#archlinux32 | Logs for 2023-06-15

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[08:05:09] <abaumann> what tapps more on my nerves is the chatbot loosing logs..
[08:07:51] <abaumann> I have a hanging sync-to-master from archlinux32.org to buildmaster
[08:08:57] <abaumann> it's basically doing rsyncs, why should they hang (unless there are issues with the network)
[08:10:09] <abaumann> killed, started manually and waiting for the timer to do it
[08:12:55] <abaumann> The TLDR of yesterday was: I get tons of bugs in the seed and prioritize script, so I cannot force Python packages
[08:13:02] <abaumann> and the Python bootstrapping is quite different for 3.11
[08:15:09] <abaumann> so, two other old servers are back to build packages: eurobuild3 and eurobuild1
[08:16:24] <abaumann> ./seed-build-list: line 536: mysql_join_upstream_repositories_git_repositories: command not found
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[14:06:40] <KitsuWhooa> Looking at the build master graphs. What caused that sudden reduction in packages waiting to be built?
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[19:06:21] <girls> abaumann: seed-build-list is broken, yes, but it should be mostly obsolete, too. What were you trying to accomplish?
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