#archlinux32 | Logs for 2020-01-30

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[01:09:05] <buildmaster> i486/qt5-3d is broken (says eurobuild6-7-i486): https://archlinux32.org
[01:12:21] <nit-picker> dependencies of python-jupymake-0.9-4.0-i686.pkg.tar.xz (built on 2019-12-13) differ between the package and our database
[01:14:51] <buildmaster> i486/wxsqlite3 is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1): https://archlinux32.org
[01:19:54] <buildmaster> i486/qt5-location is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1): https://archlinux32.org
[01:22:00] <buildmaster> i486/qt5-webchannel is broken (says eurobuild6-7-i486): https://archlinux32.org
[01:24:30] <buildmaster> girls, please have a look at my dirty database
[01:24:30] * buildmaster goes insane.
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[06:27:58] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[06:27:58] <buildmaster> !rq abaumann
[06:27:59] <phrik> buildmaster: <abaumann> the better the lint tools of a language, the crappier the language ;-)
[06:42:59] <abaumann> mmh. the mirror lost python-jupymake-0.9-4.0-i686.pkg.tar.xz and still has python-jupymake-0.9-4.0-i686.pkg.tar.xz.sig, wonder, how that happens?
[06:43:37] <abaumann> smae for python-jupymake-0.9-4.0-pentium4.pkg.tar.xz
[06:46:20] <abaumann> or is it vise-versa? Diff outputs always confused me. :-)
[06:47:58] <abaumann> neither?
[06:48:10] <abaumann> deleting them on the mirror doesn't help.. adding them doesn't help..
[06:48:12] * abaumann puzzle
[06:49:17] <abaumann> symlink in community/$arch missing
[06:58:43] <abaumann> mmh. the files in */community are not symlinks..
[06:59:11] <abaumann> mmh. none are.
[06:59:19] <abaumann> so, they are hard-links?
[06:59:23] <abaumann> or plain copies?
[06:59:31] <abaumann> hard to tell via the sftp interface..
[07:01:22] <abaumann> dangit! again an error..
[07:03:25] <abaumann> ok. let's remove all those files in pool and $arch/community and see what that does..
[07:04:22] <abaumann> The following packages in community are missing from the database or vice versa:
[07:04:25] <abaumann> in_database python-jupymake-0.9-4.0-pentium4.pkg.tar.xz
[07:04:27] <abaumann> SANITY CHECK FAILED
[07:04:30] <abaumann> The following packages in community are missing from the file-database or vice versa:
[07:04:33] <abaumann> in_database python-jupymake-0.9-4.0
[07:04:35] <abaumann> SANITY CHECK FAILED passed.
[07:04:38] <abaumann> *sigh*
[07:04:39] <abaumann> so what..
[07:04:59] <abaumann> so. they are in the database.
[07:05:13] <abaumann> when I put the onto the mirror sanity-check complains about them to be missing
[07:07:07] <abaumann> I'm giving up. I don't understand this.
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[08:35:16] <buildmaster> Hi deep42thought!
[08:35:16] <buildmaster> !rq deep42thought
[08:35:17] <phrik> buildmaster: <deep42thought> good night, python - cu tomorrow python2!
[08:36:38] <deep42thought> abaumann: the confusion clears if you consider, that there are *two* databases: one in community.db.tar.gz and one in mysql
[08:36:59] <deep42thought> $repo/$arch/ should contain symlinks to ../../pool/$package
[08:37:47] <deep42thought> typo: it's $arch/$repo/, of course
[08:38:35] <deep42thought> the problem is this time, that the file is still on the mirror, whereas the mysql database has removed it (for whatever reason)
[08:46:15] * buildmaster resumes sanity.
[08:46:26] <buildmaster> i486/qt5-quick3d is broken (says eurobuild6-7-i486): https://archlinux32.org
[08:46:27] <buildmaster> i486/qt5-graphicaleffects are broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1): https://archlinux32.org
[08:49:18] <deep42thought> what the hell? there was a return job which took ~1h to complete O.o https://archlinux32.org
[08:52:14] <buildmaster> pentium4/polymake is broken (says eurobuild6-5): https://archlinux32.org
[08:53:00] <buildmaster> i486/qt5-quickcontrols are broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0): https://archlinux32.org
[08:53:37] <buildmaster> i486/qt5-quickcontrols2 is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1): https://archlinux32.org
[08:53:44] <buildmaster> i486/qt5-scxml is broken (says eurobuild6-7-i486): https://archlinux32.org
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[08:55:56] <buildmaster> !rq buildmaster
[08:55:57] <phrik> buildmaster: <buildmaster> I might be insane, but never confused ... ;-)
[08:57:46] <buildmaster> i486/qt5-serialbus are broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0): https://archlinux32.org
[08:58:31] <buildmaster> i486/qt5-virtualkeyboard is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1): https://archlinux32.org
[08:59:42] <buildmaster> i486/qt5-wayland is broken (says eurobuild6-7-i486): https://archlinux32.org
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[09:01:54] <buildmaster> !rq buildmaster
[09:01:55] <phrik> buildmaster: <buildmaster> I might be insane, but never confused ... ;-)
[09:02:14] <buildmaster> i486/qt5-webglplugin is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0): https://archlinux32.org
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[09:18:21] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[09:18:21] <buildmaster> !rq abaumann
[09:18:22] <phrik> buildmaster: <abaumann> ..sorry. After 2 hours of trying to do basic stuff I start to get a little bit dizzy.. :-)
[09:18:24] <abaumann> hi deep42thought
[09:18:25] <deep42thought> Hi abaumann!
[09:18:31] <abaumann> aha. database != database :-)
[09:18:42] <deep42thought> yeah, I should probably rephrase that
[09:19:02] <abaumann> I could have checked in the script, but had to leave then..
[09:19:03] <deep42thought> also note, that the colors give a good hint about where it is missing and where it is superfluid
[09:19:24] <abaumann> yes :-)
[09:19:35] <deep42thought> e.g.: "master mirror listing" on top was red, packages are marked red => they are on the master mirror (but not the database)
[09:20:27] <abaumann> the upload to the master mirror, the recreation and uploading of pacman database files and the updates in the mysql database should happen in one atomic transaction
[09:20:33] <deep42thought> about all those missing files lately: there seems to be something broken about the sftp/rsync synchronization
[09:20:40] <abaumann> or you have to clean up :-)
[09:20:52] <deep42thought> it is not possible atomically
[09:21:02] <deep42thought> because it's different machines
[09:21:18] <abaumann> well, it is for instance: if fail to upload database file, remove the other files..
[09:21:20] <deep42thought> but it *should* try it multiple times if failures occure (e.g. connection failures)
[09:21:29] <abaumann> if abort in mysql, delete all files, restore old database pacman file.
[09:21:34] <abaumann> but it's really really tedious
[09:21:37] <deep42thought> and if it finally gives up, the commands should be stored in some temporary file for easy recovery
[09:21:45] <abaumann> yep. that's enough.
[09:21:58] * deep42thought checks, that this is actually implemented
[09:22:00] <abaumann> and besided, if something crashes, then all what I said doesn't work anyway
[09:22:30] <abaumann> mmh, about execution times.
[09:22:40] <abaumann> I got a munin message about high I/O on disk
[09:22:45] <abaumann> not sure, if that is related.
[09:22:55] <abaumann> nice green patch above 3000 ;-)
[09:22:57] <deep42thought> ~1h might be network latency
[09:23:05] <deep42thought> e.g. a slow upload from a slave
[09:23:19] <abaumann> mmh. in this case it would be interesting to know which one.
[09:23:28] <abaumann> I'm not aware of network issues at my place
[09:23:32] * abaumann checks his local munin
[09:24:26] <abaumann> mmh. nothing suspicious
[09:24:47] <deep42thought> the package was libluv on i686
[09:25:12] <deep42thought> not particularly big ... (57K)
[09:25:33] <deep42thought> eurobuild6-1
[09:25:38] <abaumann> uh.
[09:25:48] <abaumann> that slave had issues before.
[09:26:12] <deep42thought> but it should not take 1h to upload 57kB
[09:26:13] <deep42thought> ...
[09:26:34] <abaumann> and if, then why not all slaves on eurobuild6
[09:26:44] <deep42thought> or is it connected to the internet via pigeons?
[09:26:47] <abaumann> so it's more likely something is wrong with slave1
[09:26:55] <abaumann> 1 Pg/s
[09:26:58] <abaumann> yes. :-)
[09:27:00] <abaumann> lol
[09:27:06] <deep42thought> or some (temporary) issue on the buildmaster
[09:27:09] <deep42thought> or master mirror
[09:27:15] <deep42thought> ah, wait
[09:27:25] <deep42thought> maybe, that was, when there was the power outage in the lab
[09:27:28] * deep42thought tries to remember
[09:27:32] <abaumann> mmh. it's the only slave I didn't rebuild lately
[09:27:43] <abaumann> oh, the laser used too much energy? ;-)
[09:27:55] <deep42thought> no, someone hit the emergeny-shut-off
[09:28:03] <deep42thought> the laser guys were not amused
[09:28:07] <abaumann> that big red button in the corner
[09:28:14] <abaumann> can imagine
[09:28:16] <deep42thought> well: next to the door
[09:28:27] <abaumann> close to the light switch.. convenient
[09:28:35] <deep42thought> hip-heigh - exactly, where you would touch the wall when you lean on it
[09:29:19] <deep42thought> ok, I think, it was that date
[09:29:23] <deep42thought> so: mystery solved :-)
[09:29:39] <abaumann> I cleaned and restarted slave1 anyway, no harm
[09:29:57] <deep42thought> you should regularly clean and shower your slaves
[09:30:07] <abaumann> !grab deep42thought
[09:30:08] <phrik> abaumann: Tada!
[09:30:15] <abaumann> lol
[09:30:55] <deep42thought> https://git.archlinux32.org
[09:30:57] <phrik> Title: common-functions ÂŤ lib - builder - Archlinux32 build system (at git.archlinux32.org)
[09:31:15] <deep42thought> ok, it tries upto 20 times, but it does not save a to-do thingy in case it finaly fails
[09:32:42] <deep42thought> the problem with saving the rsync command for later use is, that we would also need to save all the local files that should get moved
[09:32:53] <abaumann> true
[09:32:56] <deep42thought> this calls for some command-queue
[09:33:07] <abaumann> sort of an intention log
[09:33:12] <deep42thought> yeah
[09:33:19] <abaumann> keep all files and a shell script with the commands around
[09:33:33] <deep42thought> it needs to be more granular
[09:34:06] <deep42thought> e.g.: 1. download database from mirror; 2. insert packages into database; 3. update mysql-database; 4. upload new database and packages to mirror
[09:34:26] <deep42thought> if any step fails, the processing must be resumed from that step
[09:34:59] <abaumann> the script cannot be executed blindly, yes
[09:35:07] <abaumann> one has to check the state and the logs first
[09:35:17] <abaumann> unless all operations are idempotent
[09:35:22] <deep42thought> well, why not divide it into multiple scripts, then?
[09:35:42] <abaumann> yes, why not
[09:36:40] <abaumann> https://github.com
[09:36:41] <phrik> Title: GitHub - fluxbb/converter: A tool for converting from other forum software to FluxBB (at github.com)
[09:36:45] <abaumann> "Merge FluxBB - merge two fluxbb installations into one database. Categories, forums, topics and posts are added to the current database and the users are merged from the both installations."
[09:36:49] <abaumann> sounds great.
[09:36:54] * abaumann wonders if it also works
[09:37:21] <deep42thought> lol
[09:37:24] <deep42thought> make a backup
[09:37:28] <abaumann> one problem is the varying password schemes, md5 for new users and sha1 for old users
[09:37:28] <deep42thought> ;-)
[09:37:46] <deep42thought> did you install tyzoid's patch already?
[09:37:53] <deep42thought> it is backwards compatible
[09:37:54] <abaumann> the /etc/passwd approach is to store the password-method along with the hash: md5$j73Sderwer
[09:38:08] <abaumann> no, nobody could login then, or not?
[09:38:20] <deep42thought> I think, it's backwards compatible
[09:38:34] <deep42thought> e.g. old passwords will work, but if you refresh the password, it will use the new method
[09:38:35] <abaumann> and merging: I would prefer to keep the old ids of the old forums and shift the new ones up basically
[09:38:42] <abaumann> aha.
[09:38:44] <deep42thought> yeah
[09:38:45] <abaumann> that would be fine
[09:38:54] <deep42thought> also, it would be nice to identify identical users
[09:39:02] <abaumann> yep.
[09:39:19] <abaumann> I have to test a little bit this converter
[09:39:25] <deep42thought> based on ... which information? :-/
[09:39:30] <abaumann> by hand
[09:39:35] <abaumann> id_old == id_new
[09:39:41] <abaumann> that's not that many users
[09:39:44] <deep42thought> maybe it does that automatically?
[09:39:46] <abaumann> ca. 50 at most
[09:39:50] <deep42thought> id?
[09:39:54] <deep42thought> I would not compare ids
[09:39:59] <deep42thought> I would compare user names
[09:40:02] <abaumann> and emails
[09:40:05] <abaumann> of course.
[09:40:09] <deep42thought> ah, ok
[09:40:17] <deep42thought> we're talking of the same, good :-D
[09:40:25] <abaumann> what I meant is, you get a hypothesis of ids which you can join, and present that to the user of the converter
[09:40:45] <deep42thought> ah, good
[09:40:46] <abaumann> as step one I could remove the cache pages and add a read-only version of the old BB maybe?
[09:40:55] <deep42thought> yeah
[09:41:05] <abaumann> because the merging will take longer
[09:41:39] <abaumann> as there is not much todo on packages and stuff, it's a good time to do some maintainance..
[09:41:41] <deep42thought> one issue, I see with the intention-list is, that it creates problems regarding locking
[09:41:47] <abaumann> ..and not to fuck up www.archlinux32.org (as I did)
[09:41:52] <deep42thought> :-D
[09:41:59] <deep42thought> np, I now have backups
[09:42:04] <abaumann> :-)
[09:42:24] <abaumann> issues with locking?
[09:42:46] <deep42thought> well, imagine a client sending a package
[09:42:53] <deep42thought> so it gets a lock on the package database
[09:43:05] <abaumann> you should not apply those things while the buildmaster is running.
[09:43:09] <deep42thought> which is only released when the database is finally uploaded to the master mirror
[09:43:34] <deep42thought> so you mean, we should handle the logs in the intention-log, too?
[09:43:44] <deep42thought> e.g. a package upload would become:
[09:43:47] <deep42thought> 1. get lock
[09:43:52] <deep42thought> 2. download database from mirror
[09:43:55] <deep42thought> 3. update database
[09:44:00] <deep42thought> 4. update mysql
[09:44:06] <deep42thought> 5. update database and package to mirror
[09:44:10] <deep42thought> 6. release lock
[09:44:11] <deep42thought> ?
[09:44:12] <abaumann> if that sequence doesn't take too long..
[09:44:31] <deep42thought> well, the steps are the same as what is done currently anyways
[09:44:34] <abaumann> otherwise you have at least to be careful with the database
[09:44:42] <abaumann> mysql has transactions
[09:44:49] <deep42thought> the only question is, whether we want to record that in an intention-queue
[09:44:52] <abaumann> but otoh the mysql operation is rather fast
[09:45:04] <abaumann> the lock.
[09:45:23] <abaumann> if those commands can be executed while the buildmaster is on hold, there should not be a problem
[09:46:05] <deep42thought> db-update should also use the intention-log
[09:46:26] <deep42thought> s/log/queue/
[09:46:40] <abaumann> yeah, it can fail in the same way
[09:47:04] <deep42thought> everything using rsync/sftp should use it - except read-only rsyncs (to get info about stuff on the master mirror)
[09:47:32] <abaumann> true
[09:48:05] <abaumann> unless you use the results of those rsync to do some write actions based on
[09:48:10] <abaumann> you could have invalid/stale data
[09:49:11] <abaumann> uh.. I have to clean up backups a little bit on the buildmaster.. far too many.
[09:49:17] <deep42thought> yes, but it's not necessary to repeat the read - you can simply abort your current action
[09:49:24] <deep42thought> :-D
[09:49:27] <abaumann> true that.
[09:50:16] <abaumann> 256GB mysql dumps, nice
[09:50:28] <deep42thought> :-D
[09:50:39] <abaumann> only starting from 1.1.2020 should be ok, right?
[09:50:48] <abaumann> I don't delete the others (yet)
[09:50:49] <deep42thought> yeah
[09:51:01] <abaumann> I just remove them from the buildmaster and the daily backups and move them to an archive
[09:51:04] <abaumann> just in case :-)
[09:52:13] -!- _DCyrax has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[09:53:16] <deep42thought> actually, the intentions-queue would make locking the database superfluid - because it's executed sequentially anyways
[09:53:42] <abaumann> mmh. yes.
[09:54:54] <deep42thought> ah, no: there are others, which need to *read* the state when it is clean (e.g. not locked)
[09:55:19] <deep42thought> e.g. db-update needs the current state to tell what should be done
[09:55:20] <abaumann> ah. I thought they were all supposed to lock now..
[09:55:31] <abaumann> yeah, in this case leave it.
[09:55:38] <deep42thought> yes, but at the time the queue is *executed*, it locks
[09:55:46] <abaumann> it's not that the buildmaster is particularly inefficient now, so we can afford some more locking
[09:55:49] <deep42thought> but db-update needs the lock when it *creates* the queue
[09:55:56] <abaumann> yep
[09:59:59] <deep42thought> the css on git.archlinux32.org seems broken
[10:00:13] <abaumann> uf?
[10:00:18] * abaumann has a look
[10:00:27] <abaumann> mmh.
[10:00:55] <deep42thought> probably a missing css for the navbar?
[10:01:10] <abaumann> there are chagnes to the git repo
[10:01:32] <abaumann> -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 14271 Jan 14 15:36 cgit.css
[10:01:41] <abaumann> I'm not aware of doing something there.
[10:01:47] <deep42thought> me neither
[10:01:57] <deep42thought> git reset --hard
[10:02:02] <deep42thought> ;-)
[10:02:10] <abaumann> I make a copy and then the reset
[10:02:12] <deep42thought> maybe some cgit update?
[10:02:16] <deep42thought> git stash
[10:02:17] <deep42thought> :-D
[10:02:48] <deep42thought> looks better
[10:02:53] <deep42thought> also the urls look right again :-)
[10:03:17] <abaumann> I make a branch..
[10:05:01] <abaumann> I love git :-)
[10:05:10] <deep42thought> https://git.archlinux32.org
[10:05:12] <phrik> Title: common-functions ÂŤ lib - builder.git - Archlinux32 build system (at git.archlinux32.org)
[10:05:15] <deep42thought> yeah, git is nice
[10:08:34] <deep42thought> actually, we could keep the locks outside of the queue and interpret the existence of jobs in the queue as an implicit lock
[10:08:49] <deep42thought> db-update needs to do this anyways
[10:09:17] <deep42thought> and the locking of return-assignment is not that critical, because it's fast
[10:10:29] <abaumann> sounds good
[10:10:55] <abaumann> but I don't have a deep insight into the build system, so. I'm judging from 100 meters above code ;-)
[10:11:35] <deep42thought> lol
[10:11:48] <abaumann> mmh. do we want to keep http logfiles? and if, for how long
[10:11:56] <abaumann> ah.
[10:11:57] <abaumann> I see.
[10:12:06] <abaumann> they are rotated already and cleaned after *log.4
[10:12:07] <abaumann> ok
[10:12:12] <deep42thought> :-)
[10:12:52] <abaumann> that's something I see in my day job a log: people logging in and doing manual cleanup work, which is a) tedious repeating, b) dangerous, because you might delete too much
[10:12:57] <abaumann> *a lot
[10:13:27] <deep42thought> yeah
[10:14:52] <abaumann> I'm cleaning the disk on the buildmaster and I get a munin warning about too high I/O on the device :-)
[10:15:10] <deep42thought> :-D
[10:15:20] <deep42thought> you should not clean with `shred -zu`
[10:32:00] <abaumann> mmh. a pacman update overwrite some customizations in cgit?
[10:32:05] <abaumann> *overwrote
[10:32:19] <deep42thought> maybe, you need to put that stuff in /etc/...?
[10:33:56] <abaumann> yeah, or install it from git directly and not via pacman and half via git
[10:34:28] <deep42thought> but there must be a way to make local changes on an install from pacman
[10:35:30] <abaumann> *grmpf* I'm in fucking things up modus again..
[10:35:37] <deep42thought> !grab abaumann
[10:35:38] <phrik> deep42thought: Tada!
[10:36:43] <abaumann> luckily I have a backup this time
[10:36:46] <abaumann> (and I need it)
[10:37:51] <abaumann> IgnorePkg it is for now
[10:40:04] <abaumann> java8-openjdk dropped upstream? well, have fun with bootstrapping.. :-)
[10:40:22] <abaumann> nah.
[10:40:24] <abaumann> it's there
[10:40:41] <abaumann> just another re-publish tarball accident @Oracle
[10:41:00] <abaumann> https://bugs.archlinux.org
[10:41:01] <phrik> Title: FS#63430 : [jdk8-openjdk] all checksums mismatch (at bugs.archlinux.org)
[10:41:39] <deep42thought> unedited since August???
[10:42:32] <abaumann> seems so.
[10:43:18] <abaumann> https://git.archlinux32.org is gone
[10:43:24] <deep42thought> builder.git
[10:43:26] <abaumann> slaves failing at my place, sweet
[10:43:34] <abaumann> no, not since the move
[10:43:37] <abaumann> I think
[10:43:39] <deep42thought> https://git.archlinux32.org
[10:43:40] <phrik> Title: builder.git - Archlinux32 build system (at git.archlinux32.org)
[10:43:51] <abaumann> ah.
[10:43:52] <abaumann> ok.
[10:43:56] <deep42thought> we should probably add some redirect/rewrite
[10:45:03] <abaumann> yep
[10:45:39] <abaumann> where is my arch32.service file now?!
[10:45:50] <deep42thought> in the backup? ;-)
[10:45:58] <abaumann> on my slaves
[10:46:04] <abaumann> they just completely vanished
[10:46:08] <deep42thought> you don't have backups of the slaves?
[10:46:12] <abaumann> nope
[10:46:22] <abaumann> backups is for loosers ;-)
[10:46:27] <deep42thought> !grab abaumann
[10:46:28] <phrik> deep42thought: Tada!
[10:47:23] <abaumann> how the hell can that happen?!
[10:47:39] <deep42thought> where did you store it?
[10:47:43] <deep42thought> /etc/systemd/system?
[10:47:55] <abaumann> ah.
[10:47:57] <abaumann> yep
[10:48:04] <abaumann> searched in /lib/systemd/system only :-)
[10:48:09] <deep42thought> :-)
[10:48:27] <deep42thought> first step in such situations: `systemctl cat $your-unit.service`
[10:48:35] <abaumann> something is weird: I think I had oll builder git without the .git and now after the accident it's back to the default
[10:49:20] <deep42thought> origin https://git.archlinux32.org/packages (fetch)
[10:49:21] <phrik> Title: Archlinux32 Git Repositories (at git.archlinux32.org)
[10:49:21] <deep42thought> yep
[10:49:32] <deep42thought> me, too
[10:52:45] <abaumann> so. fixed.
[10:53:55] <abaumann> remove_suffic in cgitrc, and a redirect in apache, it's easier to remvove a git and redirect than vise-versa
[10:58:11] <buildmaster> i686/sn0int is broken (says eurobuild6-3): https://archlinux32.org
[10:58:52] <buildmaster> pentium4/sn0int is broken (says eurobuild6-1): https://archlinux32.org
[11:00:26] <abaumann> ok. much better now.
[11:44:53] <buildmaster> i486/frogatto is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0): https://archlinux32.org
[11:49:58] <buildmaster> i486/glob2 is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0): https://archlinux32.org
[12:01:19] <buildmaster> i686/osquery is broken (says eurobuild6-6): https://archlinux32.org
[12:07:08] <buildmaster> i686/sympol is broken (says rechenknecht): https://archlinux32.org
[12:27:57] -!- eschwartz[m] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[12:53:00] <buildmaster> i486/mupen64plus are broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0): https://archlinux32.org
[12:56:58] -!- crns has joined #archlinux32
[13:02:37] <buildmaster> pentium4/mupen64plus are broken (says rechenknecht): https://archlinux32.org
[13:11:57] <buildmaster> i486/sympol is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0): https://archlinux32.org
[13:26:11] <buildmaster> pentium4/osquery is broken (says eurobuild6-3): https://archlinux32.org
[13:26:52] <buildmaster> i486/libkolabxml is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1): https://archlinux32.org
[13:30:21] <buildmaster> pentium4/sympol is broken (says rechenknecht): https://archlinux32.org
[13:42:23] * buildmaster goes insane.
[13:44:20] <deep42thought> apparently, the intentions-queue does not work :-D
[13:45:32] <deep42thought> ah, no, stupid me: I forgot to put the "copy database back to mirror" step into the queue :-D
[13:48:48] * buildmaster resumes sanity.
[13:52:53] -!- dopsi has quit [Quit: ZNC - https://znc.in]
[13:53:34] -!- dopsi has joined #archlinux32
[14:00:21] <buildmaster> i486/qt5-mqtt is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0): https://archlinux32.org
[14:17:17] <buildmaster> i486/monero is broken (says eurobuild6-7-i486): https://archlinux32.org
[14:21:23] <buildmaster> i486/libtorrent-rasterbar is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs1): https://archlinux32.org
[14:31:00] <buildmaster> pentium4/openshadinglanguage is broken (says eurobuild6-5): https://archlinux32.org
[14:43:41] <deep42thought> ok, return-assignment should use the intentions-queue, now, too - let's see if that works out (I have to leave in a few minutes - hehe)
[14:44:00] <buildmaster> i486/python-autobahn is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0): https://archlinux32.org
[14:44:15] <deep42thought> abaumann: If you experience major hickups due to this change, feel free to `git checkout HEAD^` on the buildmaster
[14:44:26] <abaumann> ah. ok.
[14:45:09] <abaumann> as long as the backlog of packages is not too long, it's a good time now to test new features in the buildmaster. :-)
[14:45:40] <deep42thought> ok, there should be no major problem: if something fails, newly returned packages will simply not be accepted
[14:59:54] -!- deep42thought has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[15:24:55] -!- abaumann has quit [Quit: leaving]
[15:56:22] <nit-picker> key A0B250C0FC9FC079EC04ADB7A50C0F20AEC3AF00 (from Polichronucci (Arch Linux 32 Master Key) <polichronucci@archlinux.gr>) in package archlinux32-keyring-transition-20200113-1.0-any.pkg.tar.zst expires on 2020-05-05 (in 95 < 100 days).
[16:27:23] -!- T0MuX has joined #archlinux32
[16:27:41] <T0MuX> hi :)
[16:27:46] <T0MuX> I can't install playonlinux
[16:28:04] <T0MuX> pacman says "wine" is not found
[16:28:29] <T0MuX> on "regular" archlinux (the x64 one), just have to uncomment [multilib] repository
[16:28:40] <T0MuX> how to deal with it on archlinux32 ?
[16:29:22] <T0MuX> I looked into pacman.conf, there is no [multilib] repo (normal I think, because the arch is x86 so there is no multilib)
[16:30:25] <girls> T0MuX: multilib packages should end up in community
[16:30:52] <T0MuX> girls: okay, then I don't understand why I can't see wine in it
[16:31:40] <T0MuX> pacman -Ss wine give me : twine, vkd3d, wine-mono and winetricks
[16:31:44] <T0MuX> and thats all
[16:31:49] <girls> same here: https://www.archlinux32.org
[16:31:50] <phrik> Title: Arch Linux 32 - Package Search (at www.archlinux32.org)
[16:32:37] <girls> https://www.archlinux32.org
[16:33:05] <T0MuX> https://www.archlinux32.org
[16:33:06] <phrik> Title: Arch Linux 32 - Package Search (at www.archlinux32.org)
[16:33:08] <girls> it *should* be scheduled, but it isn't ...
[16:33:36] <T0MuX> I can see it in [testing] repo
[16:33:49] <T0MuX> I have no choice I guess... lol
[16:34:18] <T0MuX> (I mean community-testing)
[16:34:19] <girls> huh? it is in testing?
[16:34:37] <girls> wine-staging is there ...
[16:34:39] <girls> strange :-/
[16:34:54] <T0MuX> yes
[16:35:04] <T0MuX> but this is the only wine I can use
[16:35:05] <T0MuX> right ?
[16:35:28] <girls> yes
[16:35:34] <girls> I'm scheduling the other one right now
[16:35:55] <T0MuX> okay, thanks :)
[16:36:26] <T0MuX> what does this mean, the wine (stable) will be in community ?
[16:37:34] -!- Alina-malina has quit [Ping timeout: 265 seconds]
[16:40:41] <buildmaster> i486/wine is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0): https://archlinux32.org
[16:42:02] <girls> yes, when I fixed the mess which I created earlier ;-)
[16:51:42] -!- Alina-malina has joined #archlinux32
[16:57:00] <girls> abaumann: fyi: return-assignment now has 6 fewer bugs and should work with the intentions-queue correctly, now
[17:19:22] -!- MrBIOS has joined #archlinux32
[17:22:22] <girls> T0MuX: wine-staging is now in community
[17:22:34] <girls> wine is still building ... let's see :-)
[17:30:54] <buildmaster> i486/galera is broken (says eurobuild6-7-i486): https://archlinux32.org
[17:36:57] <buildmaster> i486/gearmand is broken (says eurobuild6-7-i486): https://archlinux32.org
[18:03:12] <T0MuX> girls: yes thank you
[18:03:22] <T0MuX> But little question : why not wine ?
[18:03:34] <T0MuX> (I mean wine stable)
[18:22:43] <buildmaster> pentium4/galera is broken (says eurobuild6-4): https://archlinux32.org
[18:37:07] <buildmaster> i686/galera is broken (says rechenknecht): https://archlinux32.org
[18:54:22] <girls> T0MuX: I don't understand what you mean
[18:57:53] -!- AndrevS has joined #archlinux32
[19:07:38] -!- abaumann has joined #archlinux32
[19:07:38] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[19:07:38] <buildmaster> !rq abaumann
[19:07:39] <phrik> buildmaster: <abaumann> I fail to decive what is crappier: rust or LTO in gcc..
[19:07:51] <abaumann> "..6 fewer bugs makes the buildmaster happy.." ;-)
[19:17:12] -!- abaumann has quit [Quit: leaving]
[19:57:16] <nit-picker> key A0B250C0FC9FC079EC04ADB7A50C0F20AEC3AF00 (from Polichronucci (Arch Linux 32 Master Key) <polichronucci@archlinux.gr>) in package archlinux32-keyring-20200113-1.0-any.pkg.tar.zst expires on 2020-05-05 (in 95 < 100 days).
[20:59:54] -!- MrBIOS has quit [Quit: MrBIOS]
[21:35:30] -!- T0MuX has quit [*.net *.split]
[22:00:03] -!- DCyrax has joined #archlinux32
[22:19:53] <buildmaster> i486/gdal is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0): https://archlinux32.org
[22:24:09] <buildmaster> i686/libixion is broken (says eurobuild6-3): https://archlinux32.org
[22:25:08] <buildmaster> i486/pyalpm is broken (says nlopc46-i486bs0): https://archlinux32.org
[22:29:40] -!- AndrevS has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[22:42:19] <buildmaster> pentium4/libixion is broken (says eurobuild6-6): https://archlinux32.org