#archlinux32 | Logs for 2022-11-28

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[15:11:12] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[15:11:12] <buildmaster> !rq abaumann
[15:11:13] <phrik> buildmaster: <abaumann> *abaumann feelds Sunday morning sarcasm entering the room - not that it would be any different from weekday sarcasm.
[15:11:45] <abaumann> deep42thought: archive has space again. :-) Don't boot the buildmaster, I'm rearanging the RAIDs to get more space..
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[15:43:47] <abaumann> ..or more precisely, it will have space again when the RAID 1 to RAID 5 and the resize2fs is finished..
[15:46:25] <abaumann> there should be roughly 6 TB in a RAID 5 afterwards and an additional 3 TB scratch space (which is not in a RAID)
[15:46:52] <abaumann> I was just to lazy to migrate the server (which is something we can still do later)
[15:56:52] <girls> Hi abaumann, ah, nice to hear :)
[15:57:21] <girls> btw: one *can* reboot between raid reshapes and alike :D
[16:01:15] <girls> what's the plan with /dev/sd[abc]4?
[16:01:20] <girls> and /dev/sdc5?
[16:03:06] <abaumann> /dev/sd[abc]4 will be /dev/md2, so that's /
[16:03:19] <abaumann> currently I would keep everything there as we will have enough space
[16:03:31] <abaumann> for some obscure reasons the machine has a /dev/md1 as /boot (huh)
[16:03:52] <abaumann> now that one is also RAID 5 (so I hope grub can boot a RAID 5), otherwise I have to convert back to RAID 1+spare
[16:04:10] <abaumann> /dev/sdc5 I can format as a "huge" scratch space for doing "things" :-)
[16:04:49] <abaumann> as a matter of fact: let me do that now..
[16:05:00] <girls> you could do a md1 with 3 plates for /boot if grub fails to boot raid5
[16:05:33] <abaumann> /dev/sdc5 2883119280 28 2736590128 1% /scratch
[16:05:36] <abaumann> voila!
[16:05:40] <girls> I hope, you don't go bankrupt, when renting another 2 disks :-/
[16:05:54] <abaumann> nono, inflation will take care of that ;-)
[16:05:59] <girls> lol
[16:06:20] <abaumann> I also got a storage box for myself (1 TB) for backups.. quite nice.
[16:06:30] <girls> at hetzner?
[16:06:33] <abaumann> yep.
[16:06:44] * girls ponder the possibilities
[16:06:46] <abaumann> I quite like them. ("not a paid advertisment")
[16:07:21] <abaumann> and.. they follow the same philosophy as we are.. keep things running till they break..
[16:07:34] <abaumann> ..many servers are in fact just commodity hardware..
[16:07:50] <abaumann> "der 8auer" paid a visit to them..
[16:07:50] <girls> I think, I stay with the backup server at my parents' house:
[16:07:50] <girls> $ df -h
[16:07:50] <girls> /dev/md0 27T 25T 1.0T 97% /data/raid
[16:08:03] <abaumann> aeh. yep :-)
[16:08:08] <girls> ... that's also old hardware :D
[16:08:32] <abaumann> hey, I'm fixing my IMC-2001 at the moment.. that's old(er) hardware. :-)
[16:08:42] <girls> yeah, you win
[16:08:43] <abaumann> CP/M boots and runs again.
[16:09:00] <abaumann> though adding a hard disk there is probably out of question :-)
[16:09:22] <abaumann> I'm not sure Microsoft CP/M for Apple ][ works with harddisks.. ;-)
[16:09:39] <abaumann> maybe yes.. some 32 MB or so :-)
[16:14:52] <abaumann> 4796 minutes , 3 1/3 days to reshape.
[16:15:04] <abaumann> Yeah. RAID 1 -> RAID 5 is not exactly a fast operation..
[16:15:23] <girls> I'd rather say, the disks are not exactly a fast modell ;)
[16:15:54] <abaumann> surely not :-)
[16:16:13] <abaumann> don't mind.. they do the job..
[16:18:55] <abaumann> so, now rsync works decent. And even mysql should do fine..
[16:19:10] <girls> \o/
[16:19:49] <girls> err, there's still a backup running - I'll kill it
[16:22:57] <abaumann> might be an idea.. I also have some rsync backups scheduled for tomorrow.. so I should disable them for now..
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