#archlinux32 | Logs for 2020-12-20

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[04:05:42] <karmanyaahm> Hi, it seems like the python-pynacl package for pentium4 hasn't been updated for python3.9. Is there a fix for that (apart from using pip)? And is there any way I can help update it?
[04:33:16] <trotz> 2020/12/20 04:32 WARN buildmaster Current Load WARNING - load average: 11.78, 10.00, 7.17
[04:38:16] <trotz> 2020/12/20 04:37 CRIT buildmaster Current Load CRITICAL - load average: 7.66, 10.14, 8.14
[04:43:17] <trotz> 2020/12/20 04:42 OK buildmaster Current Load OK - load average: 3.86, 6.59, 7.17
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[10:35:07] <T`aZ> im in the process of migrating to archlinux64 (if I may say so)
[10:44:41] <girls> it looks, like upstream is no longer updating the git repo which we're monitoring ...
[10:44:55] <girls> at least imlib2 is on 1.7.0 there and on 1.7.1 in the package repositories
[10:45:55] <girls> yup: https://git.archlinux.org has the last commit 3 days ago :-/
[10:45:57] <phrik> Title: svntogit/packages.git - Git clone of the 'packages' repository (at git.archlinux.org)
[10:51:18] <girls> I guess, they're moving to microsoft, now (a.k.a. github)
[11:01:17] <girls> we missed hundrets of haskell packages :-D
[11:01:26] <girls> fun, fun, fun
[11:04:17] <girls> T`aZ: if your hardware is 64 bit, I'd recommend to run arch for x86_64, too :-) no heart feelings
[11:06:10] <T`aZ> yeah, it's an old atom that can do 64bits
[11:06:19] <T`aZ> well, in theory, never tried :D
[11:06:50] <T`aZ> i was too lazy do migrate when official arch deprecated it, so switched to arch32 :D
[11:07:12] <T`aZ> but since more and more stuff are no longer tested on 32bits, i am getting tired of stuff being so unstable
[11:07:24] <T`aZ> you guys, are doing an awesome job btw, thanks a lot for that
[11:09:35] <girls> thanks for the kind words
[11:11:19] <girls> unfortunately, the more users leave, the less arch32 will be tested - or in other words: I don't usually test my software, but when I do, I test it in production.
[11:13:49] <T`aZ> yeah, well, hmm, priorities :p
[11:14:19] <T`aZ> brb, rebooting into the 64bits kernel :D
[11:14:27] <girls> good luck
[11:14:28] <girls> cu
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[12:28:51] <girls> buildmaster: what's up?
[12:28:52] <buildmaster> up? I'm up for 1 week, 3 days, 18 hours, 12 minutes, load average: 2.52, 1.90, 1.64
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[17:08:03] <T`aZ> that was a wild ride :o 'meh, pactree fails to start, let's add pacman dependencies manually'
[17:08:09] <T`aZ> was not the best idea
[17:08:53] <T`aZ> hopefully i had another install , could chroot && pacman --sysroot with a bit of tweaking here and there :p
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[17:14:19] <bill-auger> eschwartz: it that right? - did arch stop maintaining the svntogit repos ?
[17:18:32] <eschwartz> I have no clue, just noticed they haven't gotten updated for 3 days
[17:18:50] <eschwartz> and github *sucks* at selecting branches like this
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[17:30:16] <girls> I changed to github for now
[17:31:25] <bill-auger> the SVN repo is up-to-date - maybe the conversion service is down
[17:32:26] <bill-auger> thats ok with me - i only ever pull the master branch ahead
[18:21:35] <trotz> 2020/12/20 18:20 WARN buildmaster Running kernel running 5.9.13, installed 5.9.14
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[22:37:36] <girls> what happens if I accidentally `kill 1` - does the system reboot?
[22:39:35] <wutno> try and report back :)
[22:39:47] <girls> it appears to rather shut down (or freeze in some other non-remote-detectable way)
[22:40:05] <bill-auger> not reboot exactly but pid 1 will restart
[22:40:20] <girls> bill-auger: nope, it would not react on pings anymore
[22:40:34] <girls> probably, because some wifi daemon was killed alongside ...
[22:41:00] <bill-auger> the parabola desktop ISOs from a few years ago used that trick to set the ;anguage keymap
[22:41:33] <girls> hmm, my raspi just went off-radar when I accidentally `fuser -km`-killed pid 1
[22:43:18] <bill-auger> i suppose some devices could be left in an unsane state - there never appeared to any ill effects of it though
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