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[08:08:55] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[08:08:55] <buildmaster> !rq abaumann
[08:08:56] <phrik> buildmaster: <abaumann> gogo-gadgeto-strace
[08:09:29] <abaumann> megametres: I think asp32 fails if you have very old git references in your .cache/asp32, just delete it and update again..
[08:14:10] <abaumann> mmh, sanity on the buildmaster complains about firefox-i18n packages
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[20:02:14] <bill-auger> WRT icu, you may want to consider maganing those multiple packages how parabola does - we also used to do it the same as arch32
[20:02:14] <bill-auger> to be most helpful/transparent to users, i made a stable package 'icu-compat' - that is always one release behind 'icu', and is required by 'parabola-base'
[20:02:52] <bill-auger> for each user to always have 'icu-compat' installed, eliminates that common roblem for most (and the bug reports)
[20:04:38] <bill-auger> when icu moves ahead, then the current icu-compat gets repackaged as icu-compat-NN, only if it still has dependents
[20:07:12] <bill-auger> also, by adding sodeps to the dependents, the appropriate icu-compat* package gets installed automatically, whatever it is named
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[22:11:46] <KillerWasp> bill-auger: icu* already exist, make icu-compat* is more of the same.
[22:15:33] <bill-auger> yes those are the same idea with a differnet name - but a stable 'icu-compat' is a betetr idea
[22:17:39] <bill-auger> we named the versioned ones to resemble 'icu-compat' - they are duplicates only for i686 - arch and archarm do not have anything like it
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