#archlinux32 | Logs for 2023-04-14

[00:20:35] <ConSiGno> things are making a lot of sense now
[00:20:47] <ConSiGno> the trick is to let the generation fail, then chroot in and redo the images
[00:21:15] <ConSiGno> this would have made sense if I had ever installed arch before, but this is my first time and I pick the weirdest version to try :v
[00:21:35] <ConSiGno> because in most distros all failures are catastrophic
[00:21:39] <ConSiGno> this one seems to be very lenient
[01:41:01] <ConSiGno> I'm seeing lots of ldconfig errors, saying that libbfd.so is not an ELF
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[02:14:55] <ConSiGno> nevermind I got things working. calling it a night but I'll stay online
[02:15:32] <ConSiGno> will let you know of my adventures tomorrow
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[12:13:55] <KitsuWhooa> ConSiGno: yeah that's a known issue. Doesn't seem to affect anything
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[19:26:38] <ConSiGno> I got X working - somewhat. Nouveau still being a pain
[20:21:26] <T`aZ> use nvidia, hope it's not older than 340, port it to 32bits, enjoy
[21:07:56] <ConSiGno> I have an FX5200 which should work
[21:08:12] <ConSiGno> but for starters the hardware database thinks it has 256MB when the BIOS clearly states 128
[21:08:27] <ConSiGno> there *were* 256MB 5200s
[21:08:29] <ConSiGno> but not this one
[21:08:47] <ConSiGno> plus it seems to insist on AGP when it's not AGP, it's PCI. not sure how to address this or if it's even an issue.
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