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[04:19:00] <Menzador> bill-auger: Thanks for your help yesterday. I got the ISO to boot by using an older version with kernel 5.11 and am installing it now with the Linux-lts kernel for pentium4 architecture to see if it works
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[20:03:11] <ConSiGno> Got a very nasty message trying to set up nouveau on this box. something that sent me down a rabbit hole
[20:03:24] <ConSiGno> "modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'nouveau': Key was rejected by service"
[20:03:52] <ConSiGno> very frustrating, not sure why this is happening, this box can't do secure boot if it wanted to
[20:04:26] <KillerWasp> ConSiGno: where appear the message? you're use modprobe?
[20:04:48] <ConSiGno> the message appears when I do "sudo modprobe -f -v nouveau"
[20:05:07] <ConSiGno> this also appears in the output: "insmod /lib/modules/6.1.12-arch1-1.0/kernel/drivers/platform/x86/wmi.ko.zst"
[20:16:11] <KillerWasp> ConSiGno: why you need use a modprobe command?
[20:17:00] <KillerWasp> the normal way is load nouveau from the init of kernel like any driver.
[20:17:21] <bill-auger> ie: check dmesg and the Xorg log for errors
[20:17:45] <ConSiGno> the module does not load normally, and I can't diagnose the reasons why. all I get is: systemd[1]: modprobe@drm.service: Deactivated successfully."
[20:18:03] <ConSiGno> xorg refuses to load because dri/card0 is missing
[20:18:39] <ConSiGno> I can bypass all this by forcing nvidiafb (which works fine) but I want to figure out why nouveau doesn't work.
[20:19:58] <KillerWasp> ConSiGno: nouveau only exist in x86-video-nouveau, like for use it you need install mesa package
[20:20:28] <ConSiGno> looking at the module depends: "depends:        drm_display_helper,ttm,video,mxm-wmi,drm_ttm_helper,wmi"
[20:20:46] <KillerWasp> ConSiGno: you already have 'mesa'?
[20:20:53] <ConSiGno> yes, all that is fine
[20:21:31] <ConSiGno> we're not getting past /dev/dri/* right now though
[20:24:05] <KillerWasp> dri/card0 is related to audio, no video
[20:25:36] <KillerWasp> ConSiGno: list /dev/dri/
[20:26:00] <ConSiGno> "cannot access '/dev/dri/': No such file or directory"
[20:27:28] <ConSiGno> drm kernel module is loaded, that I can see
[20:27:34] <KillerWasp> ConSiGno: it's a real system or a test mode?
[20:27:38] <ConSiGno> this is a real system
[20:28:53] <ConSiGno> oh, I did see this in the dmesg log: "[   95.425578] acpi_call: module verification failed: signature and/or required key missing - tainting kernel"
[20:29:10] <KillerWasp> ConSiGno: try cat /proc/fb
[20:29:54] <ConSiGno> nothing comes back
[20:30:12] <KillerWasp> ConSiGno: without error?
[20:30:22] <ConSiGno> no errors, just nothing returned
[20:31:26] <ConSiGno> no framebufffer is loaded at the moment, I'm on straight VGA mode
[20:32:04] <KillerWasp> ConSiGno: try with linus LTS
[20:32:10] <KillerWasp> linux*
[20:33:06] <KillerWasp> you need install linux-lts and run with this like a new option of boot.
[20:44:06] <ConSiGno> trying to download that package and getting nothing. that could explain some things... "6.1.12-arch1-1.0 #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Tue, 21 Feb 2023 05:44:14 +0000 i486 GNU/Linux"
[20:54:10] <KillerWasp> ConSiGno: you need reboot using the linux LTS
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