#archlinux32 | Logs for 2023-06-03

[06:55:40] <girls> Why do we still have so many xz compressed packages in the repositories?
[07:58:33] <girls> damn, I removed the old packages from the database instead of the new ones :(
[07:58:46] <girls> time to forward-down the last back-up
[11:14:33] <girls> ok, *finally*, the move is done - now, we have "only" 13k packages to build :)
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[19:55:16] <bill-auger> is that necessary though? - 99% of those rebuilds will be the exact version - packages have no notiion of which named repo they are kept in - i supose you could simply move them then run db-remove communtiy foo -> db-add extra foo
[19:57:09] <bill-auger> actually move is probably not necessary either - they are probably destined for the same pool dir
[20:00:32] <KitsuWhooa> I'm not so sure about that given there are still packages that depend on long gone libraries :p
[20:00:39] <bill-auger> maybe the symlinks would need to be moved manually - though i suppose it is less error prone to let the autobuilder manage it all
[20:01:28] <bill-auger> nothing is "gone" - the dependencies will be exactly the same
[20:02:14] <bill-auger> if some dependencies were gone, the package would already be broken now
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[21:53:38] <girls> hmm? That's exactly, what I did yesterday evening and this morning.
[21:54:03] <girls> the 13k rebuilds are scheduled packages, that most probably were scheduled already before
[22:02:56] <dankuser> sorry if this is a newb question but I can't seem to find a proper answer via the occasional google search:
[22:03:29] <dankuser> sometimes after a package update I get a notification that libbfd.so is not an ELF and does not contain the "magic byte"
[22:04:31] <dankuser> It's not a critical issue but it does intrigue me
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