#archlinux32 | Logs for 2018-10-31

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[13:51:49] <buildmaster> i686/bash-language-server is broken (says nlopc43).
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[13:58:46] <DepositePirate_> Hi
[13:58:53] DepositePirate_ is now known as DepositePirate
[13:59:53] <DepositePirate> There doesn't seem to be a way to file bugs on archlinux32.org and registering to the forum doesn't work, I never get the email for registration. So I'm going to ask here.
[14:02:01] <DepositePirate> I have a problem with dbus not working properly. It used to work, but after some upgrade, lightdm went in a loop. I investigated this, and lightdm-gtk-greeter fails. I tried lightdm-mini-greeter which works. I am able to start my session with it, but then xfce complains it can't use dbus.
[14:03:07] <DepositePirate> Any idea what might be going on here, cause DDG doesn't yield anything useful.
[14:03:17] <DepositePirate> Machine is Athlon XP 2800+
[14:41:39] <buildmaster> i686/glib2 is broken (says tyzoid-srv0-bs0).
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[14:51:44] <mrkiko> hello guys
[14:52:43] <mrkiko> Hello guys. May i report currently broken packages on here os isn't this the right place to do so? BTW, currently finch (purple related( and boost are broken
[14:53:10] <mrkiko> finch needs to be rebuilt due to libidn and maybe icu?
[14:53:25] <mrkiko> Yeah, I activated testing
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[15:35:46] <buildmaster> Hi deep42thought!
[15:35:46] <buildmaster> !rq deep42thought
[15:35:47] <phrik> buildmaster: <deep42thought> arch32 is on the bleeding edge of arch, which is on the bleeding edge of software?
[15:37:31] <deep42thought> DepositePirate: you should be able to open bugs on the bugtracker now
[15:39:18] <deep42thought> mrkiko: you're right here
[15:40:33] <deep42thought> looks, like finch does not need to be recompiled, but libpurple needs to
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[18:11:01] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[18:11:01] <buildmaster> !rq abaumann
[18:11:01] <phrik> buildmaster: <abaumann> some packages in Archlinux suffer from 'featureitis'.
[18:18:54] <abaumann> ldd /usr/bin/sddm: libicui18n.so.62 => not found, libicuuc.so.62 => not found
[18:36:34] <deep42thought> abaumann: what does lddtree say, where this originates?
[18:38:32] <abaumann> hi deep42thought :-)
[18:39:04] <abaumann> ah. it's on testing. sorry.
[18:39:16] <abaumann> libQt5Core
[18:39:20] <abaumann> libQt5Core.so.5 => /usr/lib/libQt5Core.so.5
[18:39:20] <abaumann> libicui18n.so.62 => None
[18:39:20] <abaumann> libicuuc.so.62 => None
[18:40:25] <abaumann> seems ok on staging. so the problem should go away automatically
[18:40:34] <deep42thought> should :-)
[18:41:13] <deep42thought> Hi abaumann
[18:41:16] <abaumann> :-)
[18:41:22] <deep42thought> aka "where are my manners"
[18:41:24] <abaumann> mmh. I can start sddm and slim in parallel?
[18:42:05] <abaumann> ah. the second greeter restarts and the fails..
[18:42:06] <abaumann> :-)
[18:42:07] <deep42thought> multi display setup?
[18:42:12] <abaumann> nope
[18:42:18] <abaumann> then it would make sense.. sort of.
[18:42:35] <deep42thought> maybe it's like with bootloaders: sddm chainlods slim or vice versa?
[18:43:32] <abaumann> Athlon XP-M 2800+, ui. that's old :-)
[18:44:16] <abaumann> but dbus not working in xfce?
[18:44:21] <abaumann> that sounds quite weird.
[18:47:02] <abaumann> I noticed that python-hypothesis (any) was building on the tyzoid-srv0-bs0, effectively killing it with regression tests.. so I forced it to buildknecht. :-)
[18:47:21] <abaumann> So I can confirm that any packages end up on i486 build slaves.
[18:47:26] <deep42thought> abaumann: yeah, somehow all any packages are scheduled to i486 build slaves
[18:47:27] <abaumann> *'any'
[18:47:44] <abaumann> highest id in the architecture table?
[18:47:48] <deep42thought> no
[18:47:50] <deep42thought> lowest
[18:47:52] <abaumann> mmh.
[18:47:58] <deep42thought> and the logic is also different
[18:48:34] <abaumann> just a shot into the dark :-)
[18:49:10] <deep42thought> https://git.archlinux32.org
[18:49:12] <phrik> Title:archlinux32/builder: Tools for building 32-bit archlinux packages from archlinux.org's official, 64-bit tested PKGBUILDs et al. - Archlinux32 Gitea (at git.archlinux32.org)
[18:51:35] <abaumann> most likely something fails to start on an athlon that old and then something tries to talk via dbus to it.
[18:51:46] <deep42thought> dunno
[18:51:47] <abaumann> I would head for 'Illegal instructions' in the journal :-)
[18:51:51] <deep42thought> I'm afk for dinner :-)
[18:52:03] <abaumann> ah. sorry. enjoy. :-)
[19:13:46] <abaumann> me too now.. :-)
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[19:23:47] <elibrokeit> I've discovered when trying to build a new pacman-static release using extra-i686-build, that the keys are once more broken
[19:24:17] <elibrokeit> because I didn't rebuild the root/ chroot, so arch-nspawn pacman -Syu nukes the keyring ;)
[19:33:41] <deep42thought> elibrokeit: you're running pacman-key --refresh sometime?
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[19:42:57] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[19:42:57] <buildmaster> !rq abaumann
[19:42:58] <phrik> buildmaster: <abaumann> very soon only a machine learning algorithm will be able to devise a build plan for a Linux distribution..
[19:51:06] <abaumann> I just disabled test_ssl in python2.. we ignore most tests now and it will die soon anyway.. but failing tests should not block the builds..
[19:51:18] <deep42thought> thy, abaumann
[19:51:22] <deep42thought> *thx
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[20:01:36] <deep42thought> I can't find anything wrong with the hand-out-logic - maybe it's, that most of the i486 packages are blocked due to unavailable dependencies, so the i486 slaves would be idle otherwise?
[20:03:00] <elibrokeit> deep42thought: the whole key issue is that arch-nspawn overwrites the key
[20:03:32] <deep42thought> yeah, but we run pacman-key --init && pacman-key --populate at some point
[20:03:34] <elibrokeit> well, archbuild either runs mkarchroot to create new roots, or arch-nspawn to update existing ones
[20:03:51] <elibrokeit> and you populate only in makechrootpkg, in the /chrootbuild script
[20:04:01] <deep42thought> uh, ok
[20:04:10] * deep42thought never understood all of the details :-/
[20:04:41] <elibrokeit> every single arch-nspawn will break the keyring, and you only fix it when running makechrootpkg alone
[20:04:58] * elibrokeit wonders whether it's truly worth always copying keys anyway
[20:05:23] <deep42thought> so, the problem is, that archlinux32-keyring is broken?
[20:05:28] <deep42thought> or something else?
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[20:06:23] <mchasard> hi
[20:07:06] <mchasard> i have some troubles with last update
[20:07:23] <mchasard> i can't startx no more
[20:07:52] <mchasard> i don't know if it's due to the instal of a new kernel
[20:13:32] <deep42thought> what does you xorg log say?
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[20:15:02] <deep42thought> it says "/quit"?
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[20:23:46] <mchasard> hi again
[20:23:49] <deep42thought> Hi
[20:24:14] <mchasard> so is there some other guys who has some troubles with recent update.?
[20:24:31] <deep42thought> x can break due to many things
[20:24:40] <deep42thought> and there have been guys with broken y
[20:24:43] <deep42thought> x
[20:25:18] <deep42thought> what's in your /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?
[20:25:45] <mchasard> ah ok my troubles is about graphical interface x11 can't be launch
[20:26:16] <mchasard> i'm not under the arch distro sorry
[20:26:29] <deep42thought> uh, ok
[20:26:52] <mchasard> may be i can launch another pc w
[20:27:14] <mchasard> i just would like to say if i'm not alone in this case ?
[20:27:24] <mchasard> to know sorry
[20:29:20] <mchasard> but the other broke recently ?
[20:29:50] <deep42thought> idk, my X works fine :-)
[20:30:01] <deep42thought> and my memory is really bad / full
[20:30:25] <mchasard> is it due to the install of another new kernel 4.14 ?
[20:30:33] <deep42thought> most likely not
[20:31:00] <mchasard> hum ok i laiunched with old kernel and its the same
[20:32:11] <mchasard> don't know what's happen just that cue couldn't install due to conflict
[20:33:54] <mchasard> i can see the log about xorg.0.log
[20:34:58] <mchasard> what did you want to see ?
[20:35:13] <deep42thought> some EE lines
[20:35:20] <deep42thought> but you can just post the full log
[20:35:22] <deep42thought> !ptpb
[20:35:23] <phrik> "<command> |& curl -F c=@- https://ptpb.pw" OR "curl -F c=@path/to/a/file https://ptpb.pw"
[20:36:03] <mchasard> but i can see log file cause i'm under another distro linux
[20:36:21] <mchasard> i don't know if it could work ?this command
[20:36:24] <deep42thought> so this is the log of a working run, than?
[20:36:34] <deep42thought> *then
[20:36:50] <deep42thought> the log of the failing start is more interesting ;-)
[20:38:09] <mchasard> yes i know but i can't launch x11 now on this arch based distro 32 bits
[20:38:40] <deep42thought> you should be able to look at the log on a tty
[20:38:47] <deep42thought> ctrl+alt+f1
[20:39:04] <mchasard> hum so i have to relaunch the right distro sorry i'll be back
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[20:43:17] <deep42thought> there is a bash script running on the buildmaster which has 317 open file handles - this doesn't sound normal :-/
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[20:56:12] <elibrokeit> deep42thought: the problem is that when running extra-i686-build, then /etc/pacman.d/gnupg is nuked, the keyring package works fine and --populate fixes it.
[20:56:39] <deep42thought> nuked, because why?
[20:56:49] <deep42thought> because it gets overwritten with the host's one?
[20:56:58] <elibrokeit> in fact, running setarch i686 arch-nspawn /var/lib/archbuild/extra-i686/root will delete and overwrite with the host
[20:57:15] <elibrokeit> you know this, because you added a pacman-key --populate thing
[20:57:38] <deep42thought> "know" is too much honor - pacman-key --populate simply solved an issue :-)
[21:02:44] <deep42thought> maybe, it would be saner to _append_ the host keys?
[21:07:25] <elibrokeit> gpg cannot really append one keyring to another using cat, and expect it to work
[21:07:35] <deep42thought> yeah
[21:07:44] <deep42thought> but one could gpg --export | gpg --import
[21:08:01] <deep42thought> ... which would assume, the second keyring is not total garbage
[21:08:41] <elibrokeit> what about the trustdb?
[21:09:30] <deep42thought> uh, oops
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[21:28:20] <buildmaster> i686/gpgme is broken (says buildknecht2).
[21:28:20] <buildmaster> i686/ntop is broken (says tyzoid-srv0-bs0).
[21:52:32] <DepositePirate> deep42thought: Thanks!
[22:10:10] <elibrokeit> deep42thought: you can --export-ownertrust, of course...
[22:26:53] <elibrokeit> deep42thought: better alternative is to use pacman-key --gpgdir $chroot/etc/pacman.d/gnupg/ --import /etc/pacman.d/gnupg &&pacman-key --gpgdir $chroot/etc/pacman.d/gnupg/ --import-trustdb /etc/pacman.d/gnupg
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[23:07:17] <buildmaster> i686/mysql-workbench is broken (says buildknecht2).
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[23:37:11] <buildmaster> i686/apm is broken (says tyzoid-srv0-bs0).