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[07:57:37] <buildmaster> Hi deep42thought!
[07:57:37] <buildmaster> !rq deep42thought
[07:57:38] <phrik> buildmaster: <deep42thought> doesn't one usually try to avoid rust on metals?
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[08:04:09] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[08:04:09] <buildmaster> !rq abaumann
[08:04:10] <phrik> buildmaster: <abaumann> I think, adding a error to namcap whenever git/hg repos are used, is an idea. :->
[08:04:20] <abaumann> hi deep42thought
[08:04:22] <deep42thought> Good morning, abaumann
[08:04:49] <abaumann> Mmh. Manjaro32: just installed a manjaro-xfce-17.1.7-rc1-testing-i686.iso, works without problems.
[08:05:00] <abaumann> now I'm updating via the manjaro repos.
[08:05:06] <deep42thought> maybe hardware?
[08:05:11] <abaumann> could be.
[08:06:50] <abaumann> rust drives me nuts..
[08:06:52] <abaumann> .. and LLVM.
[08:07:02] <abaumann> there used to be the idea to have a C backend in a compiler.
[08:07:13] <deep42thought> please don't go insane - I think I can't fix you like I can fix the buildmaster
[08:07:14] <abaumann> So that you can easily cross-compile to architectures
[08:07:23] <abaumann> !grab deep42thought
[08:07:24] <phrik> abaumann: Tada!
[08:07:30] <abaumann> lol :-)
[08:07:58] <abaumann> I'm seriously considering a librsvg providing just C header files and a stub library implementing nothing.
[08:08:07] <abaumann> so software would be able to link against it.
[08:08:24] <abaumann> but: rust is needed for the final librsvg sooner or later..
[08:08:38] <deep42thought> make the library display an error, that the user should complain to rust for no sane cross compilation
[08:09:02] <abaumann> actually. the problem is that there is support for i586 in rust, but not for i486.
[08:09:24] <abaumann> I have cargo/rustc running on the i486 machine (sort of running - minus some memory corruption)
[08:09:28] <deep42thought> and the i586 one doesn't run on qemu?
[08:09:49] <abaumann> this doesn't help, as rust detects the host to be i484.
[08:09:52] <abaumann> *i486
[08:09:55] <abaumann> which is correct
[08:10:10] <deep42thought> ah, and then it tells "I don't run on this hardware"?
[08:10:12] <abaumann> but then it has no internal support for this platform.
[08:10:24] <abaumann> I have no build specification for i486, yes.
[08:10:31] <deep42thought> and compiling the i586 stuff on i486 won't work?
[08:10:43] <abaumann> no, because some MMX will creep in.
[08:11:01] <abaumann> rust has very precise march flags..
[08:11:09] <abaumann> as gcc/clang
[08:12:06] <abaumann> the cargo caching and repository disaster can be circumvented with a squid proxy and some repetitive downloads after cargo crashes, so, I have all prerequisites to build at least the first stage of the compiler.
[08:12:21] <abaumann> furthermore: I suspect also the libstd of Rust needs porting
[08:12:48] <abaumann> that's why a C backend is such a good idea.. you get a lot of things for free.
[08:13:38] <abaumann> manjaro32 update: vlc, ffmpeg2.8 conflict.
[08:13:45] <abaumann> thunar-archive-plugin overwrite warnings.
[08:13:46] <abaumann> mmh.
[08:14:28] <abaumann> let's apply force. :-)
[08:15:06] <buildmaster> i686/libixion is broken (says tyzoid-srv0-bs0).
[08:17:07] <abaumann> mmh. why is lxc-templates in the AUR? they are quite handy..
[08:18:04] <elibrokeit> Why is there a blanket, ffmpeg2.8 conflict as those packages were respectively upgraded and dropped practically a year ago?
[08:18:13] <elibrokeit> Uwot elibrokeit
[08:18:28] <elibrokeit> *vlc/ffmpeg2.8
[08:18:32] <abaumann> it's manjaro32, I wanted to see, if an upgrade from the last testing ISO is possible.
[08:18:38] <deep42thought> ls: cannot access '/mnt/archlinux32/pool/ffmpeg2.8-*.xz': No such file or directory
[08:18:45] <deep42thought> we don't have ffmpeg2.8 anymore
[08:18:52] <abaumann> it's an old iso.
[08:19:12] <deep42thought> shouldn't the iso install from up-to-date mirrors?
[08:19:20] <elibrokeit> That had vlc preinstalles?
[08:19:32] <elibrokeit> I'm so confused
[08:19:33] <abaumann> maybe we should contact the manjaro32 guy and ask him about the status, before we also have to hold hands for users of manjaro32 (as yesterday)?
[08:19:44] <deep42thought> maybe it's needed for the welcome-to-windows-tour
[08:19:55] <deep42thought> ahm, I meant welcome-to-manjare
[08:19:57] <elibrokeit> The iso is just something used to have a working pacman binary
[08:20:29] <abaumann> in manjaro32 it's a windows-like installer too, which is actually quite nice - if maintained.
[08:20:35] <deep42thought> abaumann: mchasard was willing to migrate to archlinux32, if I understood correctly
[08:20:47] <elibrokeit> You can natively compile Pacman anywhere though, and f.e. Fedora or Gentoo provide one in their repos
[08:20:52] <abaumann> yeah. most likely causing side effects.
[08:21:29] <abaumann> ah. I know. I compiled it on Centos 7 to bootstrap an early stage of the bootstrapping project.
[08:23:20] <elibrokeit> What is the rust problem now, BTW?
[08:23:40] <elibrokeit> Do they not have any binary seed for i486 at all?
[08:23:52] <abaumann> nope. just for i586
[08:23:57] <abaumann> I might request one..
[08:24:07] <abaumann> ..but for such a niche?
[08:24:14] <abaumann> error: failed to run `rustc` to learn about target-specific information
[08:24:14] <abaumann> Caused by:
[08:24:14] <abaumann> process didn't exit successfully: `rustc - --crate-name ___ --print=file-names --crate-type bin --crate-type proc-macro --crate-type rlib --target i486-unknown-linux-gnu` (signal: 6, SIGABRT: process abort signal)
[08:24:18] <abaumann> --- stderr
[08:24:21] <abaumann> error: Error loading host specification: Could not find specification for target "i486-unknown-linux-gnu"
[08:25:06] <abaumann> So, this is the compiler telling me, that it actually doesn't know about the platform.
[08:25:28] <abaumann> I read once an old outdated documentation about how to write such build specifications by hand
[08:25:43] <deep42thought> so you don't need a seed binary but rather a platform definition
[08:25:52] <abaumann> it's basically a glorified JSON with some things like 'address width of a pointer', etc.
[08:26:03] <abaumann> exactly.
[08:26:14] <abaumann> and I fear also LLVM needs support for i486
[08:26:22] <deep42thought> I think, requesting _that_ from the rust devs seems reasonable
[08:26:32] <deep42thought> it doesn't have it?
[08:26:51] <deep42thought> (1st was referring to rust, 2nd to llvm)
[08:26:52] <elibrokeit> Lolwut
[08:27:09] <elibrokeit> Rust just needs some spec file?
[08:27:31] <elibrokeit> Oh -- does it already cross-compile?
[08:27:50] <abaumann> I have running binaries..
[08:27:56] <abaumann> ..for some definition of running.
[08:28:10] <abaumann> It's not a good idea to mix libssl 1.0/1.1 libgit2 and stuff.
[08:28:14] <abaumann> :-)
[08:28:33] <abaumann> but I could download the crate index and the required libraries for bootstrapping
[08:37:09] <abaumann> mmh. too me manjaro32 is pretty much alive.
[08:38:28] <abaumann> ok. for some values of alive.. KMS is completly borked in 'testing'..
[08:39:43] <deep42thought> abaumann: where do you pull [manjaro32] from?
[08:39:50] <deep42thought> https://repo.manjaro32.org doesn't have it
[08:39:54] <phrik> Title:Index of /i686 (at repo.manjaro32.org)
[08:40:14] <abaumann> http://manjaro32.org Current installer images are available on OSDN.
[08:40:19] <abaumann> https://osdn.net
[08:40:21] <phrik> Title:Manjaro Linux (32-Bit) Project Top Page - OSDN (at osdn.net)
[08:41:42] <abaumann> I wanted to see the status of testing, and that one doesn't look good.
[08:41:57] <abaumann> If they are seriously repackaging every single package, they are doomed anyway..
[08:42:24] <abaumann> .. in my brain such a distro should just use the standard repos and one additional repo for things like the graphical installed.
[08:42:27] <abaumann> *installer
[08:42:59] <abaumann> parabola is another beast, as they have to remove non-free packages or disable non-free stuff inside the packages.
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[13:51:46] <buildmaster> i686/gitlab is broken (says buildknecht2).
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[15:16:10] <buildmaster> i686/gtranslator is broken (says eurobuild3).
[15:39:12] <buildmaster> i686/gtkglext is broken (says rechenknecht).
[15:51:05] <deep42thought> btw: I think, I fixed the bug in our auto-rescheduler - but I will not yet re-enable it, just to make sure not to reschedule thousands of packages per hour
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[15:58:33] <buildmaster> i686/allegro is broken (says rechenknecht).
[16:33:52] <elibrokeit> abaumann: right, and parabola has a special db importer that copies the repo mostly in place, rm's the packages they don't want, and rebuilds the db
[16:34:36] <elibrokeit> Manjaro is well known to be rather nuts about rebuilding every package in multiple "streams" with different libs
[16:35:06] <elibrokeit> So idk why manjaro32 would be different -- or why they need an upstream for that...
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[18:17:44] <elibrokeit> hmm, did the protobuf rebuild break for you? https://labs.parabola.nu from the #parabola channel
[18:17:46] <phrik> Title:Bug #2061: [mosh] (possibly others) need rebuilding against newer protobuf libraries. - Packages - Parabola Issue Tracker (at labs.parabola.nu)
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[18:34:06] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[18:34:06] <buildmaster> !rq abaumann
[18:34:07] <phrik> buildmaster: <abaumann> classic approach then.. add more resources to the problem :-)
[18:36:34] <abaumann> elibrokeit: we had issues with protobuf, https://bbs.archlinux32.org but now in stable. ldd /usr/bin/mosh-* | grep libprotobuf has the same issues in archlinux32 stable (libprotobuf.so.15 => not found)
[18:36:36] <phrik> Title:cannot resolve "protobuf=", a dependency of "python-protobuf" / Pacman / Pacman Upgrades / Arch Linux 32 Forums (at bbs.archlinux32.org)
[18:36:48] <abaumann> So, I'll nudge mosh in the buildmaster :-)
[18:37:53] <abaumann> ah. currently there is a gcc rebuild blocking both i486 and i686 builds..
[18:37:58] <abaumann> ..will take a while/.
[18:38:07] <elibrokeit> such spam: https://bbs.archlinux32.org
[18:38:08] <phrik> Title:Nepal Holiday Package / Installation / Arch Linux 32 Forums (at bbs.archlinux32.org)
[18:38:22] <abaumann> damn. :-)
[18:38:31] <abaumann> though, I would like to go to Nepal.
[18:39:55] <abaumann> ah. there is a mosh-1.3.2-5.0-i686.pkg.tar.xz in testing.
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[18:46:59] <abaumann> /usr/bin/sendmail: error while loading shared libraries: libicui18n.so.62: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
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[18:47:12] <abaumann> mmh. this is a little bit more serious.. I can not report tested software.. :-)
[18:47:40] <abaumann> uff. only in testing..
[18:48:08] <abaumann> staging is ok.
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[19:25:24] <abaumann> working mosh is in stable
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[19:36:27] <mchasard> hi
[19:36:35] <mchasard> is abauman here please ?
[19:38:21] <abaumann> yea.
[19:38:24] <abaumann> I'm here.
[19:38:56] <mchasard> yes do you remember me you tried to help yesterday
[19:39:23] <mchasard> about slim and lxde to make it open automatically
[19:39:33] <abaumann> yes.
[19:39:49] <mchasard> i just install another windows manager thinking that it could arrange but its the same
[19:40:09] <mchasard> i have install mate and mate extra but ...oops
[19:40:53] <abaumann> so, slim was again coraking about unable to execute session?
[19:41:37] <abaumann> lxdm as login manager is maybe also an idea.
[19:41:54] <abaumann> especially because you were using lxde and those two should fit well together
[19:41:59] <mchasard> do you have another idea cause when i retrieve manually lxde ... windows are not really set like usual and its not easy to make it work even mouse pointer does not appear
[19:42:04] <mchasard> lxde ?
[19:42:20] <abaumann> oh. you were using xfce?
[19:42:26] <mchasard> lxdm another manager hum i don't know really
[19:42:48] <abaumann> you have a nice set to choose from: https://wiki.archlinux.org :-)
[19:42:50] <phrik> Title:Display manager - ArchWiki (at wiki.archlinux.org)
[19:42:58] <mchasard> so i have to uninstall slim and install lxdm
[19:43:07] <abaumann> no, you can have both installed.
[19:43:20] <abaumann> just disable one and enable and start another
[19:43:24] <abaumann> systemctl disable slim
[19:43:28] <abaumann> pacman -S lxdm
[19:43:33] <abaumann> systemctl enable lxdm
[19:43:38] <abaumann> systemctl start lxdm
[19:43:55] <mchasard> ok and i will see if its ok ??
[19:44:00] <mchasard> let me try
[19:44:10] <abaumann> what worries me: I tested today a manjaro-testing, and it was completly broken (at least the graphics), so you migrated to Archlinux32 by switching the repos, right?
[19:44:20] <abaumann> just try first :-)
[19:44:45] <mchasard> ok
[19:44:46] <abaumann> If you migrate from manjaro32, you should really reinstall all installed software.
[19:45:15] <abaumann> pacman -Qqn | pacman -S -
[19:47:07] <mchasard> lxdm seems to not be launched after the last command
[19:47:24] <mchasard> systemctl start lxdm
[19:47:46] <mchasard> slim lauched
[19:47:58] <abaumann> systemctl stop slim
[19:48:02] <abaumann> systemctl start lxdm
[19:52:07] <mchasard> i have lxdm now
[19:52:31] <mchasard> the mouse pointer appears
[19:52:57] <abaumann> can you log in?
[19:53:07] <mchasard> and its seems betteeyes
[19:53:36] <mchasard> so it should aunch automatically ?
[19:53:44] <mchasard> now ?
[19:53:48] <mchasard> if i reboot ?
[19:54:00] <abaumann> if you enabled it, yes
[19:54:04] <abaumann> systemctl enable lxdm
[19:55:10] <mchasard> ok and i try to reboot ?
[19:55:34] <abaumann> yeah. what can go wrong? ;-)
[19:55:39] <mchasard> ok
[19:56:30] <mchasard> let me try
[19:57:55] <mchasard> ok it works well even lxdm is not design lol
[19:58:53] <abaumann> design is not so important. especially on old machines. :-)
[19:59:06] <abaumann> mmh. a dbus error when I'm starting lxde.
[19:59:14] <abaumann> ok. that's something I have to find out..
[19:59:30] <mchasard> windows are not settings like before under lxde
[20:00:03] <mchasard> i can't move them theres not the up bar to take it
[20:02:30] <mchasard> ok thanks
[20:02:42] <abaumann> np. hope, at least you can use it somehow now.
[20:02:54] <mchasard> the command to remove mate and mate-extra ?
[20:03:10] <abaumann> pacman -Rs mate mate-extra
[20:03:18] <mchasard> ok thanks
[20:03:21] <abaumann> np
[20:04:19] <mchasard> or should i try mate lol
[20:05:58] <mchasard> briskmenufactory cannot be launch for mate
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