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[04:49:35] <ConSiGno> Welp my entire install is hosed at this point
[04:49:40] <ConSiGno> not sure how
[04:49:54] <ConSiGno> SDL2 seems to be broken sooo ALL of my games no longer work
[04:50:00] <ConSiGno> :\
[04:50:40] <ConSiGno> every update lately has been breaking more and more things that I need and I wish I knew how to roll back
[04:55:07] <ConSiGno> I hope that this can be fixed, I dont
[04:55:21] <ConSiGno> know othewise how to even report this as a bug.
[04:56:46] <ConSiGno> Thankfully this is not a serious install, but even if I reinstall I'm going to run into the same issues... I can give it a week or so maybe? :(
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[11:47:58] <KitsuWhooa> Probably just find what's wrong and fix it :p
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[18:50:39] <clemens3> myself on LFS building falkon browser 3.0.1, qtwebengine 15.13 finished..
[18:51:11] <clemens3> wanting to keep my thinkpad t60 with 4:3 screen running and using
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[19:07:22] <clemens3> aeh, :-(, build finished but does not run properly
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[22:15:18] <ConSiGno> apologies for my outburst earlier. I was 5 hours into troubleshooting and was so frustrated. :(
[22:18:37] <bill-auger> an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure
[22:20:45] <ConSiGno> I know if I reinstall and upgrade I will run into the same issues, it's how this distro works
[22:20:51] <ConSiGno> so a reinstall is out of the question
[22:22:01] <ConSiGno> What is a positive in most aspects can be a negative when things go wrong
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[22:41:59] <bill-auger> my point was that re-installing does not need to be an intimidating or painful process - if you keep data and configuration backed-up and separate from the system
[22:42:23] <bill-auger> if you re-install, there would be nothing to upgrade - that often is a very simple solution to upgrade problems
[22:47:45] <bill-auger> to spend 5 hours troubleshooting, before trying a re-install once, is clearly a waste of time if the re-install fixes the problem
[22:51:12] <bill-auger> i think you may have better luck with the fancy GUI stuff, if you stay on testing and/or staging
[22:52:15] <bill-auger> the core+extra base system is quite reliable but i often notice conflicts with the fancy things
[22:54:16] <bill-auger> they forget sometimes to move all co-dependednts out of testing and/or staging together - thats usually all there is to it
[22:55:52] <bill-auger> also (you did not mentino this) but if you have notr upgraded in a very long time, you may need to install the sdl1.2-compat package - that cuold be why all your games are broken
[22:56:11] <bill-auger> that is far from "totally hosed" though
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