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[08:00:07] <wutno> i486 linux package page still E500
[08:00:41] <wutno> complains about the versions, so im guessing the build bot hasn't gotten to it yet?
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[09:37:56] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[09:37:56] <buildmaster> !rq abaumann
[09:37:57] <phrik> buildmaster: <abaumann> if analog tv would have been engineered nowadays with all this software nonsense, it would explode every second weekend..
[09:38:30] <abaumann> whyred: yes, you are w(/h/)(s/y/i)red ;-)
[09:40:06] <abaumann> wutno: thanks for reporting that. No clue what the problem is there, but I consider it a minor problem given the current state of the build.. https://archlinux32.org and https://bugs.archlinux32.org https://bugs.archlinux32.org show I'm currently
[09:40:07] <buildmaster> np, abaumann
[09:40:12] <abaumann> trying to safe the distribution (with limited success)..
[09:40:13] <phrik> Title: FS#225 : systemd completely broken (at bugs.archlinux32.org)
[09:40:15] <abaumann> ..the errors pop up faster than I can fix them.
[09:40:40] <abaumann> buildmaster: np, buildmaster ;-)
[10:46:27] <KillerWasp> -rw-r--r-- 1 unbound unbound 0 nov 24 20:37 unbound.log
[10:46:58] <KillerWasp> i already configure for /var/log/unbound.log , but give a error of read-only and can't open it for write
[10:48:32] <KillerWasp> https://0x0.st
[11:03:41] <abaumann> mmh. interesting. /var/log is not mounted read-only, I suppose?
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[11:13:03] <abaumann> fun fun fun, not a single one of my machines comes up with systemd- hickups..
[11:13:33] <abaumann> ..that's gonna be nice to debug :->
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[11:17:21] <abaumann> mmh. identical systemd versions and one doesn't start up (testing pentium4).
[11:17:27] <abaumann> so, something else is happening here.
[11:17:44] <KillerWasp> Elsewhere they mention that it is something from the systemd sandbox.
[11:17:54] <KillerWasp> # systemctl cat unbound
[11:18:08] <abaumann> sounds reasonable
[11:18:18] <KillerWasp> it's new for me. :S
[11:18:20] <abaumann> sd_bus_open_system: No sich file or directory.
[11:18:32] <abaumann> yeah, the sandboxing of systemd might not be adapted to IA-32
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[11:27:14] <KillerWasp> i use systemctl edit unbound
[11:27:30] <KillerWasp> and add this two lines between comments:
[11:27:39] <KillerWasp> [Service]
[11:27:39] <KillerWasp> ReadWritePaths=/etc/unbound /var/log
[11:28:00] <KillerWasp> But ideally, it should be the default.
[11:28:13] <KillerWasp> by default is: ReadWritePaths=/etc/unbound /etc/unbound
[11:28:49] <KillerWasp> i guess that's a error of write from arch (?).
[11:29:10] <KillerWasp> Since it has a duplicate directory, I think someone has made a mistake.
[11:36:58] <abaumann> This should then also happen upstreams.
[11:40:28] <abaumann> mmh. starting journald inside the emergency shell works.
[11:40:37] <abaumann> so there might be some ramdisk issue..
[11:51:05] <abaumann> mmh, shouldn't a dbus daemon be running?
[11:51:33] <abaumann> systemctl start dbus just hangs
[12:00:11] <abaumann> "dbus-daemon: Failed to start message bus: No socket received"
[12:16:26] <abaumann> /var/run/dbus didn't exist, but creating one also didn't help
[12:19:44] <abaumann> mmh. systemd is the same, dbus, linux kernel.. what can it be?
[13:28:58] <abaumann> there is a difference in PAM, but reverting to the old one doesn't have an effect.
[13:29:24] <abaumann> zstd changed too, let's see if the compressed image is a problem..
[13:34:49] <abaumann> yep. bingo.
[13:35:33] <abaumann> I was always skeptical to move to zstd just for some more percent space gain.. zstd is not stable enough and not nice to resources, especially of old machine.
[13:37:19] <abaumann> I'll make an announcment probably before more people brick their machines..
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[14:50:47] <abaumann> the real question here is: is it not uncompressing properly with certain versions or does it have trouble when compressed with certain versions?
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[14:51:26] <abaumann> I think, it is happening during unpomression with zstd 1.5.1
[14:56:37] <abaumann> I personally would change the compression for ramdisks and packages back to xz, as it proved to be more reliable.
[14:56:53] <abaumann> but then, this deviates from upstream *sigh*
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