#archlinux32 | Logs for 2018-10-03

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[02:15:25] <buildmaster> i686/openssl is broken (says eurobuild3).
[02:49:49] <buildmaster> i686/licenses is broken (says eurobuild3).
[03:30:41] <buildmaster> i686/pgadmin3 is broken (says eurobuild3).
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[04:06:26] <buildmaster> i686/numactl is broken (says buildknecht).
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[04:26:37] <buildmaster> i686/libsignon-glib is broken (says buildknecht2).
[04:27:29] <buildmaster> i686/telepathy-accounts-signon is broken (says buildknecht).
[04:36:20] <buildmaster> i686/radcli is broken (says rechenknecht).
[04:41:16] <buildmaster> i686/clang is broken (says nlopc46).
[04:42:27] <buildmaster> i686/clazy is broken (says rechenknecht).
[04:45:13] <buildmaster> i686/lld is broken (says nlopc46).
[04:46:39] <buildmaster> i686/gnome-builder is broken (says buildknecht2).
[04:48:57] <buildmaster> i686/lldb is broken (says rechenknecht).
[05:10:40] <buildmaster> i686/crystal is broken (says nlopc46).
[05:14:31] <buildmaster> i686/faust is broken (says buildknecht).
[05:15:02] <buildmaster> i686/ldc is broken (says nlopc46).
[05:20:40] <buildmaster> i686/ponyc is broken (says nlopc46).
[05:40:21] <buildmaster> i686/hopenpgp-tools is broken (says nlopc43) - I rescheduled: haskell-ansi-wl-pprint, haskell-connection, haskell-hopenpgp, haskell-http-client-tls, haskell-prettyprinter-ansi-terminal, haskell-prettyprinter-convert-ansi-wl-pprint.
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[07:34:21] <buildmaster> i686/firefox-developer-edition is broken (says eurobuild3).
[07:52:06] <buildmaster> i686/dina-font is broken (says nlopc43).
[08:12:41] <buildmaster> i686/python2-ordereddict is broken (says nlopc43).
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[09:36:42] <buildmaster> i686/kashmir is broken (says nlopc43).
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[12:22:38] <buildmaster> i686/kupfer is broken (says nlopc46).
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[12:38:35] <buildmaster> Hi deep42thought!
[12:38:35] <buildmaster> !rq deep42thought
[12:38:35] <phrik> buildmaster: <deep42thought> brtln: you're "the arch linux", we're "the other arch linux" and alarm is "arches linux", then?
[12:38:46] <deep42thought> Hi buildmaster, what's up?
[12:38:47] <buildmaster> up? I'm up for 4 days, 3 hours, 51 minutes, load average: 2.35, 2.79, 2.69
[12:50:08] <buildmaster> i686/ttf-ubuntu-font-family is broken (says nlopc43).
[12:51:14] <buildmaster> i686/babel-cli is broken (says nlopc46).
[13:17:03] <finsternis> Hello, I'm finally trying to migrate the system to archlinux32 (yes, the last upgrade I did was in November), and I get this output: http://sprunge.us
[13:17:47] <finsternis> Should I be afraid to proceed? Especially for those warnings "dependency cycle detected:" at the bottom?
[13:23:33] <deep42thought> finsternis: dependency cycles are harmless for pacman
[13:24:01] <deep42thought> the unresolvable dependencies are more problematic
[13:24:38] <buildmaster> i686/julia is broken (says buildknecht2).
[13:25:58] <deep42thought> finsternis: also https://www.archlinux.org seems relevant
[13:26:00] <phrik> Title:Arch Linux - News: glibc 2.27-2 and pam 1.3.0-2 may require manual intervention (at www.archlinux.org)
[13:33:43] <finsternis> deep42thought: there is no haskell-dbus0.10 There is community/haskell-dbus 1.0.1-52.0 so unresolvable dependencies for xmobar
[13:34:37] <finsternis> and community/libnsutils 0.0.3-1.1 so cannot resolve "libnsutils>=0.0.5", a dependency of "netsurf"
[13:35:08] <deep42thought> linsutils 0.0.5 is in community-testing
[13:35:12] <finsternis> then I replied "y" to Do you want to skip the above packages for this upgrade? [y/N] for netsurf xmobar
[13:35:29] <deep42thought> well, that works, too :-)
[13:37:54] <finsternis> also, in the meanwhile I have manually installed ~30 packages from archlinux32 repos. That shouldn't be a problem, I think
[13:38:36] <deep42thought> I'll force-move xmobar and libnsutils from community-testing to community
[13:38:48] <deep42thought> they should install fine, but maybe miss some libraries
[13:38:56] <deep42thought> haskell is a total mess in terms of dependencies
[13:41:38] <finsternis> Anyway, speaking for me, it's not a big deal, I had xmobar and netsurf installed, but I probably never used them
[13:41:51] <finsternis> but it's just my situation
[13:43:25] <deep42thought> abaumann: can you please configure a valid keyserver on eurobuild3 to receive unknown keys from?
[13:43:33] <deep42thought> This should go into your ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf
[15:11:38] <buildmaster> i686/ruby-stomp is broken (says nlopc46).
[15:19:36] <buildmaster> i686/gulp is broken (says nlopc43).
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[17:48:14] <emersont1> hi, i seem to be having issues with X that i didn't have before
[17:51:40] <deep42thought> emersont1: what's the issue?
[17:51:46] <deep42thought> any error messages?
[17:51:59] <emersont1> it i think it says failed to set ioports or something#
[17:52:15] <emersont1> i can't really tell as it messes up my tty after i run it
[17:52:35] <deep42thought> !give emersont1 ptpb
[17:52:36] <phrik> emersont1: "<command> |& curl -F c=@- https://ptpb.pw" OR "curl -F c=@path/to/a/file https://ptpb.pw"
[17:54:20] <emersont1> https://ptpb.pw i think
[17:55:17] <deep42thought> what cpu do you have?
[17:55:24] <deep42thought> "(EE) Illegal instruction at address 0xb634f167"
[17:55:41] <deep42thought> grep flags /porc/cpuinfo
[17:55:42] <emersont1> uuh something old, i think amd
[17:55:57] <deep42thought> is sse, sse2, mmx there?
[17:56:11] <deep42thought> "grep flags /proc/cpuinfo", of course
[17:56:14] <emersont1> yeah
[17:56:38] <emersont1> pentium M
[17:57:15] <emersont1> it has all three of the flags you mentioned
[17:57:36] <emersont1> it worked until i updated everything this morening
[17:58:44] <deep42thought> https://unix.stackexchange.com
[17:58:46] <phrik> Title:xorg - xf86EnableIOPorts: failed to set IOPL for I/O (Operation not permitted) - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange (at unix.stackexchange.com)
[17:59:04] <emersont1> i tried that
[18:00:08] <emersont1> maybe a reebot'll fix it
[18:00:18] <deep42thought> I doubt it
[18:00:24] <deep42thought> but well, it's priceless :-)
[18:03:08] <_noctambulo> good afternoon
[18:03:16] <deep42thought> _noctambulo: hi!
[18:03:37] <_noctambulo> i erased lubuntu again yesterday for trying the arch iso
[18:03:52] <_noctambulo> the bug was "expected download size exceeded"
[18:04:09] <deep42thought> on which mirror?
[18:04:22] <_noctambulo> and "gpg: keyserver receive failed: No data"
[18:04:41] <_noctambulo> not sure if exactly with those words, would have to take a photo of the screen
[18:04:42] <deep42thought> this means, you should choose a different gpg keyserver
[18:04:48] <emersont1> the SSL has gone on the roelf mirror
[18:06:55] <deep42thought> emersont1: yes, that's why we removed it from the mirrorlist
[18:07:13] <deep42thought> _noctambulo: "sudo pacman-key --refresh-keys --keyserver pgp.mit.edu"
[18:07:13] <emersont1> okay, mine must be an older version
[18:08:14] <_noctambulo> it's better that i go back to the setup and connect to the tablet so i can tell you the issue with the exact words
[18:08:23] <_noctambulo> we cannot trust my bad memory
[18:09:37] <_noctambulo> i just googled some words of the issue since i don't remember all
[18:09:39] <deep42thought> It would also be interesting _when_ you see the error
[18:10:04] <deep42thought> I'll be afk for half an hour or so for dinner
[18:10:13] <_noctambulo> k
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[18:45:09] <buildmaster> i686/arc-gtk-theme is broken (says nlopc46).
[18:53:43] <deep42thought> re
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[19:38:24] <buildmaster> i686/nvchecker is broken (says buildknecht).
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[20:23:14] <buildmaster> i686/python-recommonmark is broken (says nlopc43).
[20:32:46] <noctambulo> https://i.imgur.com
[20:33:44] <noctambulo> That's the photo of the screen during the issue
[20:36:05] <deep42thought> yeah
[20:36:14] <deep42thought> looks like simplysam.us is down, too
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[20:40:02] <mokman> hello
[20:40:07] <deep42thought> Hi mokman
[20:40:23] <mokman> i have a question regarding the forum
[20:40:56] <deep42thought> mokman: yes?
[20:41:15] <mokman> i tried to register to post a problem there, but never received the confirmation mail.
[20:41:49] <deep42thought> what's your username?
[20:41:54] <mokman> mokman
[20:42:29] <deep42thought> can you try to register again? There is currently no such user (not even an unconfirmed one)
[20:42:40] <mokman> ok, one moment
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[20:43:02] <deep42thought> noctambulo: does a different mirror work?
[20:43:24] <mokman> Registration errors
[20:43:24] <mokman> The following errors need to be corrected before you can register:
[20:43:24] <mokman> Someone is already registered with the username mokman. The username you entered is too similar. The username must differ from that by at least one alphanumerical character (a-z or 0-9). Please choose a different username.
[20:43:24] <mokman> Someone else is already registered with that email address. Please choose another email address.
[20:43:39] <deep42thought> O.o
[20:43:44] <noctambulo> sorry my tablet connection fell and i didn't get any of your messages
[20:44:05] <noctambulo> ┬┐did you receive my photo of the screen?
[20:44:11] <deep42thought> noctambulo: yes
[20:44:35] <deep42thought> https://mirror.archlinux32.org
[20:44:37] <phrik> Title:#archlinux32 | Logs for 2018-10-03 (at mirror.archlinux32.org)
[20:44:50] <deep42thought> tl;dr: just comment that mirror
[20:45:52] <noctambulo> ok, i will comment that mirror in the mirrorlist file
[20:46:15] <noctambulo> will restart to try it
[20:46:23] <noctambulo> will brb
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[21:08:33] <noctambulo> photo after commenting the canadian server https://i.imgur.com
[21:09:46] <noctambulo> .
[21:09:53] <deep42thought> did you run "pacman-key --init"?
[21:10:00] <deep42thought> (Is it said to do so in the manual?)
[21:10:37] <noctambulo> well, i never had to do it before
[21:11:07] <noctambulo> I installed the arch several times skipping that
[21:11:08] <deep42thought> good argument
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[21:12:50] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[21:12:50] <buildmaster> !rq abaumann
[21:12:52] <phrik> buildmaster: <abaumann> classic approach then.. add more resources to the problem :-)
[21:13:07] <deep42thought> Good evening, abaumann!
[21:13:28] <abaumann> hi deep42thought.
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[21:13:45] <abaumann> I thought I had key-options auto-retrieve enabled everywhere..
[21:13:57] <deep42thought> probably a bad keyserver?
[21:14:07] <deep42thought> (I assume, your build-scripts are up-to-date)
[21:14:26] <abaumann> yes.
[21:14:59] <abaumann> keyserver hkps://hkps.pool.sks-keyservers.net
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[21:15:33] <noctambulo> It now downloads the packages, which is good, but the gay pg message never disapeared
[21:15:58] <abaumann> executing gpg --receive-keys works.
[21:16:11] <abaumann> I'm puzzled.. (as always with pgp things)
[21:16:12] <deep42thought> abaumann: strange
[21:16:16] <deep42thought> https://git.archlinux32.org
[21:16:18] <phrik> Title:archlinux32/builder: Tools for building 32-bit archlinux packages from archlinux.org's official, 64-bit tested PKGBUILDs et al. - Archlinux32 Gitea (at git.archlinux32.org)
[21:16:26] <deep42thought> it should download all missing keys
[21:16:32] <deep42thought> after the first failed build
[21:16:44] <deep42thought> so consecutive builds should not fail due to missing keys
[21:16:46] <abaumann> exactly
[21:16:58] <noctambulo> Never did the init command step neither
[21:17:14] <deep42thought> noctambulo: that's fine - it's also not in the manual
[21:17:24] <abaumann> so, the errors are on eurobuild3.. weird..
[21:17:30] <deep42thought> does the installation work besides the gpg message?
[21:17:38] <deep42thought> abaumann: yes
[21:17:47] <noctambulo> Yeah, will give photo
[21:17:52] <abaumann> huh? ;-)
[21:18:19] <noctambulo> Disabling the canadian server really worked
[21:18:26] <deep42thought> \o/
[21:18:26] <abaumann> Yeah. I have a strange option somewhere in gpg throwing a warning..
[21:18:46] <deep42thought> warning about what?
[21:19:14] <abaumann> gpg: Note: old default options file '/data/arch32/.gnupg/options' ignored
[21:19:17] <abaumann> oh! :-)
[21:19:31] <deep42thought> :-D
[21:19:45] <abaumann> so, it's called gpg.conf now?
[21:19:55] <deep42thought> yes
[21:20:00] <abaumann> *sigh*
[21:20:50] <deep42thought> backwards compatibility is for whimps
[21:21:24] <abaumann> :-)
[21:21:33] <abaumann> my gpg.conf contains a keyserver-options auto-key-retrieve
[21:21:54] <abaumann> I restart the slave and we'll see
[21:21:56] <deep42thought> that might help, but I have seen slaves failing which had this option (somewhere)
[21:22:13] <deep42thought> no need to restart
[21:22:29] <deep42thought> gpg parses that file on every run
[21:22:33] <abaumann> I technically don't understand how security should get improved by automatically downloading something without manual verification..
[21:22:35] <deep42thought> maybe you should kill gpg-agent
[21:22:45] <abaumann> ah
[21:22:49] <deep42thought> not all keys are truste
[21:22:49] <deep42thought> d
[21:23:06] <deep42thought> knowing someone's fingerprint doesn't make him trustworthy
[21:23:36] <abaumann> every mafia boss can create a public/private key pair and show you your fingerprint, yes. :-)
[21:24:12] <deep42thought> you don't trust mafiosi?
[21:24:32] <abaumann> they usually show you something else than their fingerprints. :->
[21:24:51] <abaumann> "..may contain lead.."
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[21:27:24] <noctambulo> https://i.imgur.com
[21:27:58] <abaumann> this looks good :-)
[21:28:19] <deep42thought> a little slow, for my taste, but nothing serious wrong :-)
[21:29:05] <abaumann> oi. a new python-pip is building..
[21:29:20] <abaumann> ..and actually went throught *uff*
[21:29:24] <deep42thought> O.o
[21:29:38] <abaumann> I'm not in the mood to do python bootstrapping..
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[21:32:12] <noctambulo> https://i.imgur.com
[21:33:47] <noctambulo> thanks for your help
[21:35:28] <deep42thought> noctambulo: you're welcome!
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