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[08:05:02] <buildmaster> Hi abaumann!
[08:05:02] <buildmaster> !rq abaumann
[08:05:03] <phrik> buildmaster: <abaumann> I had a theory that systemd-homed is copying my home into the journal, just for backup purposes.. ;-)
[08:05:10] <abaumann> I still have issues with the TasosSah (Arch32 Package Signing Key)
[08:05:41] <abaumann> reinstalling /etc/pacman.d/gnupg from scratch didn't help either
[08:06:12] <abaumann> I fear, my master key has too little signatures now (because polis key expired)? Is there still the minimun of 3 trusted signers?
[08:06:38] <abaumann> why my key looks absolutely ok, I don't know:
[08:06:39] <abaumann> pub rsa2048 2017-11-02 [SC] [expires: 2024-11-24] 16194A82231E9EF823562181C8E8F5A0AF9BA7E7
[08:06:43] <abaumann> uid [ full ] Andreas Baumann (sign) <mail@andreasbaumann.cc>
[08:06:45] <abaumann> sub rsa2048 2017-11-02 [E] [expires: 2024-11-24]
[08:07:15] <abaumann> OTOH, it could also be that TasosSah's signing key has been signed by polis master key? so that's why it's invalid now.
[08:07:25] <KitsuWhooa> ah, yes
[08:07:30] <KitsuWhooa> my key is signed by them
[08:07:35] <abaumann> hi there :-)
[08:07:38] <KitsuWhooa> hi :p
[08:07:40] <abaumann> https://buildmaster-status.archlinux32.org
[08:07:54] <abaumann> shows me still a red flag on both polis and my master key.
[08:08:01] <abaumann> I simply don't understand why
[08:08:33] <abaumann> The CCC in German makes surveys of how many gecks are using pgp, the number is astonishingly (or not so astonishingly) low.
[08:08:38] <abaumann> I blame it on the tools
[08:09:51] <abaumann> It's a negative feedback loop for me: bad tools -> I'm unwilling to learn more :-)
[08:10:09] <abaumann> And especially bad then is: just look at the documentation. :->
[08:12:29] <KitsuWhooa> mhm
[08:12:47] <abaumann> aha,
[08:13:07] <abaumann> https://aur.archlinux.org worked
[08:13:09] <phrik> Title: AUR (en) - archlinux32-keyring-git (at aur.archlinux.org)
[08:13:30] <abaumann> another AUR project I should remove, because it confused the hell out of people :-)
[08:13:42] <KitsuWhooa> why does that package exist
[08:13:56] <KitsuWhooa> we literally control the build infrastructure, can't we just push an update for it? :p
[08:14:02] <abaumann> I made it to update keyrings on build machines (for instance the 486) machines.
[08:14:21] <abaumann> But actually it's much better to just make sure the official archlinux32-keyring is up-to-date
[08:14:40] <KitsuWhooa> yeah :p
[08:15:16] <abaumann> There is a corner use case for maintainers of arch32, they can install the archlinux32 keyring on a 64-bit host
[08:15:33] <KitsuWhooa> they can do that by adding the repo too :p
[08:15:42] <abaumann> same for archlinux32-keyring, for instance people how want to do a pacstrap for a arch32 chroot on a 64-bit system
[08:16:15] <abaumann> there was the plan once to get more than a single-digit number of maintainers and developers, you know ;-)
[08:16:23] <KitsuWhooa> ah :p
[08:17:07] <abaumann> the "retro rolling linux for IA-32", so to speak
[08:17:10] <KitsuWhooa> we need to plot the buildmaster log ins over time
[08:17:17] <KitsuWhooa> for fun :p
[08:17:36] <abaumann> you know munin?
[08:17:53] <abaumann> https://buildmaster-status.archlinux32.org
[08:18:03] <abaumann> there is plenty of room there to plot whatever you want :-)
[08:18:15] <KitsuWhooa> that's a 403
[08:18:19] <abaumann> huh?
[08:18:28] <KitsuWhooa> !web headers https://buildmaster-status.archlinux32.org
[08:18:28] <phrik> KitsuWhooa: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden
[08:18:39] <abaumann> ah, might be protected
[08:19:34] <abaumann> buildmaster-status.archlinux32.org.conf
[08:19:49] <abaumann> has a big IP list of machines allowed to use the buildmaster directly, you can your IP there
[08:20:32] <abaumann> the altarnite is to use dot or so as for the main buildmater graph.
[08:20:32] <KitsuWhooa> dynamic IPs :p
[08:20:49] <KitsuWhooa> I think cookies/tokens would be a better way, but whatever
[08:20:54] <abaumann> the list is - well - adhoc
[08:20:57] <abaumann> yeah. sure.
[08:20:58] <KitsuWhooa> there are way more important things than just looking at how active arch32 devs are
[08:21:06] <abaumann> it's also not super-secure information
[08:21:37] <abaumann> yes, we know how active they are :-)
[08:22:03] <abaumann> let me try to make another archlinux32-keyring, something is fishy here.
[08:24:43] <abaumann> ah, now I remember, 409 errors :-)
[08:24:48] <abaumann> And https://sources.archlinux32.org
[08:24:49] <phrik> Title: Index of /sources (at sources.archlinux32.org)
[08:26:17] <abaumann> gpg: skipped "release@archlinux32.org": Unusable secret key
[08:26:17] <abaumann> gpg: signing failed: Unusable secret key
[08:26:19] <abaumann> huh?
[08:26:21] <abaumann> since when
[08:26:38] <abaumann> sec rsa4096 2020-01-20 [SC] [expired: 2023-12-31] 33CA3597B0D161AAE4173F65C17F1214114574A4
[08:26:41] <abaumann> uid [ expired] Archlinux 32 Release Key <release@archlinux32.org>
[08:26:43] <abaumann> grmpf
[08:26:53] <abaumann> this one I cannot renew, I fear
[08:27:13] <abaumann> and this one is needed to sign the source tarball of the keyring32 sources
[08:31:10] <KitsuWhooa> is it time to bug girls? :p
[08:31:44] <abaumann> naeh. I can sign the source tarball with something else, another sign key, I really don't think, it's necessary to use the relase key for that.
[08:32:22] <abaumann> I did that in the past when I didn't have the release key
[08:32:28] <KitsuWhooa> ah
[08:32:58] <abaumann> I just need a valid signature for makepkg to trust sources.archlinux32.org and what I download from there.
[08:33:20] <abaumann> Granted, the keyring is a somewhat special package, compromising that one might have more serious impliciations.
[08:33:49] <abaumann> scp: remote mkdir "httpdocs/sources/": No such file or directory
[08:33:51] <abaumann> make upload
[08:34:00] <abaumann> o my, this was for another machine apparently
[08:34:49] <abaumann> -rw-r--r-- 1 sources sources 38135 Jan 31 20:33 archlinux32-keyring-v20240131.tar.gz
[08:34:52] <abaumann> -rw-r--r-- 1 sources sources 591 Jan 31 20:33 archlinux32-keyring-v20240131.tar.gz.sig
[08:34:59] <abaumann> mmh. those _are_ new
[08:35:26] <abaumann> archlinux32-keyring 20231126-1.0
[08:35:32] <abaumann> mmh. PKGBUILD not adapted?
[08:36:02] <abaumann> pkgver='20240131'
[08:36:16] <abaumann> maybe the package never got built or pushed to stable?
[08:36:41] <abaumann> -rw-r--r-- 1 http http 566 Nov 26 22:30 archlinux32-keyring-20231126-1.0-any.pkg.tar.zst.sig
[08:36:44] <abaumann> -rw-r--r-- 1 http http 37947 Nov 26 22:30 archlinux32-keyring-20231126-1.0-any.pkg.tar.zst
[08:36:47] <abaumann> last file in the pool
[08:36:49] <abaumann> sigh
[08:37:36] <abaumann> again. we should be able to build packages outside of the buildmaster
[08:39:00] <abaumann> let's see if prioritize-build-list is still doing something. :-)
[08:39:52] <abaumann> 329
[08:39:58] <abaumann> ok, whatever. LOL
[08:40:43] <KitsuWhooa> might have to use my script :p
[08:40:54] <KitsuWhooa> which I still haven't gotten around to merging with the proper one
[08:40:56] <abaumann> did. for schedule
[08:40:59] <KitsuWhooa> aaaah
[08:41:07] <KitsuWhooa> I forgot it was schedule, yeah
[08:43:00] <abaumann> oh no, the buildmaster is in a toolchain loop with gcc and glibc
[08:43:09] <KitsuWhooa> ugh
[08:43:11] <abaumann> I doubt that glibc and gcc are building anymore
[08:43:41] <abaumann> 09:43 <buildmaster> Your buildslave "eurobuild6-1" uploaded a package with a not fully-trusted signature:
[08:43:44] <abaumann> ah, ok.
[08:43:46] <KitsuWhooa> hahahaha
[08:43:46] <abaumann> got there too :-)
[08:43:50] <KitsuWhooa> yeah that's what happened to me
[08:43:57] <KitsuWhooa> it would keep building the same package and over and over
[08:44:01] <abaumann> I removed archlinux32-keyring-git on that machine :-)
[08:44:12] <KitsuWhooa> it's the buildmaster complaining
[08:44:13] <abaumann> right, that's normal behaviour.
[08:44:31] <abaumann> this means, we cannot build a new keyring32 package, and the current ones are in a loop
[08:44:44] <abaumann> this will not work unless doing some trickery on the build slaves
[08:44:46] <KitsuWhooa> my builders can build packages fine
[08:44:49] <abaumann> ah.
[08:44:51] <abaumann> good
[08:44:52] <KitsuWhooa> as long as it gets scheduled on one of mine it should be fine
[08:45:18] <KitsuWhooa> well, two are building gcc
[08:45:23] <KitsuWhooa> third one is trying to build some font
[08:46:10] <abaumann> yeah, I really hope it builds archlinux32-keyring now
[08:46:27] <KitsuWhooa> it's building ruby stuff now
[08:46:31] <KitsuWhooa> ==> Making package: ruby-cucumber-core 11.1.0-1.0 (2024-02-04T08:46:22 UTC)
[08:47:54] <KitsuWhooa> doesn't seem like it's getting queued up
[08:48:23] <KitsuWhooa> unless it got built and we didn't realise it
[08:48:47] <abaumann> It should appear in the buildmaster mirror pool then
[08:55:50] <abaumann> gpg: skipped "0xC8E8F5A0AF9BA7E7": Unusable secret key
[08:55:50] <abaumann> gpg: signing failed: Unusable secret key
[08:56:09] <abaumann> pub rsa2048 2017-11-02 [SC] [expired: 2024-01-29] 16194A82231E9EF823562181C8E8F5A0AF9BA7E7
[08:56:12] <abaumann> uid [ expired] Andreas Baumann (sign) <mail@andreasbaumann.cc>
[08:56:12] <abaumann> that too :-)
[08:56:15] <abaumann> aha.
[08:56:47] <abaumann> not on the build machine host and VMs, it seems
[09:00:05] <abaumann> ok, that works now.
[09:10:01] <KitsuWhooa> nice
[09:39:03] <abaumann> aha. chksums for source were missing in archlinux32-keyring
[09:39:06] <abaumann> finally found it
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[09:39:35] <abaumann> probably it doesn't get scheduled if the PKGBUILD is not sane
[09:51:00] <KitsuWhooa> for now I stopped my two builders that are trying to build gcc and failing
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[11:52:26] <KitsuWhooa> looks like my builders are fucked now
[11:52:34] <KitsuWhooa> error: glibc: signature from "TasosSah (Arch32 Package Signing Key) <arch32@tasossah.com>" is marginal trust
[12:32:02] <abaumann> look at it on a posivitive side: glibc actually is building ;-)
[12:32:12] <abaumann> any/archlinux32-keyring on eurobuild6-1, we are close
[12:37:57] <abaumann> oh, that was archlinux32-keyring-20231126, grin.
[13:13:47] <abaumann> 0f244ec5d9f98315cda1e437b59150201a822118 is the last revision of archlinux32_-keyring
[13:13:51] <abaumann> I see archlinux32-keyring 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 ffe6d36470ef77d4f4f55755718d31a2a9039f84 0f244ec5d9f98315cda1e437b59150201a822118 core
[13:13:59] <abaumann> but it builds an old pkgver version.
[13:14:00] <abaumann> sigh
[13:14:27] <abaumann> I had to disable completely the signing check in return-assignment for now, otherwise I cannot even build a new keyring.
[13:19:39] <abaumann> pkginfo is correct in the cache for archlinux32-keyring
[13:21:48] <abaumann> -rw-r--r-- 1 http http 37551 Feb 4 14:10 archlinux32-keyring-20231126-1.3-any.pkg.tar.zst
[13:21:57] <abaumann> mmh. it just builds the old version over and over again, nice
[13:50:28] <abaumann> archlinux32-keyring-20231126-1.4-any.pkg.tar.zst
[13:50:35] <abaumann> nope, I cannot stress building the latest version.
[13:52:25] <abaumann> ffe6d36470ef77d4f4f55755718d31a2a9039f84 is the version Sun Nov 26 20:50:55, 0f244ec5d9f98315cda1e437b59150201a822118 ist the new version in 2024. So the buildmaster always takes the old wrong version it seems.
[13:52:50] <abaumann> I stop now the whole builds, remove the hacks on the buildmaster and declare the buildmater (temporarily) broken.
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[18:44:39] <zxrom> Hello!
[18:44:53] <zxrom> error: iana-etc: signature from "TasosSah (Arch32 Package Signing Key) <arch32@tasossah.com>" is marginal trust
[18:45:17] <zxrom> I have no idea how to fix this. Any ideas?
[18:45:54] <zxrom> Error for many packages.
[19:08:32] <KillerWasp> zxrom: you already try first install only archlinux-keyring?
[19:08:54] <zxrom> Yes
[19:09:52] <zxrom> I forced installed packages archlinux-keyring archlinux-keyring32 gnupg
[19:10:18] <KillerWasp> is archlikux32-keyring
[19:10:24] <KillerWasp> linux*
[19:10:39] <zxrom> Yes
[19:12:13] <zxrom> :: File /var/cache/pacman/pkg/attr-2.5.2-1.0-pentium4.pkg.tar.zst is corrupted (invalid or corrupted package (PGP signature)).
[19:13:39] <KillerWasp> zxrom: in the last 3 days i already read the problems with keyrings, you must wait something days more for fix it.
[19:14:27] <zxrom> KillerWasp, Yes, I'll probably have to wait.
[19:19:04] <zxrom> archlinux32
[19:19:12] <zxrom> archlinux32-keyring-20231126-1.2-any.pkg.tar.zst
[19:19:22] <zxrom> archlinux-keyring-20231222-1.0-any.pkg.tar.zst
[19:20:08] <zxrom> I installed these versions of packages forcibly.
[19:22:27] <KillerWasp> zxrom: Do not install forcefully, your system is working fine for the moment. Like I said, be patient until keyring is fixed. :)
[19:23:31] <zxrom> KillerWasp, OK. I see there is already version 1.4 in staging.
[19:27:02] <KillerWasp> zxrom: you're sure that you use 'pacman -Syu'?
[19:27:52] <zxrom> KillerWasp, Yes. I even changed the mirror.
[19:28:03] <zxrom> pacman -Suyy
[19:28:51] <KillerWasp> zxrom: ok, stop trying and wait.
[19:29:00] <zxrom> OK
[19:30:08] <KillerWasp> zxrom: If you keep touching and forcing, you will definitely break and be left without the system, everything is fine except the keyring, it will be fixed and its update will be uploaded.
[19:30:54] <zxrom> I don't touch anything else except the keyring.
[19:33:13] <KillerWasp> zxrom: You can stay on the channel and learn more about the topic to stay up to date. :)
[19:33:39] <KillerWasp> It is being talked about and fixed.
[19:34:22] <zxrom> KillerWasp, Okay. Thanks.
[19:41:15] <KillerWasp> zxrom: you're welcome. :)
[19:41:52] <zxrom> :D
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[20:46:33] <KitsuWhooa> yeah they keyring is completely broke
[20:46:34] <KitsuWhooa> n
[20:46:47] <zxrom> Shit happens.
[20:47:00] <KitsuWhooa> if the new package got built that's good
[20:47:05] <KitsuWhooa> maybe I can figure out how to move it to stable
[20:47:30] <KitsuWhooa> it did in fact get built
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[21:00:20] <KitsuWhooa> Yeah I have no idea how to move the package
[21:00:41] <KitsuWhooa> wait no
[21:00:43] <KitsuWhooa> it's the same package
[21:01:35] <KitsuWhooa> > archlinux32-keyring-20240131-1
[21:01:53] <KitsuWhooa> I don't see that version at all
[21:03:37] <KitsuWhooa> > ==> ERROR: '/var/lib/archbuild1/core-staging-i686/root' does not appear to be an Arch chroot.
[21:03:40] <KitsuWhooa> what on earth happened
[21:05:10] <KitsuWhooa> > signature from "TasosSah (Arch32 Package Signing Key) <arch32@tasossah.com>" is marginal trust
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[21:16:20] <zxrom> epony, Hi!
[21:33:29] <KitsuWhooa> okay so the 2024 package is in releng which doesn't help
[21:46:17] <KitsuWhooa> I'm going to temporarily disable rechenknecht again
[22:23:07] <KitsuWhooa> pacman-mirrorlist-20240126-1.0-any doesn't work either