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[10:09:41] <Vorpal> if I understand things correctly, due to the git migration you ended up having to rebuild (almost?) all packages? I don't quite understand why that would be though. (Seems like a good opportunity to make sure no packages have bit rotted, but not needed as such.) Is it just some sort of limitation in the automated system?
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[18:11:19] <girls> Yes, we "have to" rebuild all of them. The problem is, that the tracking mechanism changed. Before it was a git hash in a giant mono-repo (well, actually two: one for core & extra, one for community). Now it is a git hash in a separate git repository for each package. The buildmaster (and we) cannot know, which packages changed, and which did not. We could possibly semi-manually, heuristically sort this out based on the $pkgver and
[18:11:19] <girls> $pkgrel (which we will certainly do, if some packages are blocking us), but the cleanest way forward was to declare all packages as need-to-be-rebuilt.
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