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[00:44:05] <bill-auger> it looks like that happens here https://git.archlinux32.org
[00:44:11] <phrik> Title: archlinux32/archiso32: Fork of archiso from archlinux.org which still includes 32-bit in the cd - Archlinux32 Gitea (at git.archlinux32.org)
[00:44:36] <bill-auger> but what is the effect of this import during mkinitcpio?
[00:45:06] <bill-auger> or the reason for "wass sat duz?"
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[03:10:58] <zro> list of arch32 based distros? is that a thing?
[03:37:01] <bill-auger> zro: it probably just arch32 and the i686 port of parabola
[03:38:00] <zro> im basically just trying to turn a bunch of old machines into wordprocessors. any suggestion? should i try to just diy arch32/lxde?
[03:38:02] <bill-auger> there may be one other - im not sure
[03:38:30] <bill-auger> as opposed to what?
[03:39:25] <bill-auger> if the will only run a single word procressing program, you dont even need a WM/DE, that could just be a kiosk
[03:39:43] <zro> i dunno. one of these distros based on arch32. lubunu. puppy. something
[03:39:55] <zro> i thought of that but someone might need to look at a webpage or something?
[03:40:40] <zro> also prolly need people to like mount/unmount a usb drive and posisble mess around in a filemanager
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[05:10:05] <zro> hmmm system seems to just hang at archiso.img. do i need to edit the boot options on a low memory system or something?
[05:10:20] <zro> i feel like it should error if this thing is really just oo old and shitty, no?
[05:36:19] <bill-auger> zro: how much memory?
[05:38:47] <bill-auger> i think bare minimum is in the 96 MB range or 128 with LXDE
[05:40:04] <zro> 256
[05:40:22] <zro> its a pentium4. old thinkpad t30
[05:40:48] <bill-auger> LXDE is ideal for that box as a desktop system
[05:41:13] <zro> i cant get the damn thing to boot the media tho.... grumble
[05:41:33] <bill-auger> you could use the user-friendly parabola installer if you wanted
[05:42:06] <bill-auger> that will install a system with LXDE and either systemd or openrc
[05:42:33] <zro> ya? is that worth it? I was gonna see if i could get like an older regular arch to boot: https://archive.archlinux.org
[05:42:34] <phrik> Title: Index of /iso/2017.03.01/ (at archive.archlinux.org)
[05:42:45] <zro> whats parabola's deal?
[05:43:16] <bill-auger> is *what* worth *what* ? - im just saying what simplest/foolproof
[05:43:53] <zro> i just dont know the distro. looking at it now
[05:44:22] <zro> whats the deal? its just more floss than floss?
[05:44:25] <bill-auger> parabola is the FSF endorsed fork of arch - it is arch minus some software and artwork that do not have freely distributable licenses and sources
[05:44:41] <bill-auger> its floss + "free culture"
[05:44:56] <bill-auger> arkworks, music, and such
[05:46:21] <bill-auger> you can convert a parabola system to and from arch easily at any time - there is no compromises possible
[05:48:47] <bill-auger> but some of the parabola liveISOs have a mouse-friendly GUI installer that will produce a fresh system with LXDE working
[05:50:23] <bill-auger> handy if you have, as you say, many machines to repeat this on - i suggest the "complete" systemd/LXDE ISO to make your task easy
[06:14:48] <zro> hey it looks like parabola is starting up!
[06:15:32] <zro> thats this one? 3.2.2 Parabola systemd LXDE ISO
[06:15:56] <zro> doesnt say complete, but i assume u mean the DE not the CLI ones
[06:18:18] <zro> oh. u mean as opposed to the netinstall, which is what i burned and booted. ugh
[06:18:27] <bill-auger> no i meant the one marked "complete" instead of "netinstall"
[06:18:54] <bill-auger> netinstall means you need t download the entire OS for each install
[06:19:30] <bill-auger> "the complete" ISO install the LXDE system in 6 minutes
[06:19:40] <zro> well snap
[06:20:00] <zro> hmmm. popup is saying it wants a gig of ram?
[06:20:16] <zro> oh, but thats the graphi installer?
[06:20:45] <bill-auger> yes your right - you will need to use the CLI wizard
[06:21:06] <bill-auger> it should be a link on the desktop - or it is script in HOME
[06:22:22] <zro> i can just run in in an terminal emulator tho? i dont gotta like not boot into x or something?
[06:22:25] <bill-auger> let us not do parabola support in this channel though - join #parabola if you like
[06:22:34] <zro> oh ya. good call
[06:22:36] <zro> sorry
[06:22:54] <bill-auger> yes ets ~/install-systemd.sh or similar name
[06:23:12] <bill-auger> or under /root
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[09:08:09] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[09:08:09] <buildmaster> !rq abaumann
[09:08:11] <phrik> buildmaster: <abaumann> ok. it fails, but it works..
[09:09:08] <abaumann> thePiGrepper: firefox needed some linker flags -Wl,--no-keep-memory -Wl,--reduce-memory-overheads, thunderbird was using a self-compiled gold linker running happilly out of memory, forced that one to the standard BFD binutils linker with the same flags.
[09:09:29] <abaumann> see the archlinux32 PKGBUILDs.
[09:09:53] <abaumann> The -Wl,--reduce-memory-overheads I saw also on VoidLinux, that gave me the idea to try it this way. :-)
[09:18:43] <abaumann> zro: 256 MB RAM is not enough to load the root filesystem into memory! So you have either to use the 'copytoram=n' parameter. If that doesn't help, try the i486 ISO image (which runs completly of the CDROM), see https://bbs.archlinux32.org
[09:18:50] <phrik> Title: i486 motivation thread / Artwork, Screenshots & Setups / Arch Linux 32 Forums (at bbs.archlinux32.org)
[09:19:26] <abaumann> Despite the i486 nature of that ISO, you can just change Arch=i486 in /etc/pacman.conf, choose an Archlinux32 mirror and then install via pacstrap.
[09:55:02] <abaumann> *arch=i686 I meant :-)
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