#archlinux32 | Logs for 2020-04-29

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[10:54:04] <buildmaster> pentium4/doxygen is broken (says eurobuild6-5): https://archlinux32.org
[11:33:40] <buildmaster> i486/elasticsearch is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1): https://archlinux32.org
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[11:47:58] <henkye> hi guys. I could do a nice deal with new mini notebook but now found out, it's only i686. Would you recommend me going forward with deal. Ie - is archlinux32 in good shape?
[11:54:26] <girls> we have few users, but we try hard to keep it in-sync with archlinux for x86_64
[11:54:53] <girls> what do you intend to use the notebook for?
[12:03:10] <buildmaster> i486/doxygen is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0): https://archlinux32.org
[12:03:37] <drathir> henkye: lscpu ?
[12:04:17] <drathir> henkye: arch is pretty good at lower hw...
[12:04:33] <henkye> It's Atom Z540
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[12:05:26] <henkye> Arch is my distribution of choice, have no reason to look elsewhere, so good
[12:05:58] <girls> it comes with sse2, so you can use our "pentium4" branch
[12:06:02] <girls> this one is pretty complete
[12:06:27] <girls> (chromium and other graphics- and security-centered packages make trouble at "lower" architectures)
[12:06:37] <drathir> henkye: slower but still isnt tragic for basic staff...
[12:09:02] <drathir> girls: chrome tings make "troble" at every hardware... probably much better performance possible get with ff or even seamonkey...
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[12:46:56] <T`aZ> henkye: im using currently archlinux32 (pentium4) on an atom 330, it's fine 99% of the time :)
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[14:37:57] <buildmaster> i686/meilisearch is broken (says eurobuild6-6): https://archlinux32.org
[14:46:58] <buildmaster> pentium4/meilisearch is broken (says nlopc46): https://archlinux32.org
[15:34:18] <henkye> thanks for info, it's https://www.notebookcheck.net can have it for like $22 - third owner. But meh, even it was premium product, it's so small and unusable ...
[15:34:19] <phrik> Title: Sony Vaio VPCP11S1E - Notebookcheck.net External Reviews (at www.notebookcheck.net)
[15:38:03] <T`aZ> depends what you intend to do with it
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[17:15:39] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[17:15:39] <buildmaster> !rq abaumann
[17:15:40] <phrik> buildmaster: <abaumann> policy delegation to chat bots :->
[17:28:09] <abaumann> hah. tackled non-x11-libxkbcommon
[17:28:15] <abaumann> was a packaging issue, not upstream
[17:28:25] <abaumann> upstream just has C warnings around format strings
[17:32:38] <abaumann> The following packages should have been built but are missing or vice versa:
[17:32:41] <abaumann> expected: libxkbcommon-x11-0.10.0-1.4-i486.pkg.tar.zst
[17:32:44] <abaumann> 'return-assignment' reports too many or missing packages.
[17:32:49] <abaumann> how handy :-)
[17:35:22] <girls> so your slave didn't build it ...
[17:37:53] <abaumann> yeah, becuase I disabled it.
[17:38:01] <abaumann> it cannot be built at this stage
[17:38:08] <abaumann> I can produce an empty package though
[17:38:13] <girls> build a dummy package, then
[17:38:18] <abaumann> exactly :-)
[17:38:28] <abaumann> pkgname=($(
[17:38:28] <abaumann> printf '%s\n' "${pkgname[@]}" | \
[17:38:28] <abaumann> sed '/^libxkbcommon-x11/d'
[17:38:28] <abaumann> ))
[17:38:30] <girls> the build scripts do not accept missing split packages
[17:38:45] <abaumann> it's just funny: we had quite some split packages being ignored this way in the past.
[17:38:53] <abaumann> expect them to break then..
[17:39:02] <girls> no, just make `package_libxkbcommon-x11() {}` on i486
[17:39:17] <girls> we had?
[17:40:10] <abaumann> extra/qemu/PKGBUILD, extra/mesa/PKGBUILD
[17:40:24] <abaumann> ok. a handful..
[17:40:30] <abaumann> ..a small hand. :-)
[17:40:51] <girls> strange
[17:40:54] <girls> this will not work
[17:40:57] <girls> did this ever work?
[17:41:19] * abaumann shrugs
[17:43:26] <girls> https://git.archlinux32.org
[17:43:27] <phrik> Title: PKGBUILD ÂŤ vim ÂŤ extra - packages - Archlinux32 package modifications (at git.archlinux32.org)
[17:43:30] <girls> this is, how it should be
[17:44:45] <abaumann> ah. nice. :-)
[17:58:13] <buildmaster> i486/libxkbcommon is broken (says eurobuild6-7-i486): https://archlinux32.org
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[20:06:36] <buildmaster> pentium4/gobject-introspection is broken (says eurobuild6-1): https://archlinux32.org
[20:06:43] <buildmaster> i686/gobject-introspection is broken (says eurobuild6-2): https://archlinux32.org
[20:08:00] <buildmaster> i486/gobject-introspection is broken (says eurobuild6-7-i486): https://archlinux32.org
[20:40:48] <abaumann> wow. gobject-introspection is a beautiful mess..
[20:41:31] <abaumann> ..I really hope the minor version of glib2 doesn't make a difference when building
[20:41:44] <abaumann> upstream doesn't build currently either, btw.
[20:41:57] <girls> so: don't bother and move on :-)
[20:42:13] <abaumann> no, the problem is: it blocks tons of stuff in my i486 build.
[20:42:38] <abaumann> turns out, rust starts to be a minor problem..
[20:43:03] <girls> but it built with specific versions in the past
[20:43:08] <abaumann> Linux getting more a cluster-f* software-wise _is_ the problem/
[20:43:09] <girls> maybe it still builds if you use those?
[20:43:32] <girls> huh? what's that supposed to mean?
[20:43:40] <abaumann> I saw so many errors in gobject-introspection, I don't think this thing runs at all correctly.
[20:43:53] <abaumann> C is a language without introspection..
[20:43:59] <abaumann> ..and with a small runtime library.
[20:44:13] <abaumann> adding things like gobject-introspection, glib, makes the situation worse..
[20:44:25] <abaumann> because now everybody starts to use this broken environment
[20:44:44] <abaumann> because they think that's how you are supposed to program C.
[20:44:57] <abaumann> IHMO nobody should program C anymore..
[20:45:28] <abaumann> ..I'm aware of the irony as I mostly program in C as a hobby. :-)
[20:45:39] <girls> ... because you can ;-)
[20:45:44] <abaumann> well, not really.
[20:45:47] <girls> lol
[20:45:58] <abaumann> After 20 years I'm still discovering features of the C language..
[20:46:15] <girls> well, I finally removed all memory leaks in my 1k-lines program which displays the weather forecast on my raspi
[20:46:39] <abaumann> unleaky weather? ;-)
[20:46:53] <abaumann> the current forecast tells us otherwise..
[20:48:01] <abaumann> moto of the day: "bootstrap now, make it work later" :-)
[20:49:27] <buildmaster> i486/harfbuzz is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0): https://archlinux32.org
[20:53:39] <girls> what does this introspection actually mean?
[20:53:44] <girls> is it this: https://en.wikipedia.org ?
[20:53:45] <phrik> Title: Type introspection - Wikipedia (at en.wikipedia.org)
[20:55:32] <abaumann> yep.
[20:55:42] <abaumann> caveat: I never use gobject-introspection personally.
[20:56:15] <girls> so this is language-agnostic?
[20:56:25] <girls> or is it specific for one language only? (which?)
[20:56:53] <abaumann> very specific to the language
[20:57:16] <abaumann> basically, you add some information to every variable, so that you can ask at runtime: "are you of type x?"
[20:57:35] <abaumann> this is an object oriented thing, and C was never object oriented in the classic sense
[20:57:38] <girls> yes, that part, I understand, now
[20:57:51] <girls> so gobject-introspection is introspection for c?
[20:58:01] <abaumann> that's what I read from the name :-)
[20:58:11] * girls looks for the c in the nam
[20:58:11] <girls> e
[20:58:35] * abaumann gets the sources and sifts through them
[20:58:42] <girls> nah, don't bother
[20:58:48] <girls> I'll not use introspection with c
[20:58:59] <girls> I even only rarely use it in pascal
[20:59:10] <abaumann> it's more used as you think.. for instance in the Linux kernel..
[20:59:26] <girls> uh, oh
[20:59:28] <abaumann> usually it involves some nasty tricks.
[20:59:51] <abaumann> imagine a device driver, you ask it for loading, unloading. Those are methods to a common interface.
[21:00:47] <abaumann> Gnome people should have switched to C++ aeons ago..
[21:01:37] <buildmaster> i486/graphene is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0): https://archlinux32.org
[21:02:26] <buildmaster> i486/udisks2 is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1): https://archlinux32.org
[21:09:40] <buildmaster> i486/rest is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1): https://archlinux32.org
[21:13:49] <abaumann> this blacklist.. argh. forgot again..
[21:15:21] <girls> should I make the buildmaster send you an email each time you commit $repo/$package/PKGBUILD, when there is still a blacklist/$whatever/$package ?
[21:15:35] <buildmaster> i486/libgrss are broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0): https://archlinux32.org
[21:15:40] <abaumann> who reminds me then to read the email? ;-)
[21:16:06] <buildmaster> i486/gnome-epub-thumbnailer is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1): https://archlinux32.org
[21:16:21] <girls> you can install a siren :-D
[21:16:43] <abaumann> yea, something really loud preferably..
[21:17:47] <girls> damn, I should really install a power switch on my raspi
[21:18:09] <girls> it crashed and I have to power cycle *everything* in order to reboot it ...
[21:18:17] <abaumann> ohoh
[21:18:49] <abaumann> now that I have my buck-converter for Solar (for the OLPX-1) there is no sun for the next days. :->
[21:19:32] <girls> :-D
[21:20:01] <girls> hmm, I'll do the power cycle later - currently there are still backups running
[21:20:17] <abaumann> how is bareos tucking along?
[21:20:31] <girls> on 64bit: great
[21:20:35] <girls> on 32bit: slow
[21:21:17] <buildmaster> i486/timezonemap is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0): https://archlinux32.org
[21:22:05] <buildmaster> i486/ukui-menus are broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1): https://archlinux32.org
[21:22:23] <abaumann> /usr/include/EGL/egl.h exists in both 'mesa' and 'libglvnd'
[21:22:27] <abaumann> on i486
[21:22:32] <abaumann> this sounds like an old problem..
[21:23:03] <girls> seems encryption is a real bottleneck, there
[21:23:06] <girls> and I'm too paranoid to have unencrypted backups
[21:23:21] <girls> well, actually, I'm too paranoid to have not-double-encrypted backups
[21:23:48] <girls> yes
[21:23:49] <abaumann> yes, I was running bacula on old machines in the office, but they all have an encrypting/compressing tape drive
[21:23:53] <girls> sounds familiar
[21:24:16] <abaumann> otherwise, unbearable.
[21:24:21] <girls> egl.h should not be in libglvnd
[21:24:34] <girls> well, the bareos server has encrypted disks
[21:24:42] <girls> but I like to encrypt the backups themself, too
[21:24:45] <girls> don't ask, why
[21:25:00] <abaumann> default setting? :-)
[21:25:05] <girls> encrypt on the client side, I mean
[21:25:10] <abaumann> ah.
[21:28:27] <buildmaster> i486/mesa is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0): https://archlinux32.org
[21:30:33] <buildmaster> i486/mesa-dri1 is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1): https://archlinux32.org
[21:32:07] * abaumann will be back..
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[21:36:40] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[21:36:40] <buildmaster> !rq abaumann
[21:36:41] <phrik> buildmaster: <abaumann> Why not copy postfix into systemd?
[21:40:42] <buildmaster> i486/babl is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1): https://archlinux32.org
[21:42:49] <buildmaster> i486/gtk-layer-shell is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0): https://archlinux32.org
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[21:48:40] <buildmaster> i486/totem-pl-parser is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0): https://archlinux32.org
[21:49:20] <buildmaster> i686/dscanner is broken (says eurobuild6-5): https://archlinux32.org
[21:52:27] <buildmaster> pentium4/dscanner is broken (says eurobuild6-5): https://archlinux32.org
[21:53:51] <buildmaster> i486/geocode-glib is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1): https://archlinux32.org
[21:54:33] <buildmaster> i686/dub is broken (says eurobuild6-5): https://archlinux32.org
[21:56:03] <buildmaster> pentium4/dub is broken (says nlopc46): https://archlinux32.org
[21:56:10] <buildmaster> i486/sugar-runner is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0): https://archlinux32.org
[21:57:31] <buildmaster> i686/dfmt is broken (says eurobuild6-5): https://archlinux32.org
[21:59:25] <buildmaster> pentium4/dfmt is broken (says nlopc46): https://archlinux32.org
[21:59:33] <buildmaster> i686/adrdox is broken (says eurobuild6-5): https://archlinux32.org
[21:59:52] <buildmaster> i486/malcontent is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1): https://archlinux32.org
[22:00:10] <buildmaster> i686/gtkd is broken (says eurobuild6-5): https://archlinux32.org
[22:00:47] <buildmaster> pentium4/gtkd is broken (says eurobuild6-5): https://archlinux32.org
[22:02:05] <buildmaster> pentium4/adrdox is broken (says nlopc46): https://archlinux32.org
[22:02:57] <buildmaster> i686/gir-to-d is broken (says eurobuild6-5): https://archlinux32.org
[22:03:31] <buildmaster> i486/ostree is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0): https://archlinux32.org
[22:04:53] <buildmaster> pentium4/gir-to-d is broken (says nlopc46): https://archlinux32.org
[22:05:08] <buildmaster> i686/glibd is broken (says eurobuild6-5): https://archlinux32.org
[22:07:16] <buildmaster> i686/d-mir-core is broken (says eurobuild6-5): https://archlinux32.org
[22:07:41] <buildmaster> pentium4/glibd is broken (says nlopc46): https://archlinux32.org
[22:09:26] <buildmaster> pentium4/d-mir-core is broken (says eurobuild6-5): https://archlinux32.org
[22:09:46] <buildmaster> i486/msmtp is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0): https://archlinux32.org
[22:10:31] <buildmaster> i686/diet-ng is broken (says nlopc46): https://archlinux32.org
[22:12:58] <buildmaster> i486/libxmlb is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1): https://archlinux32.org
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