#archlinux32 | Logs for 2023-12-21

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[08:07:51] <carloratm> hi all, I got a laptop with this cpu https://ark.intel.com
[08:08:03] <carloratm> is that suitable for archlinux32?
[08:10:38] <T`aZ> what do you mean by suitable ? able to run 32bits linux ? yes , like all intel cpus today still ..
[08:11:53] <T`aZ> it does support 64bits, so, so i would try a regular arch instead, to be honest
[08:13:41] <carloratm> I am not sure if that laptop can boot from usb, it's a TP T500
[08:14:08] <carloratm> unfortunately it has a bios password, I suppose I have to remove the cmos battery
[08:14:14] <T`aZ> that's where all the fun beguys, playing with old machines, booting from usb is too easy !
[08:14:19] <T`aZ> begins*
[08:15:18] <carloratm> yeah, I see that the archlinux iso can't fit a cd, and I don't have any dvd recording device
[08:15:28] <carloratm> only cd, on that t500
[08:15:28] <T`aZ> what about putting the main harddrive somewhere ele, install arch there, put it pack in
[08:16:06] <T`aZ> back*
[08:16:23] <carloratm> ah, nice idea. I have a micro dell optiplex
[08:16:31] <carloratm> could use that
[08:17:18] <T`aZ> ressting the bios password might be fun though, it probably does boot from usb i guess
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[11:24:09] <KitsuWhooa> girls: I can try rescheduling it if you think it'll make a difference
[11:24:20] <KitsuWhooa> I stopped my builders in the meantime because it's mostly wasted electrons
[11:24:35] <KitsuWhooa> Almost everything under the sun depends on python
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