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[09:13:57] <abaumann> buildmaster.archlinux32.org seems down, I fear a DoSS on Hetzner itself..
[09:14:34] <abaumann> ..though: I get into the administration panel of Hetzner. mmh.
[09:19:48] <abaumann> I issued a ticket before I'm hard resetting the server. I don't have a virtual console for the thing..
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[10:05:45] <abaumann> Everything ok, nothing wrong with the machine, just the network disappeared temporarily. :-)
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[21:27:41] <mupf> Hello
[21:27:45] <girls> Hi
[21:28:01] <mupf> I'm having issues migrating to ArchLinux32 on my WSL2 installation.
[21:28:36] <mupf> If I follow the instructions I get the following:
[21:28:42] <mupf> core.db failed to download
[21:28:43] <mupf> error: failed retrieving file 'core.db' from archive.archlinux32.org : The requested URL returned error: 404
[21:28:43] <mupf> error: failed to synchronize all databases (failed to retrieve some files)
[21:28:54] <mupf> Can anyone provide help?
[21:29:08] <girls> what do you have in your /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist ?
[21:29:27] <mupf> Server=https://archive.archlinux32.org/repos/2020/01/01/$arch/$repo
[21:30:24] <girls> what does `pacman-conf Architecture` give you?
[21:30:44] <mupf> x86_64
[21:31:01] <girls> well, you're on a 64 bit machine, then :)
[21:31:28] <girls> or did you hard-code the architecture in /etc/pacman.conf?
[21:31:39] <girls> what does `uname -a` tell?
[21:32:24] <mupf> Can't find any reference in pacman.conf
[21:32:38] <girls> there should be a "Architecture = ..." line
[21:32:45] <girls> it probably says "auto"
[21:33:04] <girls> which means, that you're on real 64-bit hardware, so you can install archlinux instead
[21:33:10] <mupf> Linux DESKTOP-NR41R1A #1 SMP Wed Aug 25 23:20:18 UTC 2021 x86_64 GNU/Linux
[21:33:10] <mupf> But isn't that exactly the point of migrating to ArchLinux32? To migrate from a 64 bit to a 32 bit installation?
[21:33:32] <mupf> I'm currently using WSL2
[21:33:39] <girls> may I ask, why you want to do that?
[21:33:58] <mupf> Why I wanna migrate or why I'm using WSL2?
[21:34:07] <girls> why you want to migrate
[21:34:11] <mupf> One second
[21:34:14] <girls> np
[21:37:07] <mupf> I'm currently trying to compile a server application from the mid 2000s. This wouldn't be a problem. However, there's a bit of pre-compiled code (probably propritary) that needs to be linked.
[21:37:41] <girls> so you want to run in a 32-bit environment for compilation?
[21:37:50] <mupf> Yes, exactly.
[21:38:18] <girls> So I assume, the "system" which you want to set up is actually a chroot on another system?
[21:38:28] <girls> (at least, that's what I would do)
[21:38:38] <mupf> It's a proof-of-concept. It's my system.
[21:38:51] <mupf> I just wanna check if I can manage. That's all.
[21:39:51] <girls> ok, if you know, what you're doing, then you can just set "Architecture = pentium4" in your pacman.conf and the installation should work
[21:40:23] <girls> note, that you will need to use "setarch i686 chroot ..." instead of solely "chroot", whenever you want to chroot into your new installation, though
[21:41:04] <mupf> Ah so I need to install a fresh system to chroot into
[21:41:06] <mupf> I see,
[21:41:25] <girls> yes
[21:41:46] <mupf> Is there a simple tutorial how to do this from an existing installation?
[21:42:01] <girls> the arch installation guide is quite helpful
[21:42:21] <girls> you need to replace archlinux by archlinux32 every now and then, though ;)
[21:44:35] <mupf> I know how to setup a fresh arch installation. I never installated it from a running system though
[21:44:55] <girls> the installation medium is basically a running system :)
[21:45:21] <girls> you need pacman - obviously - and archinstallscripts are also helpful (but not necessary, strictly speaking)
[21:46:22] <girls> buildmaster: what's up?
[21:46:22] <buildmaster> up? I'm up for 6 days, 6 hours, 44 minutes, load average: 3.03, 2.07, 1.91
[21:48:56] <girls> ah, they're called arch-install-scripts
[21:50:55] <KillerWasp> mupfᐒ you can found what you need with pkgfile
[21:52:11] <mupf> KillerWasp please elaborate
[21:52:16] <mupf> error: mkinitcpio-busybox: signature from "Erich Eckner (just to sign arch packages) <arch@eckner.net>" is unknown trust
[21:52:20] <mupf> I get a lot of these now.
[21:52:37] <girls> ah, right, they keyring is another necessary package to install :)
[21:52:54] <KillerWasp> mupfᐒ 'pacman -Si pkgfile'
[21:53:09] <girls> https://mirror.archlinux32.org
[21:53:20] <girls> https://mirror.archlinux32.org
[21:53:31] <KillerWasp> mupfᐒ also, for signatures, install first archlinux32-keyring
[21:53:38] <KillerWasp> or archlinux-keyring
[21:53:50] <girls> archlinux32-keyring does not contain my key ;)
[21:54:20] <KillerWasp> i guess archlinux32-keyring only exist in archlinux and not in archlinux32, i get confused.
[21:54:33] <mupf> I installed archlinux32-keyring-transition beforehand
[21:55:01] <girls> then maybe, you simply need to update the keys
[21:55:21] <girls> check for the fingerprint and download recent versions from https://archlinux32.org
[21:55:53] <mupf> How can I update the keys?
[21:56:18] <girls> either with pacman-key or (hackily) with `gpg --home-dir /etc/pacman.d/gnupg ...`
[21:57:20] <mupf> Oh wow I get tons of errors when refreshing the keys
[21:57:32] <mupf> gpg: error retrieving 'dave@c-base.org' via WKD: No data
[21:58:14] <girls> for arch32 it's really enough to update my and Andreas' key
[21:58:40] <girls> we don't have that many devs ;)
[21:59:43] <mupf> Okay, I just wanna get this done to continue to work on my project. How can I refresh your keys?
[22:00:51] <mupf> If this gets any more complicated, I just install another distro from the Windows store.
[22:00:59] <mupf> :D
[22:01:14] <girls> as root: curl -Ss https://archlinux32.org | gpg --home-dir /etc/pacman.d/gnupg --import
[22:01:36] <girls> and the same for the other keys, about which pacman complains
[22:01:58] <mupf> invalid option "--home-dir"
[22:01:59] <mupf> curl: (23) Failed writing body
[22:02:06] <girls> then without the dash in the middle
[22:02:20] <girls> I can never recall the right version on first trial
[22:02:56] <mupf> gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.
[22:02:56] <mupf> gpg: Total number processed: 0
[22:03:05] <mupf> I revert back to the way it was.
[22:03:51] <girls> whoops, typo: it's "https://archlinux32.org/keys.php?k=5FDCA472AB93292BC678FD59255A76DB9A12601A"
[22:03:58] <girls> (with a "?")
[22:13:35] <mupf> It worked. Where can I find the remaining fingerprints?
[22:13:44] <mupf> Erich Eckner and Andreas Baumann.
[22:13:52] <girls> doesn't pacman print them when complaining?
[22:13:56] <mupf> No
[22:14:23] <girls> 16194A82231E9EF823562181C8E8F5A0AF9BA7E7
[22:14:26] <girls> C426F2CED2D759ECEA1FA78A4BA3B2E330891150
[22:14:50] <girls> 194E37A47A4C671807BACB37B1117BC1094EA6E9
[22:15:20] <girls> those should suffice, I think
[22:16:48] <mupf> error: linux-firmware: signature from "Andreas Baumann (sign) <mail@andreasbaumann.cc>" is marginal trust
[22:16:49] <mupf> :: File /home/micha/arch32/var/cache/pacman/pkg/linux-firmware-20191215.eefb5f7-1.0-any.pkg.tar.xz is corrupted (invalid or corrupted package (PGP signature)).
[22:16:50] <mupf> still.
[22:17:12] <mupf> It seems like the same keys that are missing
[22:17:13] <girls> hrrm
[22:17:20] <girls> let me check
[22:19:54] <girls> this file should have a valid signature from Andreas (key 16194A82231E9EF823562181C8E8F5A0AF9BA7E7)
[22:20:28] <mupf> gpg: key C8E8F5A0AF9BA7E7: "Andreas Baumann (sign) <mail@andreasbaumann.cc>" not changed
[22:20:29] <mupf> gpg: Total number processed: 1
[22:20:29] <mupf> gpg:              unchanged: 1
[22:20:56] <mupf> Hrm
[22:21:15] <mupf> pacstrap still fails.
[22:21:40] <girls> pacman-key --list-sigs 16194A82231E9EF823562181C8E8F5A0AF9BA7E7
[22:22:39] <mupf> It's there
[22:22:51] <girls> and the signatures are good?
[22:23:38] <mupf> How can I check?
[22:23:52] <girls> the above command should give you a list of the signatures
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[22:25:40] <mupf> https://mupf.dev
[22:26:57] <girls> looks good
[22:27:31] <mupf> So why does it still fail?
[22:27:39] <mupf> pacstrap /home/micha/arch32 base linux linux-firmware
[22:27:40] <girls> probably the master keys which are not orderly signed :/
[22:27:58] <mupf> Hmm
[22:27:59] <girls> pacman-key --list-sigs B1117BC1094EA6E9
[22:28:02] <girls> and the others?
[22:28:11] <girls> does this show some local-keyring signature?
[22:28:40] <mupf> How can I say?
[22:29:00] <girls> pacman-key --list-sigs B1117BC1094EA6E9
[22:29:13] <mupf> Update the link I sent above
[22:29:18] <mupf> I added the output
[22:30:00] <girls> yeah, thought so
[22:30:13] <girls> this is the master key, but it's not signed with your local pacman key
[22:30:52] <mupf> So what can I do to fix this now?
[22:31:13] <girls> pacman-key --lsign 443904EC9EC51A8A 30AB721FE7400FCD A50C0F20AEC3AF00 4BA3B2E330891150 B1117BC1094EA6E9
[22:31:30] <mupf> Thanks
[22:31:34] <girls> maybe, you need to run the command with one keyid at a time - not sure
[22:34:31] <mupf> It worked
[22:34:35] <girls> \o/
[22:34:46] <mupf> But apparently my network connection doesn't within the chroot
[22:35:08] <girls> /etc/hosts
[22:35:12] <girls> /etc/resolv.conf
[22:35:48] <mupf> Yep, thought so. Fixed it.
[22:36:57] <mupf> wtf
[22:36:58] <mupf> error: could not open file: /etc/mtab: No such file or directory
[22:36:59] <mupf> error: could not determine filesystem mount points
[22:36:59] <mupf> error: failed to commit transaction (unexpected error)
[22:37:00] <mupf> Errors occurred, no packages were upgraded.
[22:37:09] <girls> ah, you should use arch-chroot instead of chroot
[22:37:10] <mupf> what's mtab?
[22:37:16] <girls> this sets up some bind-mounts
[22:37:47] <girls> IIRC, mtab is some virtual file containing mount points
[22:38:00] <mupf> error: could not determine cachedir mount point /var/cache/pacman/pkg
[22:38:00] <mupf> error: failed to commit transaction (not enough free disk space)
[22:38:09] <mupf> I'll check it on my main system
[22:39:26] <mupf> the mtab file in chroot seems to be a symlink
[22:39:28] <mupf> mtab -> ../proc/self/mounts
[22:39:38] <girls> yes, and proc will get bind-mounted
[22:40:53] <mupf> [root@DESKTOP-NR41R1A micha]# arch-chroot /home/micha/arch32/
[22:40:54] <mupf> ==> WARNING: /home/micha/arch32/ is not a mountpoint. This may have undesirable side effects.
[22:40:58] <mupf> when I start the chroot
[22:41:07] <mupf> Not sure if this means anything
[22:41:07] <girls> this warning is totally fine
[22:41:24] <girls> it's just a reminder, that one usually wants to install on a different partition
[22:41:49] <girls> it may cause trouble, if you're running on a fancy filesystem like btrfs with subvolumes or so - not sure, I'm only using ext4
[22:43:22] <mupf> Fixed it. I comment the option CheckSpace in pacman.conf
[22:43:31] <girls> yes, that helps, too
[22:43:57] <girls> I'm not really sure, why this makes trouble with chroots sometimes
[22:45:28] <mupf> But now I'm getting GPG errors again :D
[22:45:33] <mupf> Great.
[22:45:43] <girls> gpg is a beast
[22:45:48] <girls> what is it now?
[22:46:02] <mupf> error: postgresql-libs: signature from "Erich Eckner (just to sign arch packages) <arch@eckner.net>" is marginal trust
[22:46:02] <mupf> :: File /var/cache/pacman/pkg/postgresql-libs-12.1-2.0-pentium4.pkg.tar.xz is corrupted (invalid or corrupted package (PGP signature)).
[22:46:53] <girls> ok, maybe just try to re-sign the master keys like on the host?
[22:47:19] <mupf> That was the first thing I tried
[22:47:20] <mupf> ==> ERROR: 4BA3B2E330891150 could not be locally signed.
[22:47:21] <mupf>   -> Locally signing key B1117BC1094EA6E9...
[22:47:39] <girls> then pull those keys from archlinux32.org, first
[22:47:51] <girls> or install archlinux32-keyring from the host with pacstrap
[22:49:34] <mupf> I set my whole pacman config back to 64 bit ... can't I bypass the verification explicitly?
[22:49:41] <girls> yes
[22:49:47] <girls> you can set Siglevel = never
[22:49:48] <girls> in pacman.conf
[22:51:49] <mupf> error: failed to prepare transaction (package architecture is not valid)
[22:51:49] <mupf> :: package postgresql-13.4-4-x86_64 does not have a valid architecture
[22:51:59] <mupf> That's on the chroot
[22:51:59] <girls> pacman -Sy
[22:52:02] <girls> pacman -Syy
[22:52:12] <girls> it tries to install x86_64 packages
[22:52:20] <girls> because they're still cached
[22:52:30] <girls> I mean, the db is still cached
[22:54:35] <mupf> Thanks for your patience. Appreciate it. :)
[22:54:45] <girls> you're welcome
[22:58:46] <KillerWasp> !next
[22:58:47] <phrik> Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
[22:59:06] <girls> :D
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[23:26:12] <mupf> So, bed time. Thanks again girls
[23:26:32] <mupf> I ultimately copied the libs to my 64 bit system and linked against them
[23:26:41] <mupf> Works.
[23:26:45] <girls> :)
[23:26:48] <girls> good night!
[23:27:07] <mupf> n8
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