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[16:09:09] <abaumann> zroom: Building packages is documented in https://bbs.archlinux32.org
[16:09:52] <abaumann> archlinux32 went out of disk space, the mysql slave is broken
[16:10:03] <abaumann> the buildmaster is not building anything since quite a while.
[16:10:06] <abaumann> corrupt indexes.
[16:11:44] <abaumann> :: installing openssl (3.1.2-1) breaks dependency 'openssl=3.1.1' required by fetchmail
[16:12:22] <abaumann> mmh. archlinuxewe is out-of-date, I build a local copy in archlinuxaba
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[16:22:18] <abaumann> hi zxrom. things are going up and done here in the chat as I'm updating/fixing systems.
[16:40:22] <girls> no disk space? last time, I suspected something similar, but no partition was filled more than maybe 60% :-/
[16:47:53] <zxrom_> abaumann, Hi.
[16:48:09] zxrom_ is now known as zxrom
[16:48:17] <girls> zxrom: we're building on x86_64 arch, too
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[19:59:34] <abaumann> deep42thought: after a reboot disk issues went away, so did the mysql replication warnings
[20:00:07] <girls> O.o
[20:00:13] <girls> hopefully, it's permanent
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