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[05:39:40] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[05:39:41] <buildmaster> !rq abaumann
[05:39:41] <phrik> buildmaster: <abaumann> Rust will manage to kill linux userland, something Java never managed in 30 years :-)
[05:40:06] <abaumann> deep42thought: simple, I want to build python-jaraco.text NOW, not after 20'000 failed builds because of a broken Python.
[05:40:25] <abaumann> The automatic build system fails in bootstrapping, as you have to do too many patching..
[05:41:07] <abaumann> KitsuWhooa: maybe deep42thought removed some superfluous packages on the build list. I also blacklisted some packages like electronXXX
[05:55:04] <KitsuWhooa> Ah
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[06:14:08] <abaumann> Jun 16 08:13:29 eurobuild6 build-packages[230239]: come back (shortly) later - I cannot lock build list.
[06:14:11] <abaumann> Jun 16 08:13:29 eurobuild6 build-packages[9463]: get-assignment told me:
[06:14:34] <abaumann> so build-packages -n 0 only works for the ok cases, not if an error occurs
[06:14:48] <abaumann> going back to restarting services in systemd
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[06:51:12] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[06:51:12] <buildmaster> !rq abaumann
[06:51:13] <phrik> buildmaster: <abaumann> The future looks bright, no window managers working, Xorg not working, sound and video stuff "optimized", so not working. Gives us a nice text-only distribution. :-)
[07:08:10] <abaumann> ah, and -n0 doesn't respect the stop slave file..
[07:11:06] <abaumann> ok. removing also -n0
[07:11:12] <abaumann> from the systemd service
[07:22:35] <abaumann> so, -n0 to run forever and repawing in systemd and stopping it with a /tmp/do-not-build file are conflicting features :-)
[07:31:13] <abaumann> -bash: ./seed-build-list: No such file or directory
[07:31:29] <abaumann> aeh, how do I get new packages (for instance in build-support) now into the system?
[07:37:22] <abaumann> I did a prioritize-build-list on python-jaraco.functools, let's see how that goes
[07:39:16] <abaumann> ok, I give up on automatizing build slaves.. the whole stuff is simple to convoluted. systemd is-active tells me 'active' though build-packages is no longer running
[07:41:08] <abaumann> it should moitor the process it start in ExecStart, not the whole cgroup.
[07:41:25] <abaumann> also build-packages should maybe kill gpg-agent at the end?
[07:46:15] <abaumann> Jun 16 09:45:39 eurobuild3 build-packages[231778]: ==> Extracting extra-staging.files.tar.gz to a temporary location...
[07:46:18] <abaumann> Jun 16 09:45:58 eurobuild3 build-packages[226815]: Done.
[07:46:24] <abaumann> interesting, this is not the same process
[07:50:24] <abaumann> yep. it's the gpg-agent. systemd thinks the whole process group is still running.
[07:55:03] <abaumann> as soon as I kill it, systemd respawns build-packages
[08:02:09] <abaumann> conventiently those gpg-agents are spawned under user root in the build chroots, not quite easy to kill them
[08:02:22] <abaumann> I would actally prefer them not to exist at all :->
[08:03:25] <abaumann> ah, and there are multiple gpg-agents lurking around, one in extra-staging and one in extra-staging-with-build-support
[08:10:41] <abaumann> mmh, do-not-run-build-slave is checkin in load-configuration (urgh) and not in the loop -n, that I will try to change..
[08:11:21] <abaumann> ..also, exit codes from build-packages should be 0 if we want to do a while() loop around it or a systemd service, so we can do a Restart=on-success
[08:11:59] <abaumann> There are too many cases where exit >0 is set, so the service will not recover. This is an issue around permanent errors (which should be an exit>1) and transient errors (which should be exit 0)
[08:12:31] <abaumann> maybe you can also use the exit code in systemd to steer something..
[08:13:48] <abaumann> ExitType=main (the default) the service manager will consider the unit stopped when the main process, which is determined according to the Type=, exits
[08:14:08] <abaumann> So, how can a gpg-agent started as side-effect in archbuild cause this?
[08:14:26] <abaumann> or maybe the default changed to cgroup?
[08:15:10] <abaumann> clean-chroot is cleaning the chroot and leaving a gpg-agent running. oups.
[08:25:08] <abaumann> Jun 16 10:24:38 eurobuild3 build-packages[293979]: rsync: [receiver] mkstemp "/.scratch-" (in transfer32) failed: Permission denied (13)
[08:25:11] <abaumann> Jun 16 10:24:38 eurobuild3 build-packages[293979]: rsync: [receiver] mkstemp "/.scratch-" (in transfer32) failed: Permission denied (13)
[08:25:14] <abaumann> Jun 16 10:24:38 eurobuild3 build-packages[293979]: rsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors) (code 23) at main.c(1336) [sender=3.2.7]
[08:25:17] <abaumann> is this good?
[08:27:51] <abaumann> mmh, now I have a gpg-agent hanging around in the build's home directory as build user
[08:58:03] <abaumann> another hack in build-packages, let's see. :-)
[09:11:27] <abaumann> -rw-r--r-- 1 http http 16298 Jun 14 01:03 python-jaraco.functools-3.7.0-1.0-any.pkg.tar.zst
[09:11:33] <abaumann> aha, this looks good :-)
[09:11:39] <abaumann> now let's see what meson is doing..
[09:13:40] <abaumann> ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'jaraco.functools'
[09:13:43] <abaumann> ERROR Backend 'setuptools.build_meta' is not available.
[09:13:44] <abaumann> great.
[09:24:23] <abaumann> mmh, get-package-updates gets tons of updates.. is this good?
[09:24:46] <abaumann> or is it disabled on the buildmaster?
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