls> ok
[19:57:56] <abaumann> the overhead should be minimal.
[20:05:57] <girls> as you might have noticed, I got wifi in my holidays, so I can have a look and repair some stuff from time to time ;-P
[20:10:47] <abaumann> that's good - or bad - depending on the perspective :-)
[20:11:13] <abaumann> https://packages.archlinux32.org
[20:11:22] <abaumann> ah, those priorities look nice now :-)
[20:12:41] <girls> I think, the priority is stored in a BIGINT - so it overflows at 2e9 - feel free to increase it further!
[20:13:10] <abaumann> LOL
[20:13:15] <girls> ah, no smallint :-/
[20:13:43] <abaumann> haskell-snap-server?
[20:13:53] <abaumann> buildmaster: why can't you give me llvm? ;-)
[20:14:14] <girls> a dependency?
[20:14:26] <girls> 2 lingering dependenices!
[20:14:30] <abaumann> ah.
[20:14:47] <girls> cmake and ocaml-ctypes
[20:15:02] <abaumann> oh no.
[20:15:14] <abaumann> ocaml-ctypes is one failing in the llvm-thingy.
[20:15:24] <abaumann> well, let it fail :-)
[20:15:32] <girls> umm
[20:15:41] <girls> you can give the build assignment to you manually
[20:15:47] <abaumann> * abaumann thinks this could have been a nice song title of the Beatles ;-)
[20:15:53] <girls> you just need to enter it in the mysql db :-/
[20:16:02] <abaumann> yurk :-/
[20:16:10] <abaumann> didn't I fool around enough in db? ;-)
[20:16:27] <girls> let me do it for you
[20:16:28] <girls> then
[20:16:36] <abaumann> I -p'ed build-package
[20:16:43] <abaumann> should do the same
[20:16:59] <girls> huh? what did you do?
[20:17:11] <girls> "build-package -p"?
[20:17:17] <abaumann> yeah
[20:17:25] <girls> that won't give you the assignment if dependencies are still pending
[20:17:30] <abaumann> ah.
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[20:20:21] <girls> I'm building llvm now on one of my lazy build slaves
[20:20:25] <girls> let's see if it works
[20:20:37] <abaumann> ah. good idea.
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[20:25:29] <elibrokeit> huh, finally?
[20:25:52] <elibrokeit> abaumann, girls: so is llvm working okay yet
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[20:26:26] <girls> elibrokeit: I'm just compiling it right now
[20:38:38] <girls> ==> Starting check()...
[20:40:39] <abaumann> oh boy! :-)
[20:41:22] <girls> !wtf llvm
[20:41:27] <girls> buildmaster: wtf llvm
[20:41:28] <phrik> girls: community/gitlab community/gitlab-gitaly community/ruby-rouge community/sonic-pi
[20:41:33] <buildmaster> girls: [community] gitlab (10.8.4-1.0): /usr/share/webapps/gitlab/vendor/bundle/ruby/2.3.0/gems/rouge-3.1.1/lib/rouge/demos/llvm
[20:41:33] <buildmaster> [community] gitlab-gitaly (0.114.0-1.0): /usr/share/webapps/gitlab-gitaly/ruby/vendor/bundle/ruby/2.3.0/gems/rouge-3.1.1/lib/rouge/demos/llvm
[20:41:33] <buildmaster> [community] ruby-rouge (3.1.1-1.0): /usr/lib/ruby/gems/2.5.0/gems/rouge-3.1.1/lib/rouge/demos/llvm
[20:41:33] <buildmaster> [community-staging] gitlab-gitaly (0.118.0-1.0): /usr/share/webapps/gitlab-gitaly/ruby/vendor/bundle/ruby/2.3.0/gems/rouge-3.1.1/lib/rouge/demos/llvm
[20:41:38] <girls> buildmaster: wtp llvm
[20:41:39] <buildmaster> girls: i686/llvm: i686/extra (6.0.1-2.0)
[20:41:50] <girls> hmmmmm
[20:42:17] <girls> ah, it is still packaging
[20:42:46] <girls> cp: cannot stat '/build/llvm/src/ocaml.lib': No such file or directory
[20:42:46] <girls> ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in package_llvm-ocaml().
[20:43:14] <girls> abaumann: I guess, you forgot to patch something?
[20:43:22] <abaumann> didn't I remove ocaml in the makedepends?
[20:43:41] <abaumann> oh.
[20:43:54] <abaumann> llvm-ocaml *grmpf*
[20:44:02] <girls> probably it's still in pkgname=() or something
[20:44:09] <girls> :-)
[20:44:10] <girls> np
[20:44:29] <abaumann> fast machine. your machine.
[20:44:42] <girls> we bought it for numerical simulations
[20:44:53] <girls> but when it doesn't do physics, I use it for archlinux32
[20:44:55] <abaumann> this is a numeric simulation then :-)
[20:45:00] <girls> lol
[20:47:17] <abaumann> so, fixed.
[20:48:07] <abaumann> prio increased again.
[20:48:15] <girls> not necessary
[20:48:20] <abaumann> meanwhile I'm building haskell-jose
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[20:48:33] <girls> a) it's not yet on the build list, b) it won't be handed out when the dependencies are still pending
[20:48:35] <abaumann> the Spanish language package of Haskell presumably.
[20:48:52] <girls> haskell-i18n-es?
[20:49:04] <becoming_i> Does anyone else has problem with the libx264 and ffmpeg
[20:49:07] <abaumann> jose, sound Spanish :-)
[20:49:11] <abaumann> yep.
[20:49:11] <tyzoid> hey abaumann / girls: Any issues with infrastructure / the git server of late?
[20:49:30] <girls> tyzoid: not your infrastructure :-D
[20:49:41] <abaumann> hi tyzoid.
[20:49:50] <girls> Hi tyzoid (where are my manners)
[20:49:54] <abaumann> no, everything is fine with the git server and with the i486 build machine, from my point of view.
[20:50:14] <abaumann> becoming_i: yes.
[20:50:33] <abaumann> for now, just don't replace the packgae libx264 yet with x264, press no.
[20:50:49] <abaumann> ffmpeg must be rebuilt first to use the newly named package.
[20:51:11] <becoming_i> οκ
[20:51:13] <becoming_i> οκ
[20:51:15] <becoming_i> ok
[20:52:05] <abaumann> which reminds me to check whether ffmpeg is priorized..
[20:52:19] <abaumann> ..nope.
[20:53:02] <abaumann> done.
[20:58:11] <girls> 2nd trial ...
[20:58:17] <abaumann> good. :-)
[21:10:35] <elibrokeit> why does llvm-ocaml need to be excluded at all
[21:11:07] <abaumann> ocaml is currently in the middle of two versions and doesn't want to install into the chroot when building llvm
[21:11:33] <elibrokeit> it's currently what
[21:11:42] <elibrokeit> you're rebuilding the set right now?
[21:12:17] <abaumann> currently we rebuild a non ocaml version of llvm.
[21:12:53] <elibrokeit> ^^ you're in the middle of a partial staging update of ocaml?
[21:13:10] <abaumann> hang on. I just rebuilt wy machine.. I'll post the message I get in makepkg
[21:14:19] <abaumann> mmh.. something is weird..
[21:20:49] <abaumann> sorry.. I cannot reproduce anything.. I just too tired..
[21:20:58] <girls> buildmaster: wtp llvm
[21:20:59] <buildmaster> girls: i686/llvm: i686/extra (6.0.1-2.0)
[21:21:07] <abaumann> nice.
[21:21:14] <girls> not yet done ^
[21:21:20] <girls> else it would be in staging
[21:26:53] <abaumann> llvm-libs-6.0.1-4.0
[21:27:24] <minted> whoami
[21:27:42] <minted> jk
[21:28:33] <abaumann> looks good. first package passes. :-)
[21:28:43] <abaumann> ok, now. I remove the ocaml patch from llvm again.
[21:30:26] <abaumann> _pkgfqn, wtf?
[21:30:37] <abaumann> _pkgfqn="${pkgname/5-/}-everywhere-src-${_qtver}"
[21:30:41] <abaumann> mmh. sweet. :-)
[21:31:22] <abaumann> let's try to build some ocaml stuff which was breaking before.
[21:33:00] <buildmaster> girls, my database is dirty again ...
[21:33:11] <abaumann> buildmaster: hold your pants!
[21:33:51] <girls> abaumann: is this you? ^
[21:34:09] <abaumann> nope.
[21:34:29] <girls> I'll take a look
[21:35:57] <abaumann> llvm/ocaml: looking good :-)
[21:55:29] * buildmaster resumes sanity.
[21:56:29] <abaumann> hurree! :-)
[21:56:44] <abaumann> what did you do?
[21:58:20] <abaumann> anyways, it's late.
[21:58:23] <abaumann> cu
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[22:33:39] <buildmaster> dirty! girls, my database - so dirty :-(
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[23:52:57] <minted> bill-auger: ping