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[10:06:09] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[10:06:09] <buildmaster> !rq abaumann
[10:06:10] <phrik> buildmaster: <abaumann> ..sorry. After 2 hours of trying to do basic stuff I start to get a little bit dizzy.. :-)
[10:06:35] <abaumann> ahem: arch-meson sets b_lto=true, not respecting any LTO settings in makepkg.conf, this is not really cool.
[10:07:19] <abaumann> I'll have to hack my own patch here into meson..
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[10:36:36] <T`aZ> or use the meson --plain option (forgot the exact name) to not use any added defaults flags like lto
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[11:47:42] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[11:47:42] <buildmaster> !rq abaumann
[11:47:43] <phrik> buildmaster: <abaumann> I fail to decive what is crappier: rust or LTO in gcc..
[11:48:14] <abaumann> T`aZ: you mean -buildtype plain? But this is also already set in arch-meson
[11:48:34] <abaumann> What was more my point is that makepkg.conf should be read in arch-meson and should respect LTO flags
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[12:30:38] <T`aZ> yeah -buildtype plain indeed
[12:36:48] <bill-auger> i forgot to ask about this - i was unable to compile mozilla last week - it fails with an error like "can not find target for i686-unknown-linux-gnu"
[12:37:04] <bill-auger> the x86_64 package has a directory /usr/lib/rustlib/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/ ; but the i686 package has no analogous directory
[12:37:14] <bill-auger> is the packages incomplete? - are those files in another package?
[12:37:41] <bill-auger> sry - the 'rust' package
[12:39:39] <bill-auger> that is WRT mozilla v98 - unfortunately it requires rust 57 or later, so downgrading rust is not an option
[12:54:41] <abaumann> rust is in a bad state since some time.. It cannot compile anything because the architecure target is messed up..
[12:54:52] <abaumann> ..that's why firefox staled at version 92 or so.
[12:55:20] <abaumann> I was able to build rust from a rust-bin, but that rust has architecure trouble
[13:02:34] <abaumann> oh. meson is architecure any, and I have to build a special version for 'i486'
[13:02:37] <abaumann> brilliant
[13:44:46] <KitsuWhooa> Random question. What's the minimum RAM required to boot the arch32 i686 iso?
[13:45:05] <KitsuWhooa> initramfs doesn't seem to fit on 256MB
[13:45:52] <bill-auger> i was able to build firefox v96 with rust 56 - in theory firefox 97 supports rust 56 too; but i could not get it to compile
[13:46:46] <bill-auger> so if you really wanted it, you could probebly get arch32 up to v96 or v97
[13:54:26] <abaumann> bill-auger: I will definitely give rust another try.. but it takes ages to build it and if you have errors like the current one it's just a nightmare to find it.
[13:55:08] <abaumann> KitsuWhooa: 768MB, last time I tried.
[13:55:21] <KitsuWhooa> ouch
[13:55:50] <bill-auger> np - im patient - 32bit x86 people are generally patient also - they know how difficult it is becoming to support
[13:56:10] <abaumann> that's good. patience is needed indeed. :-)
[13:56:26] <abaumann> KitsuWhooa: there is the i486 ISO (which is not finished yet)
[13:56:36] <abaumann> that one should boot without problems on 256MB
[13:56:43] <bill-auger> was only suggesting that it may be possible to get a newer firefox into arch32, by downgrading rust in the build chroot
[13:56:58] <abaumann> https://git.archlinux32.org
[13:56:59] <phrik> Title: motd - archi486 - Archlinux32 i486 tools (at git.archlinux32.org)
[13:57:14] <KitsuWhooa> abaumann: thanks, I'll give it a try
[13:57:29] <abaumann> You just might have to create your own ISO with the proper basic kernel modules built-in (for accessing the CDrom and the hard disk)
[13:57:39] <KitsuWhooa> ah
[13:58:02] <abaumann> bill-auger: ah, this might indeed be possible.
[13:58:41] <abaumann> But to be frank: I'm just keeping rust around to build firefox, and I'm not that interested in browsers on Archlinux32 (the same applies to graphical user interfaces).
[13:58:58] <abaumann> So, it usually takes a while till I find the time to do something in that corner :-)
[14:01:03] <bill-auger> i have been laxxed in that way for 32bit ARM - i dont suppose that many people are running GUIs on those
[14:02:01] <abaumann> my kodi still runs on armv7 :-)
[14:02:04] <bill-auger> IIRC archlinuxarm does not even try to maintain a firefox for that arch
[14:02:18] <abaumann> and they dropped armv6
[14:05:11] <bill-auger> well, FWIW, you could always drop firefox and take whichever i686 iceweasels i can manage to get built
[14:06:22] <bill-auger> the main (noticeable) feature that would be lost is videos with DRM - but OTOH it would be a newer version
[14:07:13] <abaumann> "feature" ;-)
[14:07:28] <bill-auger> you could ask all 4 of your users if thats acceptable :)
[14:07:40] <abaumann> that many? ;-)
[14:08:13] <bill-auger> indeed, per the FSDG terminology, it is called an "anti-feature"
[14:08:37] <bill-auger> but netflix and some others wont work without it
[14:10:08] <bill-auger> i feel that way sometimes - i am always please to receive a bug report for an i686 package
[14:10:36] <abaumann> same for me, at least you know that somebody is actually using it. :-)
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