#archlinux32 | Logs for 2020-04-16

[00:00:51] <buildmaster> i686/yubikey-touch-detector is broken (says eurobuild6-4): https://archlinux32.org
[00:01:34] <buildmaster> pentium4/yubikey-touch-detector is broken (says eurobuild6-2): https://archlinux32.org
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[00:17:08] <buildmaster> i486/rime-cantonese is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1): https://archlinux32.org
[00:23:50] <buildmaster> i486/yubikey-touch-detector is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1): https://archlinux32.org
[00:51:34] <buildmaster> i686/haskell-singletons are still broken (says eurobuild6-5) - I rescheduled: haskell-turtle: https://archlinux32.org
[01:05:15] <buildmaster> i486/yubioath-desktop is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1): https://archlinux32.org
[01:06:30] <buildmaster> pentium4/hoogle is broken (says eurobuild6-2) - I rescheduled: haskell-storable-tuple: https://archlinux32.org
[01:09:56] <buildmaster> pentium4/haskell-yesod-core is still broken (says eurobuild6-4) - I rescheduled: haskell-wai-extra: https://archlinux32.org
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[01:22:49] <buildmaster> pentium4/haskell-yesod-test is broken (says eurobuild6-1): https://archlinux32.org
[02:44:05] <buildmaster> i686/haskell-clash-prelude is broken (says eurobuild6-3) - I rescheduled: haskell-text-show: https://archlinux32.org
[02:44:51] <buildmaster> i686/haskell-yesod-static is broken (says eurobuild6-1): https://archlinux32.org
[02:49:25] <buildmaster> pentium4/haskell-yesod-static is broken (says eurobuild6-4): https://archlinux32.org
[02:54:01] <buildmaster> i686/haskell-yesod-default is still broken (says eurobuild6-1) - I rescheduled: haskell-yesod-core: https://archlinux32.org
[06:20:05] <buildmaster> i686/haskell-mustache is broken (says eurobuild6-5): https://archlinux32.org
[06:29:19] <buildmaster> i686/shellcheck is broken (says eurobuild6-3) - already flagged out-of-date upstream on 2020-04-05: https://archlinux32.org
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[06:31:09] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[06:31:09] <buildmaster> !rq abaumann
[06:31:10] <phrik> buildmaster: <abaumann> I guess it's the usual bug: transactions are not transactions on mysql
[07:09:41] <trotz> 2020/04/16 07:08 OK buildmaster OS updates 0 updates, 0 ignored
[07:25:22] <buildmaster> i686/chromium is broken (says nlopc46): https://archlinux32.org
[07:31:41] <nit-picker> parts of i686/ghc are in different repositories: community, community-testing
[07:34:06] <nit-picker> The following packages are longer than 3 days in pentium4/community-staging:
[07:34:06] <nit-picker> portsmf-234-1.0-pentium4.pkg.tar.xz: since 2019-12-14 (123 days)
[07:34:06] <nit-picker> xmonad-0.15-39.0-pentium4.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-04-04 (12 days)
[07:34:06] <nit-picker> xmonad-contrib-0.16-19.0-pentium4.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-04-04 (12 days)
[07:34:06] <nit-picker> xmonad-utils- since 2020-04-04 (12 days)
[07:34:07] <nit-picker> gala-3.3.0-1.0-pentium4.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-04-06 (10 days)
[07:34:07] <nit-picker> ... (447 total)
[07:37:28] <nit-picker> The following packages are longer than 17 days in i486/testing:
[07:37:29] <nit-picker> alsa-oss-1.1.8-3.1-i486.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-03-19 (27 days)
[07:37:29] <nit-picker> boost-1.72.0-1.0-i486.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-03-19 (27 days)
[07:37:29] <nit-picker> boost-libs-1.72.0-1.0-i486.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-03-19 (27 days)
[07:37:29] <nit-picker> dbus-1.12.16-5.2-i486.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-03-19 (27 days)
[07:37:29] <nit-picker> dbus-docs-1.12.16-5.2-i486.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-03-19 (27 days)
[07:37:29] <nit-picker> ... (18 total)
[07:38:12] <buildmaster> i686/haskell-rerebase is broken (says eurobuild6-2): https://archlinux32.org
[08:21:07] <bill-auger> deep42thought abaumann - whats the deal with 'pygtk' - are there plans to remove it, or will you be keeping it ? - i dont know what all those " [deletion-list]" indicate https://www.archlinux32.org
[08:21:09] <phrik> Title: Arch Linux 32 - pygtk 2.24.0-8.5 (i686) (at www.archlinux32.org)
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[08:32:01] <buildmaster> Hi deep42thought!
[08:32:02] <buildmaster> !rq deep42thought
[08:32:02] <phrik> buildmaster: <deep42thought> I know this feeling: doing hundrets of laser shots (manually) just to discover, that your spectrometer was on auto-trigger, but not on auto-save ...
[08:32:22] <deep42thought> bill-auger: pygtk was removed upstream (?), so it is scheduled for removal on archlinux32 automatically, too
[08:32:34] <deep42thought> we just have not (yet) run the actual deletion command
[08:33:07] <deep42thought> btw: good morning, all!
[08:34:14] <abaumann> moring deep42thought
[08:34:16] <deep42thought> for an in-depth explanation: The "[deletion-list]" means, some package already *got* deleted (e.g. new build assignments which did not even get built, may land there)
[08:34:40] <deep42thought> the striking-out of the name in the list on the right indicates, that the package is marked for removal
[08:35:01] <deep42thought> unfortunately, this is not visible for the package version you currently see, only for the ones that are linked
[08:35:14] <deep42thought> we should probably change that and print somewhere "scheduled for removal"
[08:51:57] <deep42thought> is this warning appropriate?
[08:52:01] <deep42thought> https://www.archlinux32.org
[08:52:02] <phrik> Title: Arch Linux 32 - pygtk 2.24.0-8.5 (i686) (at www.archlinux32.org)
[09:16:26] <nit-picker> The following packages are longer than 17 days in i686/testing:
[09:16:26] <nit-picker> alsa-oss-1.1.8-3.1-i686.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-03-19 (27 days)
[09:16:26] <nit-picker> alsa-plugins-1.2.2-1.2-i686.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-03-19 (27 days)
[09:16:26] <nit-picker> alsa-utils-1.2.2-1.1-i686.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-03-19 (27 days)
[09:16:26] <nit-picker> avahi-0.8+15+ge8a3dd0-1.0-i686.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-03-19 (27 days)
[09:16:26] <nit-picker> basket-2.49b-2.0-i686.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-03-19 (27 days)
[09:16:27] <nit-picker> ... (45 total)
[09:50:36] <bill-auger> yea that is more intuitive
[09:50:50] <deep42thought> and more obvious :-D
[09:50:52] <bill-auger> pardon my ignorance but can you explain what virtual packages are ?
[09:51:09] <deep42thought> depends on the context
[09:51:12] <bill-auger> i see for example that arch still has many packages with pygtk as a(virtual) dependency
[09:51:15] <deep42thought> did I mention this sometime?
[09:51:28] <bill-auger> pygtk is listed in the depends=() array of the PKGBUILD
[09:51:50] <bill-auger> so what happens in that case - does some other package 'provide' it?
[09:52:06] <deep42thought> yes, this can be
[09:52:06] <bill-auger> compiz for example
[09:52:14] <deep42thought> I *think*, it can also be a group
[09:52:29] <deep42thought> I cannot find compiz upstream
[09:52:30] <bill-auger> we have many packages which depend on pygtk - i fear this is going to be a big problem for us
[09:52:43] <bill-auger> https://git.parabola.nu
[09:52:44] <phrik> Title: PKGBUILD ÂŤ compiz ÂŤ pcr - abslibre.git - Libre Packages Build Scripts for the Parabola GNU/Linux-libre (Arch Build System Libre) (at git.parabola.nu)
[09:52:51] <deep42thought> https://www.archlinux.org
[09:52:51] <phrik> Title: Arch Linux - Package Search (at www.archlinux.org)
[09:52:55] <bill-auger> ok nm thats ours
[09:52:58] <nit-picker> The following packages are longer than 17 days in i486/community-testing:
[09:52:59] <nit-picker> cclive-0.9.3-21.0-i486.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-03-19 (27 days)
[09:52:59] <nit-picker> eclib-20190909-8.0-i486.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-03-19 (27 days)
[09:52:59] <nit-picker> innoextract-1.8-3.1-i486.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-03-19 (27 days)
[09:52:59] <nit-picker> librime-1:1.5.3-5.0-i486.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-03-19 (27 days)
[09:52:59] <nit-picker> libuhd- since 2020-03-19 (27 days)
[09:52:59] <nit-picker> ... (18 total)
[09:53:01] <bill-auger> so i guess that broken too
[09:53:02] <deep42thought> :-)
[09:53:42] <bill-auger> i got that from this list https://www.parabola.nu
[09:53:44] <phrik> Title: Parabola GNU/Linux-libre - pygtk 2.24.0-8.5 (i686) (at www.parabola.nu)
[09:53:45] <deep42thought> I don't know, if/how upstream changed packages which depended on pygtk - or if they simply dropped then
[09:53:46] <deep42thought> *them
[09:53:52] <bill-auger> i assumed compiz was still an important package
[09:54:45] <bill-auger> geez - how are people going to be able to set their windows on fire now
[09:54:59] <deep42thought> :-D
[09:58:41] <bill-auger> ok it looks like they all pygtk dependents have been dropped - but for a small few such as avahi and claws-mail - but those no longer depend on pygtk now
[09:58:54] <bill-auger> i guess we just need to decide if we still want all those packages
[10:15:02] <buildmaster> i686/dhall-json is broken (says nlopc46): https://archlinux32.org
[10:23:24] <buildmaster> i686/haskell-githash is broken (says nlopc46): https://archlinux32.org
[10:53:28] <abaumann> interesting observation: most haskell packages use the clean_chroot straw, as they fail with unsatisfied dependencies in a chroot which is not cleaned automatically
[10:53:55] <abaumann> What I still don't understand is: why do I have to force build tons of Haskell packages?
[10:54:22] <deep42thought> what's special about the slave where you force them to?
[10:54:41] <buildmaster> i686/haskell-yesod is broken (says eurobuild6-2): https://archlinux32.org
[10:54:48] <abaumann> soon I will have shellcheck, hdelger, hledger-gui and hledger-web working in staging, but they are not moved to testing automatically.
[10:54:52] <abaumann> nothing.
[10:55:04] <abaumann> I just want to control, what is being built and in which order
[10:55:20] <abaumann> just retriggering everything didn't work (twice)
[10:55:37] <abaumann> so I expect cycles or/and errors in haskell modules blocking the moves
[10:58:49] <abaumann> https://archlinux32.org
[10:58:54] <phrik> Title: Arch Linux 32 - List of Package Builds (at archlinux32.org)
[10:58:55] <abaumann> mmh. starts to look primising :-)
[10:59:06] <buildmaster> i686/haskell-hasql is broken (says eurobuild6-3) - I rescheduled: haskell-deferred-folds: https://archlinux32.org
[10:59:58] <buildmaster> pentium4/haskell-hasql is broken (says eurobuild6-5): https://archlinux32.org
[11:00:05] <abaumann> haskell-hasql was not on the broken list - ah, on the to be built list maybe..
[11:00:55] <nit-picker> The following packages are longer than 3 days in i486/staging:
[11:00:56] <nit-picker> libinstpatch-1.1.4-1.0-i486.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-04-07 (9 days)
[11:00:56] <nit-picker> firefox-i18n-ach-75.0-1.0-any.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-04-08 (8 days)
[11:00:56] <nit-picker> firefox-i18n-af-75.0-1.0-any.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-04-08 (8 days)
[11:00:56] <nit-picker> firefox-i18n-an-75.0-1.0-any.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-04-08 (8 days)
[11:00:56] <nit-picker> firefox-i18n-ar-75.0-1.0-any.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-04-08 (8 days)
[11:00:56] <nit-picker> ... (176 total)
[11:02:53] <buildmaster> i686/haskell-yesod-static is broken (says eurobuild6-4): https://archlinux32.org
[11:07:36] <abaumann> firefox: 0:20.57 ERROR: Rust compiler 1.39.0 is too old.
[11:07:38] <buildmaster> i686/haskell-microlens-platform is broken (says eurobuild6-5): https://archlinux32.org
[11:07:47] <abaumann> so, our rust compiler got stuck in a quite old version?
[11:08:01] <abaumann> funny, not on the broken list..
[11:08:17] <abaumann> -rw-r--r-- 1 1008 100 44599696 Nov 28 11:54 pool/rust-1:1.39.0-1.2-i686.pkg.tar.xz
[11:08:20] <abaumann> -rw-r--r-- 1 1008 100 310 Nov 28 11:54 pool/rust-1:1.39.0-1.2-i686.pkg.tar.xz.sig
[11:08:23] <abaumann> -rw-r--r-- 1 1008 100 44949340 Nov 28 11:55 pool/rust-1:1.39.0-1.2-pentium4.pkg.tar.xz
[11:08:26] <abaumann> -rw-r--r-- 1 1008 100 310 Nov 28 11:55 pool/rust-1:1.39.0-1.2-pentium4.pkg.tar.xz.sig
[11:08:29] <abaumann> *sigh*
[11:08:38] <abaumann> so, it got never retriggered, which means we have to go through bootstrapping again..
[11:08:58] <deep42thought> or we build versions incrementally
[11:09:14] <abaumann> or that.
[11:09:22] <abaumann> I doubt you can build rust 1.42 from 1.39. :->
[11:09:41] <deep42thought> find out the git commits of the intermediate version, put those on the build-list and hope it builds :-)
[11:10:03] <abaumann> good idea
[11:10:36] <abaumann> what bothers me more: why were they not triggered?
[11:11:03] <deep42thought> yeah, strange
[11:12:46] <abaumann> ==> ERROR: Failure while downloading http://releases.llvm.org
[11:13:06] <abaumann> seriously!
[11:13:45] <abaumann> https://github.com
[11:13:48] <abaumann> cool
[11:14:04] <abaumann> so much for that.
[11:14:46] <deep42thought> did you schedule rust already?
[11:14:53] <deep42thought> because: it is on the build-list, currently
[11:14:53] <abaumann> not possible
[11:15:02] <abaumann> no, I didn't
[11:15:10] <deep42thought> maybe it is (falsely?) blocked due to dependencies
[11:15:11] <abaumann> it should fail in a llvm compiler-rt download
[11:15:14] <abaumann> https://git.archlinux.org
[11:15:14] <phrik> Title: PKGBUILD ÂŤ trunk - svntogit/packages.git - Git clone of the 'packages' repository (at git.archlinux.org)
[11:15:26] <abaumann> so, one would have to patch all intermediate versions
[11:15:41] <abaumann> or better, build rust 1.40 with the corresponging llvm version, 1.41, 1.42
[11:15:51] <deep42thought> we could put the intermediate sources on our hash-mirror
[11:16:02] <deep42thought> ah, it needs a special llvm version to build
[11:16:02] <deep42thought> ?
[11:16:05] <deep42thought> :-/
[11:16:16] <abaumann> I don't assume otherwise
[11:16:48] <abaumann> let me do some manual tests first..
[11:18:11] <abaumann> llvm, why are they renaming public release tarballs _after_ releasing them!?
[11:20:02] <abaumann> rustc-1.42.0-src.tar.gz ... FAILED
[11:20:09] <abaumann> tarballs changed after releasing..
[11:20:45] <abaumann> rustc-1.42.0-src.tar.gz ... FAILED (bad signature from public key 5CB4A9347B3B09DC)
[11:25:53] <abaumann> curl -s https://static.rust-lang.org | LANG=C gpg --import
[11:26:00] <abaumann> hope, that's a bad joke.
[11:26:11] <deep42thought> loool
[11:26:27] <abaumann> sigh.
[11:26:36] <abaumann> I resort to cutting some onions and vegetables..
[11:26:39] <abaumann> ..more relaxing
[11:26:41] <abaumann> afk
[11:26:45] <deep42thought> cu
[11:34:27] <buildmaster> i486/coreutils are broken (says eurobuild6-7-i486): https://archlinux32.org
[11:36:36] <deep42thought> those fail in check()
[11:36:44] <deep42thought> should we simply ignore this on i486?
[11:39:16] <buildmaster> i686/haskell-hpack is broken (says eurobuild6-3): https://archlinux32.org
[11:41:28] <nit-picker> The following packages are longer than 17 days in i686/community-testing:
[11:41:28] <nit-picker> alex-3.2.5-5.0-i686.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-03-19 (27 days)
[11:41:28] <nit-picker> alsa-tools-1.2.2-1.1-i686.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-03-19 (27 days)
[11:41:28] <nit-picker> auto-multiple-choice-1.4.0-6.0-i686.pkg.tar.xz: since 2020-03-19 (27 days)
[11:41:28] <nit-picker> cage-0.1.1.r40.gcc1f975-2.0-i686.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-03-19 (27 days)
[11:41:28] <nit-picker> cjs-4.4.0-1.1-i686.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-03-19 (27 days)
[11:41:29] <nit-picker> ... (55 total)
[11:42:29] <abaumann> yeah, I think so.
[11:42:46] <abaumann> funny. it happens only on a real libvirt i486, not in staging-i486-build :-)
[11:42:56] <abaumann> that's why I retriggered to find out.
[11:43:13] <deep42thought> does it work on real i486 hardware?
[11:43:19] <deep42thought> (just some random curiosity)
[11:45:22] <abaumann> mmh. my older machine is an Amd K5, and there it works
[11:45:33] <abaumann> still no chance to install it on my unisys i486 :-)
[11:51:11] <deep42thought> is the install process of package linux supposed to modify the file /usr/lib/modules/5.6.4-arch1-1.0/modules.alias ?
[11:51:22] <deep42thought> because this file does not match the package content after installation
[11:51:40] <deep42thought> /usr/lib/modules/5.6.4-arch1-1.0/modules.alias.bin is different, too
[11:51:54] <deep42thought> the line "alias platform:da903x-regulator da903x" is missing on my system
[11:52:14] <buildmaster> pentium4/haskell-singletons are broken (says eurobuild6-3): https://archlinux32.org
[11:57:45] <abaumann> never heard of that file. sounds like a bad idea.
[12:11:17] <buildmaster> i686/haskell-path is broken (says eurobuild6-5): https://archlinux32.org
[12:18:47] <nit-picker> The following packages are longer than 17 days in pentium4/testing:
[12:18:48] <nit-picker> alsa-oss-1.1.8-3.1-pentium4.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-03-19 (27 days)
[12:18:48] <nit-picker> alsa-plugins-1.2.2-1.2-pentium4.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-03-19 (27 days)
[12:18:48] <nit-picker> alsa-utils-1.2.2-1.1-pentium4.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-03-19 (27 days)
[12:18:48] <nit-picker> avahi-0.8+15+ge8a3dd0-1.0-pentium4.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-03-19 (27 days)
[12:18:48] <nit-picker> basket-2.49b-2.0-pentium4.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-03-19 (27 days)
[12:18:48] <nit-picker> ... (57 total)
[12:20:04] <buildmaster> i686/yubikey-touch-detector is broken (says eurobuild6-5): https://archlinux32.org
[12:20:32] <buildmaster> pentium4/yubikey-touch-detector is broken (says nlopc46): https://archlinux32.org
[12:37:59] <nit-picker> The following packages are longer than 3 days in i686/staging:
[12:37:59] <nit-picker> x265-3.3-1.0-i686.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-04-05 (10 days)
[12:37:59] <nit-picker> avidemux-cli-2.7.4-4.0-i686.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-04-05 (10 days)
[12:37:59] <nit-picker> avidemux-qt-2.7.4-4.0-i686.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-04-05 (10 days)
[12:37:59] <nit-picker> libheif-1.6.2-2.0-i686.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-04-05 (10 days)
[12:38:00] <nit-picker> ffmpeg-1:4.2.2-5.0-i686.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-04-05 (10 days)
[12:38:00] <nit-picker> ... (225 total)
[12:43:00] <nit-picker> The following packages are longer than 17 days in pentium4/community-testing:
[12:43:00] <nit-picker> alex-3.2.5-5.0-pentium4.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-03-19 (27 days)
[12:43:00] <nit-picker> alsa-tools-1.2.2-1.1-pentium4.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-03-19 (27 days)
[12:43:00] <nit-picker> auto-multiple-choice-1.4.0-6.0-pentium4.pkg.tar.xz: since 2020-03-19 (27 days)
[12:43:00] <nit-picker> cage-0.1.1.r40.gcc1f975-2.0-pentium4.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-03-19 (27 days)
[12:43:01] <nit-picker> cantata-2.4.1-1.1-pentium4.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-03-19 (27 days)
[12:43:01] <nit-picker> ... (57 total)
[13:10:28] <buildmaster> i686/haskell-githash is broken (says eurobuild6-3): https://archlinux32.org
[13:16:10] <buildmaster> i486/yubikey-touch-detector is broken (says eurobuild6-7-i486): https://archlinux32.org
[13:18:54] <buildmaster> pentium4/haskell-sbv is broken (says eurobuild6-3) - I rescheduled: haskell-filepattern, hlint: https://archlinux32.org
[13:20:02] <buildmaster> i686/haskell-hasql is broken (says nlopc46) - I rescheduled: haskell-text-builder: https://archlinux32.org
[13:20:48] <buildmaster> pentium4/haskell-hasql is broken (says eurobuild6-4): https://archlinux32.org
[13:26:49] <buildmaster> i686/haskell-text-builder is broken (says eurobuild6-5) - I rescheduled: haskell-deferred-folds: https://archlinux32.org
[13:36:39] <buildmaster> i486/grpc is broken (says eurobuild6-7-i486): https://archlinux32.org
[13:39:10] <buildmaster> i686/hledger-ui is broken (says eurobuild6-4) - I rescheduled: haskell-hledger-lib, hledger: https://archlinux32.org
[13:43:10] <abaumann> there we go again. it built before, no hledger stuff gets rescheduled
[13:44:26] <buildmaster> i686/haskell-singletons are broken (says nlopc46) - I rescheduled: haskell-turtle: https://archlinux32.org
[13:55:14] <nit-picker> The following packages are longer than 3 days in i686/community-staging:
[13:55:15] <nit-picker> portsmf-234-1.0-i686.pkg.tar.xz: since 2019-12-14 (123 days)
[13:55:15] <nit-picker> xmonad-0.15-39.0-i686.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-04-04 (12 days)
[13:55:15] <nit-picker> xmonad-contrib-0.16-19.0-i686.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-04-04 (12 days)
[13:55:15] <nit-picker> xmonad-utils- since 2020-04-04 (12 days)
[13:55:15] <nit-picker> gala-3.3.0-1.0-i686.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-04-06 (10 days)
[13:55:15] <nit-picker> ... (520 total)
[14:48:45] <nit-picker> The following packages are longer than 3 days in i486/community-staging:
[14:48:45] <nit-picker> eric-20.04-1.0-any.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-04-05 (10 days)
[14:48:45] <nit-picker> eric-common-20.04-1.0-any.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-04-05 (10 days)
[14:48:45] <nit-picker> languagetool-4.9-1.0-any.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-04-05 (10 days)
[14:48:45] <nit-picker> ts-node-8.8.2-1.0-any.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-04-06 (10 days)
[14:48:46] <nit-picker> papirus-icon-theme-20200405-1.0-any.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-04-06 (10 days)
[14:48:46] <nit-picker> ... (32 total)
[15:03:46] <deep42thought> abaumann: what do you mean "no hledger stuff gets rescheduled"? It *did* get rescheduled - what else should have been rescheduled?
[15:28:45] <nit-picker> The following packages are longer than 3 days in pentium4/staging:
[15:28:45] <nit-picker> x265-3.3-1.0-pentium4.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-04-05 (10 days)
[15:28:45] <nit-picker> ffmpeg-1:4.2.2-5.0-pentium4.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-04-05 (10 days)
[15:28:45] <nit-picker> libheif-1.6.2-2.0-pentium4.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-04-05 (10 days)
[15:28:45] <nit-picker> avidemux-cli-2.7.4-4.0-pentium4.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-04-05 (10 days)
[15:28:45] <nit-picker> avidemux-qt-2.7.4-4.0-pentium4.pkg.tar.zst: since 2020-04-05 (10 days)
[15:28:46] <nit-picker> ... (225 total)
[15:37:05] -!- isacdaavid has joined #archlinux32
[16:37:24] -!- yans has joined #archlinux32
[17:38:49] -!- abaumann has quit [Quit: leaving]
[18:25:29] <nit-picker> dependencies of haskell-rsa-2.4.1-16.0-pentium4.pkg.tar.zst (built on 2020-03-31) differ between the package and our database
[18:26:09] -!- abaumann has joined #archlinux32
[18:26:10] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[18:26:10] <buildmaster> !rq abaumann
[18:26:11] <phrik> buildmaster: <abaumann> some packages in Archlinux suffer from 'featureitis'.
[18:26:24] <deep42thought> Hi abaumann!
[18:26:26] <abaumann> big forced move
[18:26:29] <abaumann> hi deep42thought
[18:26:32] <abaumann> let's see.
[18:26:55] <deep42thought> what was the hledger issue you mentioned? I did not understand that
[18:27:40] <abaumann> ah. well, I just don't get the differences between pentium4 and i686 in haskell packages.
[18:27:49] <abaumann> In the end everything built just fine (in staging)
[18:27:59] <abaumann> now comes the big question, does it move to testing/stable?
[18:28:16] <abaumann> there is also the broken gnome issue in stable
[18:28:18] <deep42thought> if it has cycles: probably not
[18:28:23] <abaumann> https://bbs.archlinux32.org
[18:28:23] <phrik> Title: GNOME 3.36 shell/mutter/etc not starting / Pacman / Pacman Upgrades / Arch Linux 32 Forum (at bbs.archlinux32.org)
[18:28:29] <abaumann> should not have cycles.
[18:28:42] <abaumann> darn.. cmake and jsoncpp.. again
[18:28:54] <abaumann> I have to force move jsoncpp and see what breaks.
[18:29:01] <abaumann> I cannot afford cmake to break in stable
[18:29:58] <abaumann> warning: cannot resolve "libx265.so=188-32", a dependency of "ffmpeg"
[18:30:00] <abaumann> sure..
[18:30:51] <nit-picker> dependencies of postgrest-7.0.0-1.0-i686.pkg.tar.zst (built on 2020-04-04) differ between the package and our database
[18:40:26] -!- yans has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[18:42:08] <buildmaster> i486/herbstluftwm is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0): https://archlinux32.org
[18:44:26] <buildmaster> i686/herbstluftwm is broken (says eurobuild6-2): https://archlinux32.org
[18:45:01] <buildmaster> pentium4/herbstluftwm is broken (says eurobuild6-3): https://archlinux32.org
[19:13:10] <abaumann> again: systemd got moved, not systemd-libs, systemd-syscompatv, systemd-resolvconf
[19:14:42] <abaumann> from testing to stable, that is.
[19:22:36] -!- isacdaavid has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[19:24:25] -!- isacdaavid has joined #archlinux32
[19:48:46] <abaumann> shellcheck and hledger work on testing/pentium4, everywhere else it fails again.
[19:48:53] <abaumann> I give up on Haskell..
[19:48:55] -!- abaumann has quit [Quit: leaving]
[19:54:01] -!- abaumann has joined #archlinux32
[19:54:01] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[19:54:01] <buildmaster> !rq abaumann
[19:54:02] <phrik> buildmaster: <abaumann> no --please-do-not-use-enormous-amounts-of-memory-while-compressing ;-)
[19:54:09] <abaumann> how can I force everything from testing to stable?
[19:54:55] <abaumann> ./db-update -w -o i486/testing -o i686/testing -o pentium4/testing
[19:54:56] <abaumann> let's see
[19:55:10] <abaumann> since one week I'm fighting to get a workgin Gnome from testing to stable.
[19:55:22] <abaumann> https://bbs.archlinux32.org
[19:55:22] <phrik> Title: GNOME 3.36 shell/mutter/etc not starting / Pacman / Pacman Upgrades / Arch Linux 32 Forum (at bbs.archlinux32.org)
[19:55:37] <abaumann> When I force libffi.so.7, I don't know what breaks then.
[19:56:08] <abaumann> I see just one strategy: either fix all bugs or blacklist all non-working packages. Make sure, all the rest builds without those dependencies.
[19:56:52] <deep42thought> no, you need to specify all the packages with -f
[19:57:01] <abaumann> that's too tedious
[19:57:32] <abaumann> and for haskel I seem to catch random hashes in the packages, so it can only be built in a strict order, I'm afraid.
[19:57:55] <abaumann> ok. I'l force libffi.so.7 and clean up the mess afterwards.
[19:58:05] <deep42thought> just force move everything :-)
[19:58:50] <abaumann> ./db-update -w -o i486/testing -o i686/testing -o pentium4/testing ?
[20:01:09] <abaumann> systemctl stop lightdm
[20:01:09] <abaumann> systemctl: error while loading shared libraries: libffi.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
[20:01:12] <abaumann> yeah. thought so
[20:02:06] <abaumann> splendid. didn't I rebuild systemd x-times to use libffi.so.7?@!
[20:02:39] <abaumann> libp11-kit.so.0 => /usr/lib/libp11-kit.so.0
[20:02:39] <abaumann> libffi.so.6 => None
[20:02:40] <abaumann> cool
[20:03:19] * abaumann is force moving libp11-kit and p11-kit
[20:03:53] <abaumann> p11-kit got moved, libp11-kit not.
[20:05:14] <deep42thought> I got a few minutes, what should I move?
[20:05:35] <abaumann> Do you want to move everything?
[20:05:41] <isacdaavid> gnome 3.36 also broke for me :/
[20:05:45] <deep42thought> testing->stable?
[20:05:49] <abaumann> yep
[20:05:52] <deep42thought> ok, will do
[20:05:58] <abaumann> @isacdaavid: sorry about that.
[20:06:07] <abaumann> but big moves of mine always result in a royal mess :-)
[20:06:37] <abaumann> at least the now-version boots again..
[20:06:46] <abaumann> flatpak: error while loading shared libraries: libffi.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
[20:06:49] <abaumann> yeah.
[20:06:58] <abaumann> ok. "selective move" => bad
[20:07:10] <deep42thought> mysql buildmaster -e 'select "-f",concat(architectures.name,"/",repositories.name,"/",pkgname) from binary_packages'"$(mysql_join_binary_packages_binary_packages_in_repositories)$(mysql_join_binary_packages_in_repositories_repositories)"' and stability=2'"$(mysql_join_repositories_architectures)"
[20:07:27] <abaumann> cool, am I supposed to do it that way? ;-)
[20:07:34] <deep42thought> we should probably create a shortcut for that
[20:07:38] <abaumann> :-)
[20:08:11] <abaumann> though. I would actually rather have the packages move automatically and find out, what has to be done, so that this happens with bigger propability..
[20:08:28] <deep42thought> yes :-/
[20:08:37] <isacdaavid> by the way, gimp doesn't even start with the version of gegl in [extra]. it actually should depend on gegl 4.22, which is available in [testing]
[20:09:28] <deep42thought> inconvenience as a motive for fixing bugs :-)
[20:09:40] <nit-picker> dependencies of netcdf-cxx-4.3.1-1.0-pentium4.pkg.tar.xz (built on 2019-09-16) differ between the package and our database
[20:09:53] <abaumann> /usr/bin/flatpak is owned by flatpak 1.7.2-1.0
[20:09:55] <abaumann> pacman -Ss flatpack
[20:09:58] <abaumann> finds nothing
[20:10:05] <abaumann> when I log in it complains about libffi.so.6
[20:10:07] <abaumann> *puzzle*
[20:10:10] <deep42thought> maybe it got dropped?
[20:10:24] <abaumann> mmh
[20:10:25] <deep42thought> yep: https://www.archlinux.org
[20:10:26] <phrik> Title: Arch Linux - Package Search (at www.archlinux.org)
[20:10:46] <abaumann> how does it disappear, if installed?
[20:10:52] <deep42thought> it does not
[20:10:59] <deep42thought> but the sync repos do not have it anymore
[20:11:05] <abaumann> pacman -Rs flatpak malcontent gnome-software
[20:11:06] <abaumann> Gnome again
[20:11:07] <deep42thought> `pacman -Qs flatpack` will still bring it up
[20:11:13] <abaumann> those guys start to tap on my nerves
[20:11:31] <abaumann> can't they afford somebody orchestrating software development in the project?
[20:11:45] <abaumann> tons of really stupid ideas like gir
[20:11:48] <abaumann> laggy frontend
[20:11:54] * abaumann apologized for the rant
[20:11:59] <abaumann> *apologizes
[20:14:17] <abaumann> wow. packages incoming. :-)
[20:16:32] <nit-picker> dependencies of haskell-boxes-0.1.5-38.0-i686.pkg.tar.zst (built on 2020-03-16) differ between the package and our database
[20:16:53] <abaumann> mmh. nit-picker was already complaining about inconsistencies before..
[20:17:01] <abaumann> let's hope, they go away after the move
[20:17:43] <nit-picker> dependencies of lsp-plugins-1.1.13-1.0-i686.pkg.tar.xz (built on 2019-12-28) differ between the package and our database
[20:19:59] <deep42thought> usually he complains only during the moves
[20:21:25] <abaumann> ah. because he sees intermediate state.
[20:21:27] <abaumann> *states
[20:21:42] <deep42thought> yes
[20:21:44] <abaumann> I was moving quite some packages already before, so that might be why he complained
[20:21:54] <deep42thought> usually, the package he complains about, is already gone :-D
[20:22:11] <abaumann> :-)
[20:23:04] <abaumann> I have a question about blacklists in packages git..
[20:23:21] <abaumann> pentium4 gets ignored for all platforms? any for? and why is there no i686?
[20:23:54] <abaumann> also, only the name of the file is relevant, I suppose (so gap-packages). not the directory the file lives in..
[20:24:35] <deep42thought> yes; any, too (and also for future, more-capable architectures); there is no i686, because we have not (yet) blacklisted packages for i686 and i486 only
[20:24:46] <deep42thought> yes
[20:24:55] <deep42thought> the dir is only to group them
[20:25:56] <abaumann> and pentium4 and any differ how?
[20:26:06] <deep42thought> and the file content is to point out issues that might be solvable or whatever
[20:26:15] <deep42thought> currently not at all
[20:26:21] <abaumann> a
[20:26:28] <abaumann> in case of future architectures..
[20:26:29] <abaumann> got it. :-)
[20:26:43] <deep42thought> just, when we introduce pentium5, it will differ :-)
[20:26:47] <deep42thought> right
[20:26:47] <abaumann> I thought about makeing a nice php page showing blacklisted packages and the reason why they are blacklisted
[20:26:54] <abaumann> pentium5, urgh ;-)
[20:27:05] <deep42thought> we have that
[20:27:10] <abaumann> huh?
[20:27:12] <deep42thought> https://archlinux32.org
[20:27:12] <phrik> Title: Blacklisted packages (at archlinux32.org)
[20:27:23] <abaumann> oh.
[20:27:30] <abaumann> linked from somewhere from the main page?
[20:27:36] <deep42thought> could be improved, maybe :-)
[20:27:48] <abaumann> ah. cool.
[20:27:48] <deep42thought> buildmaster's index, yes
[20:28:02] <abaumann> ah, I see.
[20:28:29] <abaumann> one day this list will be bigger than packages.archlinux32.org
[20:28:44] <deep42thought> :-)
[20:31:27] <deep42thought> now I get, what you mean by "3-handed typing" ... :-D
[20:31:48] <abaumann> :-)
[20:33:04] <deep42thought> but two of those arms are sooooo short ...
[20:33:32] * abaumann starts a Gnome on pentium4
[20:33:58] <abaumann> "Oh no! Something has gone wrong"
[20:34:05] <abaumann> better than "Aw! Snap"
[20:36:02] <abaumann> gnome-shell is linked against libffi.so.6, so it needs a rebuild (or rather a library underneath)..
[20:36:19] <abaumann> libgjs.so.0 => /usr/lib/libgjs.so.0
[20:36:19] <abaumann> libffi.so.6 => None
[20:36:33] <abaumann> gjs
[20:37:17] <abaumann> why a shell needs a Javascript interpreter is beyond my understanding..
[20:37:44] <abaumann> so you can script the shell and introduce security bugs maybe..
[20:38:01] <deep42thought> :-)
[20:38:20] <abaumann> shellcheck and hledger work on pentium4
[20:38:28] <abaumann> hledger-ui needs another kick
[20:38:29] <deep42thought> \o
[20:38:34] <deep42thought> /
[20:38:39] <abaumann> one-handed..
[20:38:40] <abaumann> ah.
[20:38:49] <abaumann> newlines in text emoticons :-)
[20:38:57] <deep42thought> i hit enter instead of shift ...
[20:39:12] <abaumann> use two hands ;-)
[20:39:33] <deep42thought> then I hear nothing - due to the screaming ...
[20:39:43] <abaumann> oups..
[20:47:22] <abaumann> community/uutils-coreutils 0.0.1-1.0 Cross-platform Rust rewrite of the GNU coreutils
[20:47:31] <abaumann> oh. cool. I can't wait.. :->
[20:54:23] <deep42thought> oh, I got it the other way round: a cross-platform rewrite of rust :-(
[20:57:40] <abaumann> soon 'ls' will need rust to compile. that's when I will leave Linux forever, unless rust people have thrown away cargo and made their compiler 10 times faster :-)
[20:58:08] <abaumann> wow: kde/plasma starts in stable/pentium4
[20:58:12] <bill-auger> gnome is pretty keen on getting javascrip on the desktop - the call it "intergration"
[20:58:44] <abaumann> what happened to Vala?
[20:59:18] <bill-auger> then from the other side there is NPM, which want to be the only package manager you will ever need
[21:00:01] <deep42thought> tar is the only package manger you'll ever need
[21:00:11] <bill-auger> gnome has pretty much abandoned vala - javascript and CSS are playing that role now
[21:00:41] <abaumann> yeah, what can be wrong bringing web technologies to a desktop? :->
[21:01:04] <deep42thought> http://desktop.html
[21:01:23] <abaumann> lol
[21:01:42] <bill-auger> they also threw out anjuta and re-wrote a new IDE which supports the new desktop web-integration
[21:01:43] <deep42thought> at least, that would make "remote desktop" much easier :-D
[21:01:48] <abaumann> rejoced too soon: konsole has a linking error.. :-(
[21:02:27] * abaumann reschedules konsole
[21:02:52] <abaumann> though, having an ABI mismatch with it's own private /usr/lib/libkonsoleprivate.so.19 ? *puzzle*
[21:07:13] <abaumann> ah, it's not relinked against another symbol of another library, so rebuilding helps :-)
[21:12:45] * abaumann goes somewhere else (in another dreamland) :-)
[21:12:46] -!- abaumann has quit [Quit: leaving]
[21:56:12] -!- isacdaavid has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[22:38:06] -!- deep42thought has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[23:20:28] <buildmaster> pentium4/dhall-json is broken (says eurobuild6-4): https://archlinux32.org