#archlinux32 | Logs for 2023-01-18

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[01:16:19] <ripur> hello
[01:16:49] <ripur> once again I come asking for guidiance on how to upgrade my archlinux32-keyring
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[03:31:36] <bill-auger> and once again,
[04:51:18] <girls> maybe, we should teach the bot(s) to tell such people to have some patience ...
[05:04:40] <bill-auger> the parabola bot does that on any match like hello, hi, hey, etc
[05:07:55] <bill-auger> i seems to work - there seems to be a good correlation from single-word greeting messages like 'hello', to "only online for 15 minutes"
[05:11:07] <bill-auger> or "this is my first time on IRC - if no one responds within minutes, i will assume that no answers will ever be found on this IRC"
[05:12:47] <bill-auger> <ripur> is not the latter case - <ripur> has returned and asked 3 different days; and a very different times of the day - that a good strategy too
[05:14:13] <bill-auger> girls: do you know why this happens? - the same has happened 5 or more times in the past few years
[05:17:22] <bill-auger> this time, even --refresh-keys did not work for me - i disabled in-chroot signature checks instead
[06:07:02] <girls> there are multiple things, that can cause this
[06:07:12] <girls> I had a broken gpg on a chroot once
[06:07:20] <girls> maybe, even our packaged gpg was broken
[06:07:29] <girls> then, the keyservers might have outdated keys
[06:07:48] <girls> e.g. gpg will query via if it detects a running tor
[06:08:06] <girls> but if gpg is wrong about that, it will simply reach no keyserver -> no updates
[06:08:42] <girls> the safest(tm) way is to curl the keys from our php script at https://archlinux32.org
[06:09:00] <girls> curl -Ss https://archlinux32.org | pacman-key --import
[06:09:33] <girls> not sure, whether the pacman-key command really has --import - if not, use 'gpg --homedir /etc/pacman.d/gnupg --import'
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[06:24:46] <ripur> does anyone know how to update erchlinux32-keyring?
[06:57:02] <girls> hi, you need to wait a few minues/hours to get a meaningful answer
[06:57:17] <girls> people already answered your question a couple of trials back ;)
[06:57:19] <girls> check the logs
[06:57:49] <girls> https://mirror.archlinux32.org
[06:57:50] <phrik> Title: Index of /irc-logs (at mirror.archlinux32.org)
[07:03:01] <ripur> thank you, sorry if i missed the answer, system shut down at somepoint.
[07:11:30] <ripur> ok, i went through the logs
[07:12:54] <ripur> i first tried pacman -U on the local archlinux32-keyring package in /var/cache/pacman/pkg, but still got a pgp error
[07:15:00] <ripur> i then tried the curl command. using pacman-key complained about being root, so i sudo su - and tried again but gave me the error: no target
[07:16:21] <ripur> i then tried the gpg --homedir variation but got an error about unsafe ownership and no valid OpenPGP data
[07:30:14] <ripur> ok it looks like i got the issue resolved
[07:31:04] <ripur> i edited /etc/pacman.conf line 41 ans set SigLevel = Never TrustAll
[07:31:27] <ripur> the ran pacman -Sy archlinux32-keyring again
[07:32:14] <ripur> after that i changed the .conf file back to normal and ran pacman -Syu without error
[07:38:16] <bill-auger> wb ripur - after disabling signature check, i would verify the key ID manually, per a side-channel
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[07:43:47] <bill-auger> the one on the server is CC37922FF75048B8FACBEE59F3229B16A539A308
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