#archlinux32 | Logs for 2023-12-28

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[18:05:43] mavicaway is now known as mavica
[19:53:14] <mavica> pacman syu day \:D/
[20:14:01] <KitsuWhooa> Oh no
[20:19:35] <mavica> does anybody have a pluma-like text editor they like? i'm using windowmaker as my x session and pluma wants to install the whole of mate-desktop
[20:21:19] <KitsuWhooa> Maybe try scite
[20:21:32] <KitsuWhooa> But you'll need to configure it to enable toolbars and other stuff which is a bit of a pain
[20:23:00] <mavica> hmmm. i wish there was just a mate-less pluma. or a linux native notepad++
[20:23:11] <mavica> i'll see if scite is what i want
[20:27:57] <mavica> yep i think that's all i was looking for :) thanks!
[20:34:24] <KitsuWhooa> No worries
[20:52:58] <mavica> another noobish question i can't seem to google for the life of me. i've been putting together a pretty barebones wmaker setup and i'm not well versed in the ins and outs of which part is WM and which part is a DE. right now, i can press the printscreen button on my keyboard and i get a thumbnail on the corner of my screen, AFAIK i didn't manually install anything that would do that. the screenshot is not in my clipboard and i can't find a file saved
[20:52:58] <mavica> anywhere
[20:54:15] <mavica> how do i find out what's being called on printscreen?
[20:55:39] <KitsuWhooa> It should be in the config of your WM somewhere
[20:57:01] <mavica> oh, silly. yes windowmaker does have a "capture whole screen" hotkey. i'll see if i can find in their documentation what in the world that does and where it puts it
[20:57:44] <mavica> reader you would not believe i ran circles trying to find things that intercept keyboard scancodes to find out if it was calling a specific command
[21:05:59] <bill-auger> not to worry - your life does not depend on google
[21:07:50] <mavica> i have ptsd from being yelled lmgtfy links at :)
[21:08:23] <bill-auger> the "pluma-like" question is rather vague - there are an absurd number of text editors - which properties do you consider to be "pluma-like"?
[21:09:09] <mavica> does not override the windowmaker trimmings and title bar like gedit does
[21:09:30] <mavica> is, essentially, just a window i can edit text files in. tabs a plus
[21:09:37] <mavica> scite fits the bill well
[21:10:33] <bill-auger> kate is my preferred editor; but that will pull-in many q- and k- things - gedit IMHO is more "pluma-like" because it has fewer features than kate, but more than leafpad - gedit will probably pull-in fewer dependencies than kate
[21:11:26] <mavica> gedit just had a black bar around all edges of the window and i'm not a fan of the modern gnome design language of putting menus in a right-hand single dropdown
[21:11:53] <bill-auger> ok i see - probably anything other than gedit would fit that "no trimings" shoe - most GNOME things do that
[21:12:53] <mavica> yeah. the user interface in linux land is way too fragmented for me to enjoy it much
[21:13:13] <bill-auger> but most other programs are not opinionated about window-ing - applications are not supposed draw window frames and title-bar - GNOME is doing it wrong
[21:13:14] <mavica> trying to set up a 90s looking system with windowmaker on a T42 is my way of trying to figure it out
[21:14:27] <mavica> i just don't know what all is out there, and i feel a lack of a directory guide to all thousands of packages to just look for "text editor" :) i know there are many. but looking them up isn't as easy as it should be
[21:14:57] <mavica> i don't use linux much at all, not for desktop purposes. i'm really trying
[21:15:39] <mavica> looking things up on the modern internet on what's essentially a pentium4 (that's why we're using archilinux32, right? :) is not trivial
[21:17:54] <mavica> i'm gonna look at making a page similar to this, but for linux: https://netizen.club
[21:17:56] <phrik> Title: mavica's windows 98 repository (at netizen.club)
[23:12:29] <mavica> do we have an easy way to downgrade to pango 1.43?
[23:24:39] <mavica> nvm - figured how to install it from the archive :D