#archlinux32 | Logs for 2018-09-20

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[07:38:34] <buildmaster> i486/haskell-fclabels is broken (says tyzoid-srv0-vm486).
[07:48:38] <buildmaster> i486/tcping is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
[07:51:20] <buildmaster> i486/libxft is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
[07:53:18] <buildmaster> i686/tcping is broken (says nlopc43).
[07:55:17] <buildmaster> i486/portmidi is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
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[07:58:52] <buildmaster> i486/sfml is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
[08:01:53] * buildmaster goes insane.
[08:19:04] * buildmaster resumes sanity.
[08:20:00] <buildmaster> i486/treefrog-framework is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
[08:22:44] <buildmaster> i486/qt5-websockets is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
[08:25:32] <buildmaster> i486/qt5-graphicaleffects is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
[08:33:48] <buildmaster> i486/qt5-quickcontrols is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
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[09:24:13] * buildmaster goes insane.
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[09:26:30] <buildmaster> Hi deep42thought!
[09:29:03] * buildmaster resumes sanity.
[09:42:54] <buildmaster> i486/gcc is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1).
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[13:03:18] <buildmaster> Hi deep42thought!
[13:03:27] <deep42thought> Hi buildmaster, what's up?
[13:03:28] <buildmaster> up? I'm up for 2 days, 6 hours, 54 minutes, load average: 0.77, 1.31, 1.45
[14:07:07] * buildmaster goes insane.
[14:08:36] <deep42thought> buildmaster: you're being unreasonable
[14:09:53] * buildmaster resumes sanity.
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[15:53:17] <buildmaster> Hi deep42thought!
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[17:07:29] <pvl1> plz halp i installed pacman in kali and cant update
[17:07:52] <pvl1> but no really, i by hand updated pacman, ive already downgraded and its moving along (had to symlink libalpm and --force pacman)
[17:08:00] <pvl1> but the reason i came here, is i dont understand the pkgbuild for pacman
[17:08:11] <pvl1> https://git.archlinux32.org
[17:08:12] <phrik> Title:archlinux32/packages: Package customizations and pure-i686 packages - Archlinux32 Gitea (at git.archlinux32.org)
[17:08:26] <pvl1> like, does it combine with upstream somehow?
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[18:09:16] <vanyasem> Hello again! Could someone suggest how the database is managed? Maybe there's a script or a template of an empty DB for archweb32?
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[18:45:42] <elibrokeit> pvl1: correct
[18:46:29] <elibrokeit> The builder appends that pkgbuild to the upstream one, to reduce the need to merge changes by hand
[18:55:29] <pvl1> appens?
[18:55:31] <pvl1> *appends
[18:55:43] <pvl1> literally just adds the contents to origional PKGBUILD?
[18:57:39] <elibrokeit> Yes
[18:58:10] <elibrokeit> And then either overrides Functions/variables, or redeclares them using sed...
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[19:39:25] <pvl1> OOO neato
[19:39:33] <pvl1> is there uhm, an automated process of this?
[19:39:42] <pvl1> i guess thats what the new pacman does?
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[19:51:26] <elibrokeit> pvl1: it's handled by the archlinux32 builder scripting
[20:11:26] <Ingar> protip: does not boot with 128M RAM :)
[20:15:10] <pvl1> ok thanks
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[20:51:21] <buildmaster> Hi deep42thought!
[20:52:09] <deep42thought> vanyasem: there is no real bootstrap or seed database
[20:52:45] <deep42thought> the master database resides on the buildmaster and is managed by that (scripts are in git.archlinux32.org/archlinux32/builder)
[20:53:12] <deep42thought> the server running packages.archlinux32.org has a slave-replicate of this db and accesses it read-only
[20:54:10] <deep42thought> the structure of the db is in https://buildmaster.archlinux32.org and a dump of the most important stuff can be found in https://git.archlinux32.org
[20:54:13] <phrik> Title:archlinux32/builder: Tools for building 32-bit archlinux packages from archlinux.org's official, 64-bit tested PKGBUILDs et al. - Archlinux32 Gitea (at git.archlinux32.org)
[20:58:25] <deep42thought> pvl1: there is "documentation" about our repository in its readme: https://git.archlinux32.org
[20:58:27] <phrik> Title:archlinux32/packages: Package customizations and pure-i686 packages - Archlinux32 Gitea (at git.archlinux32.org)
[21:02:53] <vanyasem> @deep42thought great, that's _exactly_ what i was looking for. and even more than i expected. thank you for your kind response
[21:03:36] <deep42thought> vanyasem: may I ask what you need this info for? (I'm curious)
[21:04:32] <vanyasem> My current project involves forking archlinuxarm, and i was told to.. go away in that community, so i thought maybe i could get some help here. and i did :D
[21:04:48] <vanyasem> It's archlinuxhybris. archlinuxarm rebuilt for Android phones with EGL support via hybris
[21:05:35] <vanyasem> deep42thought: i already have a PoC phone with Xorg running, but i had to manually rebuild qt and all apps that depend on it. thus there is a need to make a fork of archlinuxarm, as it breaks some other non-Android devices and can't be done upstream
[21:06:22] <vanyasem> here's a live demo: https://media.mynameisivan.ru
[21:06:24] <phrik> Title:кей чекерс Nexus 5x Arch — GNU MediaGoblin (at media.mynameisivan.ru)
[21:06:54] <vanyasem> this project is supported by the http://halium.org community
[21:06:56] <phrik> Title:Halium Project (at halium.org)
[21:12:02] <deep42thought> vanyasem: so you plan to automate the rebuild of all/most archlinuxarm packages with some (more-or-less fixed) modifications?
[21:14:00] <vanyasem> deep42thought: That was the idea, yes. I am open to suggestions though. Something more like artix (arch without systemd)
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[21:16:43] <deep42thought> vanyasem: from my point (I don't fully understand what needs to be done for your task), this sounds like a good plan - and the build master scripts should be a good start to accomplish it
[21:16:57] <deep42thought> on the other hand: if your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail ;-)
[21:17:07] <deep42thought> so I might be biased :-D
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[21:18:12] <vanyasem> deep42thought: what needs to be done is simple. rebuild qt with -opengl es2 (libEGL) and rebuild all packages that link to it basically :P other UI toolkits that use libGL might need some other patches, but that would be a great start
[21:21:46] <deep42thought> that's definitely possible with the scripts (you may need to modify them to pull from two upstream sources - in contrast to our modification repository, archlinuxarm's modifications completely superseed the original source), but they _may_ be overkill
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[21:26:47] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[21:26:53] <deep42thought> Hi abaumann!
[21:26:57] <abaumann> hi deep42thought
[21:27:24] <abaumann> just staring at the buildmaster graphs and the somewhat logarithmic behaviour of the blue to be build graph. :-)
[21:27:50] <deep42thought> hypnotic?
[21:28:23] <abaumann> well. I think the big reschedule on the buildmaster is over now and caused it.
[21:28:48] <abaumann> there is too much failing. especially bad is gcc on i486, that's something I should look at.
[21:28:57] <deep42thought> "seed-build-list -a" ran amok
[21:29:03] <deep42thought> and rescheduled a lot packages
[21:29:12] <deep42thought> (probably due to i486 problems)
[21:29:24] <deep42thought> I stopped it for now
[21:30:08] <abaumann> good.
[21:30:14] <deep42thought> wasn't gcc on i686 failing, too?
[21:30:19] <abaumann> mmh.
[21:30:31] <deep42thought> lemme check
[21:30:38] <abaumann> no. gcc is only on the broken list for i486
[21:30:43] <deep42thought> (the build list has a search function, now)
[21:30:55] <abaumann> oh! :-)
[21:30:56] <abaumann> sweet
[21:31:37] <deep42thought> now you can filter out all the broken haskell-* packages :-D
[21:31:51] * deep42thought grabs a ladder and replaces a hdd
[21:33:12] <abaumann> hot-swapping in the cloud? ;-)
[21:33:40] <deep42thought> it's hot up there, but I'm not hot swapping it ;-P
[21:35:27] <abaumann> :-)
[21:35:30] <abaumann> collect2: fatal error: ld terminated with signal 9 [Killed]
[21:35:55] <abaumann> gcc was out of memory or so on the i486 vm most likely.
[21:40:42] <deep42thought> 512MB is not enough?
[21:57:54] <deep42thought> abaumann: do you have swap (how much) on your i486 build slave?
[22:09:48] <deep42thought> anyway, good night, everyone!
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[22:17:12] <buildmaster> i686/inetutils is broken (says eurobuild3).
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[23:22:01] <buildmaster> i686/texinfo is broken (says eurobuild3).
[23:57:03] <buildmaster> i686/reiserfsprogs is broken (says eurobuild3).