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[03:17:08] <vanyasem> Hello! I am looking for the source code of the archlinux32.org website. I am especially interested in the package browser. I would appreciate if you pointed me out at it
[03:23:10] <vanyasem> I assume that's the repo https://git.archlinux32.org Am I correct?
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[06:12:38] <buildmaster> Hi deep42thought!
[06:13:19] <deep42thought> vanyasem: archlinux32.org's repo is git.archlinux32.org/archlinux32/website
[06:13:37] <deep42thought> the package browser (packages.archlinux32.org) is the repo you wrote
[06:20:11] * buildmaster resumes sanity.
[06:20:48] <buildmaster> i486/gtk2 is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0).
[06:21:47] <buildmaster> i486/libxrandr is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
[06:31:03] <buildmaster> i486/libgtop is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0).
[06:35:34] <buildmaster> i486/zenity is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0).
[06:36:27] <buildmaster> i486/libsecret is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
[06:38:37] <buildmaster> i486/libnids is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0).
[06:39:54] <deep42thought> vanyasem: I forgot to mention: if you find any issues or have some ideas for change, feel free to contact us here or via gitea :-)
[06:40:28] <buildmaster> i486/gnome-keyring is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
[06:41:53] <buildmaster> i486/libofx is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0).
[06:45:51] <buildmaster> i486/ffmpegthumbnailer is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
[06:49:05] <buildmaster> i486/libxkbfile is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
[06:49:31] <buildmaster> i486/libxmu is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0).
[06:54:01] <buildmaster> i486/liblastfm is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
[06:54:35] <buildmaster> i486/glu is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0).
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[07:17:21] * buildmaster failed to execute a mysql query - can you have a look at "tmp.mysql-functions.query.2018-09-19T07:15:03.qtHPyg.stdin"?.
[07:26:44] * buildmaster resumes sanity.
[07:27:05] <buildmaster> i486/libsm is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0).
[07:30:06] <buildmaster> i486/ghc is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
[07:32:28] <buildmaster> i486/haskell-random is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0).
[07:33:14] <buildmaster> i486/haskell-extensible-exceptions is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
[07:34:56] * buildmaster goes insane.
[07:58:23] * buildmaster resumes sanity.
[07:58:33] <buildmaster> i486/haskell-vector is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
[07:58:54] <buildmaster> i486/haskell-syb is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0).
[08:11:37] <buildmaster> i486/haskell-safe is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0).
[08:12:01] <deep42thought> ... at least, the buildmaster part of i486 seems to work now :-D
[08:30:10] <buildmaster> i486/groff is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0).
[08:32:03] <buildmaster> i486/haskell-old-time is broken (says tyzoid-srv0-vm486).
[08:46:56] <buildmaster> i486/grep is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
[08:53:56] <buildmaster> i686/ghc is broken (says nlopc43).
[09:04:32] <buildmaster> i486/reiserfsprogs is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0).
[09:07:38] <buildmaster> i486/texinfo is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
[09:13:26] <buildmaster> i486/doxygen is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
[09:15:08] <buildmaster> i486/w3m is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0).
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[09:24:10] <buildmaster> i486/gzip is broken (says tyzoid-srv0-vm486).
[09:36:04] <buildmaster> i486/libpsl is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0).
[09:36:57] <buildmaster> i686/grep is broken (says nlopc43).
[09:38:19] <buildmaster> i486/libidn2 is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0).
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[09:46:38] <buildmaster> i486/jfsutils is broken (says tyzoid-srv0-vm486).
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[10:15:06] <buildmaster> i486/valgrind is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
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[10:20:40] <buildmaster> i486/p11-kit is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
[10:24:05] <buildmaster> i486/dbus is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
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[10:26:54] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[10:26:56] <abaumann> error: libxslt: signature from "Erich Eckner (just to sign arch packages) <arch@eckner.net>" is invalid :: File /var/cache/archbuild32/libxslt-1.1.32+3+g32c88216-1.1-i486.pkg.tar.xz is corrupted (invalid or corrupted package (PGP signature)). Do you want to delete it? [Y/n] error: failed to commit transaction (invalid or corrupted package)
[10:27:31] <abaumann> deep42thought: I experienced this before in the i486 bootstrap, sometimes signatures are just invalid..
[10:40:29] <buildmaster> i486/glib2 is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
[10:43:14] <buildmaster> i486/python is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
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[10:53:59] <buildmaster> Hi deep42thought!
[10:54:10] <deep42thought> Hi abaumann!
[10:54:33] <deep42thought> I thought, it was just a version clash with packages provided by your bootstrap repo and the officially rebuilt ones
[10:54:40] <deep42thought> but actually, I didn't check
[11:00:18] <buildmaster> i486/haskell-base64-bytestring is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
[11:03:05] <buildmaster> i486/haskell-blaze-builder is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
[11:07:37] <buildmaster> i486/haskell-utf8-string is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
[11:11:31] <buildmaster> i486/haskell-sha is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
[11:14:23] <buildmaster> i486/haskell-data-default-instances-old-locale is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
[11:14:45] <buildmaster> i486/haskell-data-default-class is broken (says tyzoid-srv0-vm486).
[11:17:11] <buildmaster> i486/haskell-data-default-instances-containers is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
[11:19:59] <buildmaster> i486/haskell-fmlist is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
[11:20:29] <abaumann> deep42thought: true, the version is identical
[11:20:53] <abaumann> but in the logfiles I see it has been accessed last from /i486/staging/
[11:21:00] <abaumann> - - [16/Sep/2018:07:25:02 +0200] "GET /bootstrap/i486/staging/libxslt-1.1.32+3+g32c88216-1.1-i486.pkg.tar.xz HTTP/1.1" 200 378752 "-" "pacman/5.1.1 (Linux i486) libalpm/11.0.1" - - [18/Sep/2018:09:50:12 +0200] "GET /bootstrap/i486/staging/libxslt-1.1.32+3+g32c88216-1.1-i486.pkg.tar.xz HTTP/1.1" 200 378752 "-" "pacman/5.1.1 (Linux i486) libalpm/11.0.1" - - [19/Sep/2018:10:27:41 +0200] "GET /i486
[11:21:10] <buildmaster> i686/mpv is broken (says nlopc43).
[11:23:02] <buildmaster> i486/libmemcached is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
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[11:51:11] <deep42thought> abaumann: it's a conflict between the recent signature and the package in the cache
[11:51:22] <deep42thought> which originates from your bootstrap repo
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[18:17:13] <buildmaster> Hi deep42thought!
[18:17:21] <deep42thought> Hi buildmaster, what's up?
[18:17:22] <buildmaster> up? I'm up for 1 day, 12 hours, 7 minutes, load average: 2.34, 2.72, 2.97
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[18:17:29] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[18:17:34] <deep42thought> Hi abaumann!
[18:17:39] <abaumann> hi deep42thought.
[18:17:49] <abaumann> The buildmaster is chewing git repos :-)
[18:18:21] * deep42thought hopes, "chewing" is meant in a positive sense
[18:18:37] <abaumann> The load is amazing. :-)
[18:18:48] <deep42thought> you're uploading i486 patches or what?
[18:18:54] <abaumann> nope.
[18:19:08] <deep42thought> then it's strange
[18:19:24] <abaumann> I wanted to see how to fix the same package/same version in bootstrap/staging sign db.s problem
[18:19:26] <deep42thought> ah, it's the auto-rescheduler
[18:19:36] <deep42thought> that has some pretty complex mysql queries :-D
[18:19:49] <abaumann> can imagine :-)
[18:19:52] <deep42thought> abaumann: there is no fix and no fix needed
[18:19:58] <deep42thought> just ignore the signature mismatch error
[18:20:03] <abaumann> ah?
[18:20:11] <abaumann> oeh. SigLevel Never or so?
[18:20:13] <deep42thought> although, there is clean-cache, I think
[18:20:18] <deep42thought> nonono
[18:20:25] <abaumann> Just cleaning the cache..
[18:20:30] <deep42thought> the signature is right
[18:20:33] <deep42thought> the package is wrong
[18:20:42] <abaumann> I admit, the pacman signature management is a little bit a dark corner to me :-)
[18:20:52] <deep42thought> there is a script, which cleans all packages with wrong signatures
[18:20:56] <abaumann> ah.
[18:21:09] <deep42thought> bin/clean-cache
[18:21:53] <deep42thought> the signatures as stored in the *.db files (or *.db.tar.gz) which are per-repo
[18:22:15] <deep42thought> and the files are just a loose heap in /var/cache/pacman/pkg (or /var/cache/archbuild32)
[18:22:33] <deep42thought> s/ as / are /
[18:23:29] <abaumann> ok. I try some cleaning. It's not spring, but anyway.. ;-)
[18:23:39] <deep42thought> but I think, even running clean-cache is unnecessary, because "--noconfirm" choses "Y" on the "delete corrupt package?" prompt
[18:23:54] <deep42thought> so it should succeed the 2nd time
[18:24:03] <abaumann> ok. worth a try.
[18:24:20] <deep42thought> it can't hurt
[20:37:40] <deep42thought> abaumann: is it ok for you if we do not enable nftables for i486?
[20:38:40] <abaumann> I don't mind. I use pf anyway whenever I can on OpenBSD in order not to trick my brain to much :-)
[20:41:26] <abaumann> Macbook and Archlinux: *cough*, now I had to use a rEFIt to boot a grub, which then boots a kernel. EFI is 32-bit and not all that standard it seems.
[20:41:45] <abaumann> Now back to fun with modern X11 and finding an old graphic card actually working..
[21:00:09] <abaumann> Ok. I give up. Anything older than 4 years doesn't work with current X11. period.
[21:00:26] <deep42thought> huh?
[21:00:36] <abaumann> X1600 not supported by ADM/Catalyst.
[21:00:50] <abaumann> the radeon/ati driver is just crashing and not prdocuing a DRI device.
[21:00:55] * deep42thought remembers running some boxes _definitely_ older than 4 years with X
[21:01:04] <abaumann> not with X 1.20 :->
[21:01:56] <abaumann> well OSX 10.6.8 is another (not-supported) option. or a hackintosh with sierra on an original apple.
[21:02:17] <abaumann> software produces tons of computer garbage..
[21:02:47] <abaumann> I'm for hardware developers to be forced to publish the specs after they drop support for hardware.
[21:03:22] <abaumann> ..or.. start to use nomodeset and text mode only for work.. ;-)
[21:04:04] <abaumann> before I forget: X11 in qemu is completly borked for me, I cannot test with modesetting anymore.
[21:04:17] <abaumann> and the 100% CPU issue is another weird issue..
[21:04:42] <abaumann> ..there was a bug in qemu/libvirt for old 64-bit CPUs some time ago, I remember.
[21:04:52] <abaumann> I even reported a bug :->
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